Last Minute Purim Costume? Try (But Hurry! Supplies Are Limited)

As some of our readers know, Im a fan of They dressed me for my wedding, hooked us up with Halloween costumes, and helped us flaunt our secret identities. Im a frequent customer there. Ive bought my Star Trek: Discovery QMX badge there and three more Secret Identity suits (the Iron Man for my son, a Justice League and a Captain America for myself). Ive also got a pair of Spider-Man suspenders and a coordinating tie (since sold out), and my daughter has a pair of Flash sneakers)

They dont actually give you super speed

So its safe to say I consider them a good place to buy geeky things. What I hadnt considered was that they were a good place to buy Purim costumes. For the unfamiliar, Purim is a holiday where Jews celebrate a failed attempt at genocide in ancient Persia. Its a holiday I feel close to as my name, Mordechai, comes from the Purim story. But still, what kind of Purim costume am I going to find on

Last year I DIYed a TOS costume. It wasnt pretty.

Turns out, lots of good ones! This is very clearly a curated list: they didnt just make a new URL for their Halloween costumes and call it a day. I was particularly impressed by the selection of modest costumes (including costumes with skirts for Jewish women who dont wear pants for personal religious reasons). I also like that they have couples costumes and I absolutely love that they have an impressive selection of plus-size costumes.

Now Purim is coming soon, and its clear from looking at these costumes that people have been buying. A lot of sizes are sold out. Personally, Ill be wearing an Oppo Suit from thema bit bolder than my usual Secret Identity suits. My wife will be wearing one of the below costumes, and my son is down there too. Can you guess who we will be?

Click to view slideshow.

This is normally where I wrap up and then disclose that I was given free stuff for this article. Except I havent yet. is sending us costumes, yes, but I dont have them and thats ok. Because I am confident enough as a customer of theirs for two years that Ill strongly suggest them. Not just for Purim, but for everyday geeky wear (and formal occasions, of course).

A fun Purim to all!

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