Monday, New week, much to do!


Yesterday was a busy day with Kelsa. My nose was drippy and when I cough Kelsa does not like it. The kids were over for a good bit and it was fun to have them.  Hubs went out and looked at 4 wheelers with son in law.  Nothing was found that they were two excited about.Kids went home for a good nights sleep and we got to keep the princess, who like the one with the pea did not sleep well.  

Mom and Dad returned about noon and they were well rested.  Grandma and Pa took naps in the afternoon and then went up the hill for dinner.  Grandma was happy, no cooking and no clean up.

     Today I think Hubs wants to get some major work done on the chicken coop.  We will be leaving Friday for Nampa so must get things organized here. I have some major goals for sewing.  Now that the cold has dropped to my throat and chest I am not dripping like a faucet.  I was actually very pleased at my reaction to the last shot.  I thought it would really do me in, but other than this cold, I am fine.

Today I need to:

1. go to the bank

2. fill my savings envelopes

3. sew 5 patches on a leather vest

4. back 5 patches with velcro

5.  patch a pair of jeans

6. hem two pairs of slacks

7.fix pockets on another

8. finish priests robe

9.patch a pair of pants and hem a pair

10. hem turquoise dress

11. hem bridesmaid dress and alter ring bearer outfit

12. hem Nines dress

13. fix and steam mauve dress 

14. hem pink bridesmaid dress and fix straps.

I hope I can climb through this as I have a whole load for Tuesday and want the shop caught up before I go.  I also have more appointments today for things to come in.  Oh Goody.  I am so happy to have a really busy week.  It has been so long outwith one.  I am blessed with work and very grateful.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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