Monday, Spring Break!

 Well Hub's left Sunday morning to go down to southern Idaho and watch the boys while they had spring break.  He also stopped and picked up his mom and took her with. I am here with Kelsa and Schmills. Schmills has spring break this week, but this is the only day I will watch him.

Nothing much is getting done here, but I hope to get into the shop after I post. I was able to get 6 dresses done on Friday, so I was pretty happy with that.  The shop is so full and getting fuller.  I really need to get things out and I will this week.

Saturday the missionaries had to cancel, which sometimes happens, and Hubs and I decided to go ahead and do the project anyway. We were both very stiff and sore by late afternoon.  I had

several smaller pots that broke over the winter or lost paint.  These were things I had picked up at secondhand stores or were given to me. So, I am not out money.  I did have one expensive pot that I bought, that started to crack, and I took it back for a refund as it was guaranteed. We tilled the garden space again and I planted marigolds and herbs, potatoes.  We did not get the onions planted and hubs can do that when he gets home.  I am not planting anything else until it warms up a little.  I am leaving everything in the portable greenhouse. It was a very long day, and we were both filthy and sore.  But Aleve and a hot bath took care of most of the aches and pains. I am still a little stiff, over 18,000 steps on the fit bit and most of it bent over.

All my boxes are ready to plant except the ones in the front still need soil.  My back just gave out and they can wait. Yesterday I watched conference on TV and was glad to not have to dress up and get to church as I was so sore and tired.  Then I ran to Lil sis's and helped her with some wedding things, and then home to help daughter with some costumes.  She actually put together all the 100 napkin rings for the upcoming wedding while I did work on costumes for her.  It took a couple of hours and now that is off my list of things to get done.

Poor Lil sis has done something to her back, and she also had another bad head cold. She has not had a good winter for illness. She is just working too hard, and I really think she needs to take a few days and do nothing but rest.  She also has an autoimmune disorder and takes a biologic drug. So, I am trying to help with this wedding as much as I am able.

I do not have to cook this week and other than cleaning up after the grandkids, which will just be one day this week (I think) I can live on chips, easter candy and diet coke. With an occasional gut bomb thrown in and a little fruit.

I am responsible for the chickens, and I fed and watered them this morning and collected 16 eggs.  Sent some home with daughter. I also took 2.5 dozen to Lil sis and her significant other. There is no way I can eat as many eggs as they are producing right now. 

This morning I had an elderly gentlemen come with three pairs of Levis to shorten.  He had recently lost his wife, and he sure enjoyed Kelsa who was at her most charming.  She has been going into the bedroom looking for Papa and she can't find him.  So, when this man left, she crawled out the door and went down the steps and crawled down the sidewalk following him calling Papa.  He loved it. It made his day.

My plan for the week, is to get 5 wedding dresses out.  Three have had their second fitting and two are due for pick up tomorrow. Then get two more done and out by Friday.  I just need the room so bad. So that will be what I work on this evening after the kids leave or if I can get Kelsa to take a nap.  Then the 3rd one will be picked up Friday when bride is in town.  I also want to get 3 prom dresses done, and the order for the Native American store. I did pick up 10 pieces of fabric last week to do 10 to 14 more skirts.  Then there are the piles.  What I want to know is how one pair of levis turned into 9 pair?   I swear things have sex and multiply. 

I think Roscoe misses Hubs as he keeps sleeping and sitting in hubs spot on the sofa with a sad look on his face. Poor pup. But I am giving him extra rubs and treats. We are having a really serious windstorm.  We also had wind on Saturday, which was kind of nice as it kept the sun from getting too hot while we worked like dogs on the yard and garden. 

Right now, I am going into the shop and finish three blouses I ripped last week and also hem 9 pairs of pants.  Things that I can be interrupted from easily.  The wedding white do not come out until the kids go home. No end of things to do here.

I also need to mail bills tonight and pick up a few things at the store. Still waiting for documents from SSI for taxes.  Hopefully they will be in later today. Cross my fingers. 

Well I am off to get something done.  What are your plans for the week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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