Monday, First BBQ!

 Saturday had us up early and over to Lil sis's.  We had the missionaries come (5 of them) to help move a shed and get things cleaned up in the yard.  What would have taken 4 older people hours to do, was completed by these boys in less than an hour.  Amazing!

Then Hubs worked in the yard most of the day and I pooped around.  I also made a potato salad and a large acini d pepi salad.

We had BBQ in our back yard with 3 of the missionaries and another family from our church.  It was 74 degrees and a little overcast so we didn't have the hot sun, which was so nice.  We served a variety of meats, salads and chips and banana splits for dessert.

It was so fun.  Our friends brought a salad made with orzo, it was delicious. I have wanted to have this family over for a while, but COVID has put a hamper on entertaining.  They have three stair step girls like ours.  She is very talented and makes homemade soaps as a hobby/business. I could never be as meticulous as her.  I admire her work.  It was  just fun to get to know them better. Her eldest girl is the one that is going to watch Kelsa. They also come and feed our chickens and take care of our cat when we are gone.  I hope we can get together with them again.

I was able to get most of the things for the BBQ with coupons and points.  I save my Albertson's points and we get a lot of those because we get our prescriptions there. I only buy loss leaders at Albertsons, as far as groceries go. I do buy most of my meat at Albertson's.  I wait until I can find meat marked 50% off and then use points to get $7.00 off meat. I had 10 points allowing me two $7.00 off coupons, I had to go through the cash register twice to use them but this marked the meat way, way down. 

Potato salad  was made with free potatoes, and onions, our chickens laid the eggs. I pulled everything else out of the pantry. All of the canned fruit for the acini salad was taken from the storage.  The pasta has almost doubled in price, but I picked up an extra box for now.

 I had a coupon for $1. off ice cream limit two and then just picked up toppings , with bananas, and strawberries are a good price right now.  Anyway we fed 6 grown men and 7 others for a good price, plus we had leftovers for everybody to take home.  THE MISSIONARIES HAD TO LEAVE EARLY before dessert, so we ran the remaining of the ice cream and toppings over to their apartment later in the evening.  That way Hub's and I won't be tempted to indulge again.

I am making the grooms cake and the cookie favors for my niece's wedding.  I will be making Easter cookies with Schmills and I will do a trial run of the wedding cookies.  My nieces new name will me AX.  SO we ordered an ax cookie cutter.  I want to practice decorating the cookies, so I know how they will look.  Then I will put them in little individual bags with a ribbon the color of the wedding.  I also want to do a trial of the grooms cake. I don't want to be in someone else's kitchen trying to do something I have never done before. Or a pattern I have never used before. Using the chocolate cake recipe that I always use and just cutting it in the shape of an AX and putting it together. That does not scare me it is the frosting that makes me leery. I have a friend at church that does this professionally so I can pick her brain if I run into trouble. This will save my sister a ton of money.

Well today's work in the shop is the piles.  Lots of piles and at least 6 dresses to hem.  I should have a bridal pick up today and anew bride coming in.

1. patches on uniform

2. hem two levis

3. hem a pair pants

4. hem a dress

5. take in and hem dress pants

6. hem pants

7.  alter 4 blouses

8. hem a bag of clothes I think 2 pants and 2 dresses

9. figure out how many bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses I have to get started on I think it is 8?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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