Monday Men’s Sales Tripod – Rhone Polo & Commuter Shirt Savings Packs are back, & More

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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait until the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


Rhone: Delta Pique Polos & Commuter Shirt Savings Packs

Rhone Tripod 2623

They’re back! It’s not an immense amount of savings, but at least it’s something when it comes to what a lot of us consider the best tech fabric polos and button downs in the business. It’s weird though… some of the two packs are actually better deals than the three packs. Beats me fellas. For a fit perspective, a size medium in the delta pique polo fits my 5’10″/185lbs perfect, while the medium slim in the commuter shirt fits great… maybe a touch on the slightly small side for me. But the commuters are so stretchy that it doesn’t matter really. Do know that that commuters in white and light blue run a little casual. They’re hard to wear with a suit. The navy and black commuters do fine with a suit, although you won’t be wearing a tie with them. Hidden button down collars on both the polos and the commuter shirts. And an important note: You get to choose the colors. They’re not bundled exclusively in the color combos shown above. You can go with two black polos or three white commuter shirts. Colors are up to you as long as they have your size.


Timex: 20% off select with LOVE20

Timex Tripod 2623

Just another 20% off Timex sale, right? Not quite. Some of their Navi 41mm sport/dive-style watches can get excluded from other random codes and sales. Sometimes they’re excluded, but not always. If memory serves, the new leather strap versions (top two above) have been excluded as of late. Could make for a nice casual/do just about anything sports watch. Keep an eye on Amazon. Sometimes they can go for less there, although beware of weird 3rd party sellers that could leave you hanging if the watch shows up dead.


BR: They’ve got a new NOT final sale section

BR Tripod 2623

Pretty sure this is their old “Style Spotlight” section where they’d rotate in various items that aren’t final sale yet. And not final sale is key. Because you can return/exchange if it shows up and doesn’t work out. What a concept! And without knowing when the next site-wide BR sale is coming (Presidents’ Day? Maybe?) this is what we’ve got, for now.


BONUS: Brooks Brothers: Two 1818 Suits for $1599 ($2196+)


For those who like their suits Italian or USA Made, Brooks Brothers is back to running a buy two and save promo on their 1818 line of suits. Normally $1098 or more, the discount drops them to $799.50 a piece. Saving almost three hundred bucks on each suit? Not bad. Lots of colors, lots of patterns, lots of fits.


Also worth a mention…

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