Love List; Geezer Happy Hour and Go-to-Gray

In this week’s Love List, the SweetPhi team has found two great tunic tops to add to your wardrobe, a feel-good story about a fun happy hour and much more!

Tea pot, tea and tea accessories

  1. My kids LOVE this OMY giant poster and stickers – there’s a bunch of different themes. They work on it together and are talking about who gets to hang it in their room when they’re done.
  2. I could listen to this song on repeat, and am in fact, doing so. Beautiful.

    Giant sticker sheet and beautiful sweater
    Giant sticker sheet | Tunic sweater
  3. Beautiful op-ed piece – “Stay-At-Home Parents And Working Parents Have So Much More In Common Than Just Raising Kids” 
  4. Just discovered the dreamy French brand Sezane and OMGGGGGG, the luxurious clothing.  I am swooning over the JOSETTE TUNIC JUMPER and love that they have sizes XXS-3X!

Bridget’s Picks

Organizer containers, men's pants
Organizational containers | Eddie Bauer pants | Old Navy pants
  1. My husband is 6’7″ and slim so we’re always on the hunt for tall pants but not husky.  He used to work with kids, so we were always looking for pants that wouldn’t break the bank as they would get ruined at work often.  We love these from Eddie Bauer or these from Old Navy.  And in case you’re wondering, Target also has a good selection of “tall” affordable clothing.
  2. The very best little bit to read if you’re looking for a smile – Geezer Happy Hour.
  3. Finally caved and got a bunch of clear organizational bins and let me say, it’s a game changer!  I’ve used them in my silverware drawer, bathroom counters, fridge, pantry and more.  I went with The Home Edit options from Wal-Mart because if you catch them at the right time, you can actually find some on clearance for a great price!

Alyssa’s Picks

Everyday sweater, Date syrup, go-to gray paint
Tunic shirt | Syrup replacement | Go-to Gray
  1. This was a fun list of themed brunches in Milwaukee!
  2. I’ve wanted to try this for a long time in replace of syrup and I finally did! It was really good and just the right amount of sweetness on top of my pancakes!
  3. This shirt is so cozy and a great basic that comes in tons of colors.
  4. I just painted one of our bedrooms and this is my go-to gray! I also have it in the living room.

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