Kornacki Khakis for $33, Bonobos Throwback Trunks are back, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Gap: 46% off w/ FRIEND & FAMILY

GAP menswear

Kornacki Khakis! He’s gotta be an athletic taper guy, right? A note on the deal: you’ve gotta stack both of those codes and be logged in with your account, but the total net savings is 46% off. Pretty, pretty good. Especially because those legendary khakis aren’t excluded this time. Which is nice. Thirty-three bucks. 98% cotton, 2% spandex. Multiple fits, tons of colors… that’ll do.

Meanwhile, RE the t-shirts: Maybe the t-shirt of the year. Buried in their athletic-wear section, this tee looks, feels, and acts more like an upgraded/super smooth/”dressy” t-shirt (think the luxe touch from BR, or the Willis Finespun.) Super smooth poly/modal blend that breathes without looking shiny or “techy”. Raglan style sleeves highlight your shoulders as well as help out with ease of movement. And the collar holds up remarkably well.


Banana Republic: 40% off Slim Traveler Chinos – $65 ($109)

Banana Republic traveler chinos

Between this and the GAP deal, it’s a good week if you’re in the market for chinos. That said, these should feel noticeably nicer than the GAP classic. The BR Slim Traveler is made from the same Italian stretch cotton that their Traveler 5-pockets are made out of, just in a more traditional chino pocket layout. Sidenote: This is your every-so-often-reminder that BR has all but cut us regular customers off from sales and discounts. They haven’t run a big sale/blanket 40% off deal since March. So if you like BR, a random one-off-item deal like this is actually pretty good these days. As long as it’s a product and fit you’re a fan of.


Bonobos: Throwback Swim Trunks restock – $89

Bonobos swim trunks

NINETY BUCKS FOR SWIM TRUNKS. That said, swim gear is: 1. Expensive, and 2. Usually pretty bland. And these are hugely popular. To the point that they don’t usually go on sale until late in the season. Maybe they’ll be up for a code of some sort towards the end of the month? Who knows. But Swim Season is fast approaching if not here for some parts of the (warmer) Northern Hemisphere. Anyway, the Throwbacks from Bonobos have been restocked for another year. Get ’em while they’re hot… even if it’s not where you’re at quite yet. Available in either 5″ inseam or 7″ inseam.


Brooks Brothers: $50 off $250 or $200 off $600 + additional 20% off w/ BC1818

Brooks Brothers

Heads up. Doing some combo picks here to trip that $600 threshold:

The J. Crew 4-season wool blend dress trouser deal(s) of the last week or so have been terrific… unless you can’t get into J. Crew’s slim fit, and or want something a little more conservative in silhouette. Brooks Brothers and their Regent Fit to the rescue. Sorta. Because they’re still spendy, even with the tiered sale that Brooks Brothers is running AND that stacking, long-running, extra 20% off BC1818 code. $140ish for a pair of wool trousers is pretty good right now. It’s rough out there for the dress-trouser crowd.

Note that if you buy THREE pairs + something cheap-ish (like a pair of socks), you’ll trip the $200 off $600 tier, and once you apply the BC1818 code to that subtotal ($413.50), you’ll end up at $330.80 total. Which is $110.27 per pair of trousers. But that’s a pretty specific case. I’m probably reaching with a buy two pairs of dress pants deal mention. Three pairs seems like an awfully small slice of the audience.


Spier & Mackay: Vitale Barberis Canonico High Twist Wool Trousers are in – $138

Spier & Mackay: Vitale Barberis Canonico High Twist Wool Trousers

Ask and yee shall receive an additional wool dress trouser rec. Okay, most of you didn’t ask since the world has run into the arms of casual wear, but some look forward to Spier’s warm weather wool dress trouser drop (drop? trouser? drop trou?) every spring. And here it is. This year they’re going with an open weave, high twist (naturally wrinkle resistant) fabric from V.B.C. Side tabs here. No belt needed. Would look dynamite with a sweater polo and suede loafers.  Eight colors to pick from. But what about Fresco? You want Fresco? They have just two colors this year in their Fresco trousers… and they’ll cost you forty bucks more.


BONUS  Rancourt & Co.: USA Made Bison Belts – $100 w/ code BISON-BELT ($110)

Rancourt & Co.: USA Made Bison Belts

Splurge alert. Maine Shoe/Boot/Leathergoods company Rancourt is offering a rare discount on their bison leather belts. Code is good for ten bucks off and free shipping. That might not seem like a ton, but Rancourt just doesn’t do many discounts. Yes, some of us are more than fine with GAP’s cheap option ($25 with the codes FRIEND and FAMILY)… But to others, a really nice belt is worth the splurge. (Hi Adam!) Code BISON-BELT expires today, 5/12/22.


BONUS II  The Dappered Space: Macy’s Furniture & Mattress Sale

Macy’s sale section has some decent deals right now, including some deep discounts on closeouts, but it looks like those closeouts only ship to limited areas. If you happen to be in one of those areas though, you can score a pretty sweet deal. Most of these discounts run through Memorial Day, which is Monday, May 30th this year. Stuff at Macy’s starts to fill the gap between Target or Walmart furniture, and high end heritage furniture that can be passed on. Not the cheapest stuff, but won’t totally break the bank.


Also worth a mention:

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