Kelly Dodd Says Braunwyn Windham-Burke Is “The Worst Human Being” She Has Ever Worked With; Questions Braunwyn’s Alcoholism, Sexuality, And Says She’s A “Liar” Who’s “Hurting Her Kids”

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Kelly Dodd

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Kelly Dodd

It was clear that based Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s track records on the Real Housewives of Orange County that their eventually firing from the show would not be a dignified exit. And unfortunately, they’ve both been showing off their worst sides. And proving that Bravo made the right choice by giving their oranges to Heather Dubrow and (allegedly) Boringwyn’s old friend. It’s this nasty behavior that’s led to RHOC’s fall from grace as a show in general — these women have hit an all-time low when it comes to showing their insecurities and bitterness.

Braunwyn’s been being Braunwyn — trying to call out Andy Cohen while simultaneously planning a future cameo on RHOC. Pretty average for her. Meanwhile Kelly is doing her typical mean-girl stint, blaming Braunwyn for the utter demise of RHOC in the first place. And if you thought her tone-deaf remarks about racism and coronavirus were bad before, she’s proving she can get even fouler. She’s claiming that Heather Dubrow’s teenage son gave her and her unemployed hubby Rick Leventhal COVID-19 MONTHS AGO. No wonder Fancy Pants is making it clear she has no relationship with Kelly. Who would want to be associated with her after all of this?

But Kelly can always go lower, especially when it comes to throwing insults in Braunwyn’s direction. Kelly recently appeared on Jeff Lewis Live on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy to dig at her fellow fired co-star even more. “She was probably the worst human being I have ever worked with in my whole entire life,” Kelly said. “Like, she came out on Entertainment Tonight, said with no pleasantries, no well-wishes, her whole storyline was fake.” Jeff Lewis asked her what specifically was fake, which was like giving Kelly the bait she didn’t need.

Kelly namely said that Braunwyn’s sobriety and coming-out story were all for the cameras. Fighting words. “She wanted to be the first person on Bravo to be, you know. She just wanted so hard, so much attention on her,” Kelly said. “She told everybody that it was going to be her show and that she wants her own show … She was just a fake wacko.” RHOC is full of wackos, and Kelly is one of them. But that doesn’t mean she’s not speaking some truth about Braunwyn.


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And then Kelly called Braunwyn a “liar” and went after her and Fancy Pants. “She came on Entertainment Tonight and said that I was a racist, just like Heather Dubrow called me a racist too. Like, look, I’m married to a Jew. Everybody loves to say a racist thing.” Oh my gosh, when will Kelly learn to just STOP TALKING. Like every time she opens her mouth she just makes it worse.

And because Rick obviously has a lot of time on his hands since he was “let go” from Fox News, he chimed in with his two cents. “They say that’s how liberals win arguments, like calling someone a racist, because how do you say you’re not? How do you prove you’re not a racist? You’re a racist Jeff.” VOMIT. Rick and Kelly obviously deserve each other. They should just stay off social media so no one has to be privy to their vile behavior.

Rick was also apparently pissed that Braunwyn didn’t send him a wedding congrats in the mail. But why would she after all that Kelly’s said about her? “She couldn’t say anything nice about us getting married,” Rick said. “she was just like, ‘She’s been married before.'” All I gotta say is poor Jeff Lewis for hanging out with these fools.


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Jeff chimed in to bring it down a notch, saying his main concern was for Braunwyn’s kids in her unusual situation. “Whatever she’s going through with the, you know, living under the same roof and not, married but dating other people. And you know, that was the only thing because most of us put our children first,” Jeff said.

And Kelly’s big mouth just took that idea and ran with it. “She is actually hurting her kids. Like she’s having an affair with this Fernanda [Rocha] chick. She broke up a marriage,” Kelly said. Oh boy, here we go again. “What kind of example are you setting for your children?” She has a point — you have to feel for Braunwyn’s children. They have to deal with their mom uprooting their entire home life in an attempt to be famous. No one deserves that.

And Kelly, of course, brought up her own past insensitive comments, defending herself yet again. “Me, I get freaking ostracized and fired because what I say ‘God’s way of getting their hurt,’ which I didn’t even write anyway, by the way that, I mean, every article that you read about me, they always put that in there. ‘God’s way…’ I didn’t write that. I’m not smart enough. Darwin did.” This woman is truly delusional. She’s trying to bring middle school science to plead her case.


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“I was reading an article and I said it because I read it. It’s natural selection,” Kelly continued. You can’t make this stuff up. “It wasn’t hurting anybody. I didn’t kill anybody. Was it insensitive? Yeah, probably, but I was just reading an article about it.” Kelly always loves to say that because no one was murdered, that her behavior is justifiable. I cannot be thankful enough that Bravo took out the trash with both Kelly and Braunwyn. I need a whole bottle of champs after this one.


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