If youve been reading Style Bee for a while, you might remember that I used to share Life Lately posts more often. I fell out of the rhythm last year and after looking back I realized how much this series helps me stay present. These posts give me a reason to capture small daily moments and to pause each month to assemble the elements, both large and small, that stood out.

This year Im going to do my best to check in at the end of each month with a quick look back and some behind the scenes snaps. I hope youll enjoy this gently curated window into my daily life. Now heres a look at January 2020!



This month, my top priority has been to take each day one at a time and ease into the year. This time last year, I was not in a good place and as I was coming out of a very negative headspace, I decided to plan ahead, giving myself some space to rest and reset creatively at the start of 2020. I did this by limiting self-imposed deadlines, brand partnerships and any social media commitments, while shifting my focus to planning, organizing and establishing a new rhythm. Im fortunate that Im in control of my own schedule and that the industry Im in is generally quiet in January, which allows for a slower pace.

That being said, it can be really hard to make room for downtime. This is true no matter what industry you work in but I think it can be especially tough when your work is primarily shared on social platforms. Ive had to fight off that little voice that says, Youre being lazy., Youre not cut out for this business. or No one else needs time off, so why do you?. I just kept responding with, I trust that this is right for me and Im going to follow through..

I can definitely say that Ive already started to feel the positive effects of this months slower pace and my creative energy tank is starting to fill back up. Ive realized that if Im the core of my business and Im not thriving, I cannot expect it to either.

During this slow start to the year Ive been getting back into a workout routine. I find if Im able to get in the habit when Im not so busy, its easier to follow through when I am. Ive been trying out p.volve after reading some rave reviews and snagging the equipment on sale. So far I LOVE the workouts and I genuinely cant wait to get moving everyday.

In addition to making time for physical fitness, Im continuing with therapy and its been amazing to see how much has changed I started going last year. Making space to go slow instead of expecting myself to be a content machine during winter has made a massive difference but its probably not an approach I would have taken if left to my own devices. If youre on the fence about therapy, I cannot recommend it enough!


As I mentioned in my 2019 Conclusion post, Im currently enrolled in an interior design program (part-time), which was another reason to ease into the year. Getting going with my courses and sorting out an effective work/study schedule has been really important to help stave off the feelings of overwhelm.

So far the program has been great. Im starting to learn all the things Id hoped to and realizing that much of my existing design knowledge is transferable to a new discipline has been exciting. More to come on my interior design adventure but be sure to follow my \\ SPACES // board on Pinterest in the meantime!


Can you tell who my favourite subjects are?

Things at home have been a bit topsy turvy with Dobby having a rough start to the year. He had an accident over the holidays, which led to the discovery of dental disease, resulting in a need for dental surgery to extract the affected teeth. Luckily, it was only his incisors that needed to go but hes had a slower recovery than wed hoped. Seeing the poor little bear in pain has been absolutely heart breaking but he knows how much we love him and its just a matter of being patient while he heals.

Worth mentioning is the Zen Collar, which Ive received many questions about. Its an inflatable little donut (not unlike a travel peanut) that goes around a dogs neck and stops them from getting to any wounds that need to heal. Theyre more comfortable to wear and allow them to rest better. I bought one for Dobby to wear instead of the hard, sharp, large and undignified plastic cone that the vet sent him home with. It worked out great and prevented him for getting to the stitches on a small leg wound and from scratching at his mouth. The reviews on Amazon are not all glowing but we think its awesome! The medium fit him perfect.

Evie on the other hand, is her usual sassy self and has been taking full advantage of his slowed pace. They snooze together on the couch or in the sun and she is always in search of the coziest spot in our chilly old house. Vents, puffer coats and under blankets are her favourites places.


My style has been all about coziness this month. Im basically living in slippers and wearing sweater coats and comfy pants like its my job!

Ive been loving this ribbed lounge set I bought from KOTN, which I had to share in case youre in the market for some super cute and very comfy matching separates (there are 4 lovely colours).


In addition to sharing personal updates, I thought it would be fun to share some links to things that made me stop in awe, stop to think or stop & laugh.

Music: Basia Bulat, one of my favourite Canadian musicians, has a new single Your Girl and the accompanying music video is as delightful and charming as Basia herself. I love the muted tones, green fields and, of course, the Percherons (a beautiful breed of draft horse)!

Drool-Worthy: Amber Interiors shared a tour of her home renovation (still in progress) and I cant stop thinking about all the special details it has. Oh and I might never be the same having seen the most stunning Water Works Atlas shower system ever that rings in between a cute $13K $36K USD (eep!).

Industry: My blogger pal Andrea shared this podcast episode with me and I found it really insightful. Its from A Drink With James about the renewed power of blogs and how brands are seeing the exponential difference of working with influencers that have a platform of their own (rather than those using an IG account only). The second half of the episode was a great interview with Whitney Alese @thereclaimed and both segments are definitely worth a listen for anyone in the influencer industry.

Local: I love a good bottle glass of vino and was thrilled to discover the Toronto-based duo, Nicole & Krysta (@grapewitches). They curate a natural wine club subscription, host monthly events and share recommendations for unique finds from the LCBO.


1. @emmahoareau is my go-to skinfluencer and Im incredibly thankful for all the advice, expertise and insight she offers about skincare and beauty. Some of her recommendations have really worked out and my best friend Allie and I are constantly taking notes!

2. I discovered Jenea Brown @jnaydaily last year and her incredible energy, plant collection and interior style always stop me mid scroll.

3. My latest feline follow is @a_cat_called_agatha, a hilarious and very fluffy gal living her best life. But shhhhh, dont tell Evie I follow her.

4. Im highly intrigued by @slowentrepreneur, an account thats coming soon with a focus on helping hard-working entrepreneurs repave the road to success, the slow way. Sounds right up my alley!

5. Oh and I basically save every single outfit that @anoukyve shares.

Style Bee - Life Lately - Jan 2020

{ This shot of Dobby in the living room perfectly sums up my January mood. }

Before I sign off I must wish a very Happy Birthday to my Mum! We love you lots and cant wait to celebrate tonight!

Thanks for tuning into this little peek behind the scenes but enough about me, how was your January?

Id love to hear about what youve been up to!

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