Meghan Markle Mom Shaming Fails Spectactularly

Emily Giffin, a 48-year-old author of the “Something Borrowed” series and, according to her Instagram bio, a self-proclaimed “Anglophile” and “mother of runners,” has recently come into hot water after she posted some interesting content on her Instagram stories. Giffin, who posts about the Royal family (hence, the “Anglophile” thing, I guess,) with regularity on her Instagram grid and in her stories, took to the social media platform yesterday to malign Meghan Markle (?) for being “unmaternal” (?) and that she was an actress playing the part of being a mom “poorly.”


She also called her a phony, for some reason. It was something straight out of high school — like how teenagers talk shit and bully other teenagers and post it online — except this time, it’s a grown adult with children. 

The next photo she posted on her story, a screengrab from the adorable birthday video Markle posted on the Save With Stories Instagram yesterday of her reading with her and Prince Harry’s 1-year-old son, Archie, was captioned with a really mean caption “Happy birthday, Archie. Go away, Meghan.”

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Apparently, the comment wasn’t enough, because she commented on the photo with more vitriolic words towards the Duchess and then screenshotted the photo (this is normal behavior, apparently) and posted that on her Instagram story, as well, stating, “This is the Meghan show. Why didn’t she film and let Harry read…? … Also, you want privacy for your child so you put out a video (by your authorized biographer) of him … wearing no pants?! Oooookay….,” she says, as if there’s something wrong with seeing an infant baby boy in a onesie online.

And the criticism is not new — it clearly goes back to mid-March. The unhinged and bizarre rants did not go unnoticed, and after columnist Kaitlin Menza posted screenshots of the Instagram on Twitter, Giffin went viral. Ultimately, she issued an apology yesterday, stating that she had always been interested in the royal family and initially liked Meghan Markle and Prince Harry until she saw the way they handled their breakup from the royal family. I, for one, think it’s strange to, as an American, care so much about the private and public lives of British monarchy (who don’t know her, know about her, or have anything to do with her) but I suppose people have their hobbies. Still, Meghan Markle seems to curiously be the center of all of the vast majority of criticism, and even if, as she says, her feelings toward Harry “had changed,” only one mom, and woman of color, appears to be the target of her dislike. 


But honestly, it’s just kind of sad that an adult woman with children, a powerful career, and what seems like quite a nice life is this invested in the life of someone else, going to the point where she’d call her “unmaternal” despite not knowing her at all. 

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