More than you Ever Wanted to Know about Golf Socks

To play your best golf, you need to wear the right gear. There’s nothing worse than trying to swing with the wrong apparel that limits your swing or makes you feel uncomfortable on the links. 

Since golf does require you to stay on your feet for a long time, especially if you’re walking, your feet are incredibly important as well. While we’ve talked extensively about buying the right golf shoes, don’t forget about your socks as well.

Your socks are important because you want them to guard you against the cold and help you stay cool in the heat. Plus, you want to make sure they help you avoid blisters and late round fatigue. As you know, it’s not easy to play golf when you’re in pain.

But like every piece of equipment in the golf world, there are more options than ever before to choose from. From golf clubs to socks, there is an endless selection.

If you’ve ever wondered, what are the best golf socks, we got you covered. In this post we’ll break down what’s out there to help you find the right socks for your game. We looked at padding, sizes, fabrics, and other technology to give you plenty of options for your foot.

Best Golf Socks For 2021 

Here is a detailed list of the best golf socks for your game. Whether you play in freezing cold temperatures, scorching hot weather or pouring down rain, we found a sock for every type of condition. 

Swiftwick – MAXUS Zero Tab Golf Socks

First up is the Swiftwick MAXUS zero tab socks. These running and golf socks are some of the most popular on the internet. 

If there’s one thing that players love about them is how comfortable they are. This comfort makes them great for running or walking 18 holes of golf. Plus, they’re made to help with sweat and excess moisture. 

Swiftwick- MAXUS ZERO Tab (3 Pairs) Running & Golf Socks, Maximum Cushion (Gray, Large)

So if you’re out battling the elements, these socks have you covered. No more having to change socks after nine if you get some rain or excess heat. 

What’s great about them is the micro tab that is built in on the heel. Since they are a shorter style sock, it’s easy to think they’ll fall down and let your heel rub on your shoe. But with the heel tab, you can easily prevent contact and friction from your shoe. 

These socks are available in individual pairs or packs of three. Plus, you can get them in gray, white, or black design.  

Click here to learn more about the MAXUS golf socks.

FootJoy Men’s ProDry Roll Tab Socks

FootJoy knows a thing or two keeping your feet comfortable on the golf course. Their shoes constantly make our list of best golf shoes because golfers worldwide love them. And their socks are no different as well.

Unlike some brands on this list, FootJoy is an exclusive golf brand that doesn’t focus on any other sport. These socks are super comfortable and have moisture control fiber to lift moisture to allow for a drier foot. 

FootJoy Men's ProDry Roll Tab Socks Heather Grey Size 7-12

They also have a secure fit heel area to provide extra cushion agonist your shoes. Plus, they’re much easier to pull up if they do slip down at all. 

These socks are PGA Tour approved and come in packs of two for a size 7-12 foot. They’re also available in four color choices; white, black, driftwood, and heather gray. 

Click here to purchase the Foot Joy ProDry Roll Tab socks. 

Nike Dri-Fit Training Everyday Cotton Cushioned Quarter Cut

Speaking of brands that know golfers and athletes, I had to include these quarter cut socks from Nike. These are great for golf and really any type of exercise. 

Thanks to Dri-Fit technology the fabric pulls sweat from the skin to keep your feet comfortable. Plus they have a thick high-friction yard in the bed to reduce slippage in your workout or golf swing. 

Nike Dri-FIT Cushion Low-Cut Training Socks, 6-pairs

Not to mention, they come in a pack of six and are some of the most reasonably priced ones on this list. Currently, this pack is available in black and white. 

Click here to learn more about the Nike Dri-fit socks.

Under Armour Tech No Show Socks (Best Golf Socks for Summer)

One of Nike’s main competitors, Under Armour, also has made quite a splash in the golf apparel industry. With top players like Jordan Speith as sponsored athletes, they have tons of great products for golfers.

Under Armour Adult Performance Tech No Show Socks, 6-Pairs , White , X-Large

One of them is their Tech no-show socks. These aren’t specifically made for golf but work great for summer golf as they’re very thin. They also have dynamic arch support to help with foot fatigue as well.

Plus, they’re incredibly breathable thanks to their thin design and mesh panels too. The mesh panels in the toe area make a huge difference! These are currently available in white, black, or a pack of white and black socks. 

Click here to learn more about the Under Armour Tech socks. 

Swiftwick Performance One Socks

While the MAXUS zero socks are great, some players don’t like no-show socks. The alternative is their Performance One sock. These go slightly higher up your foot but still extremely comfortable and durable.

Swiftwick - PERFORMANCE ONE (3 Pairs) Running & Golf Socks, Lightweight Cushion (Black, Large)

These have a channeled upper thin area that makes them more breathable and are very lightweight. They’re also a little more standard design than the Maxus Zero and only have a small logo on the heel and toe. 

Like the Maxus Zero socks, these are available in single pairs or a pack of three. But there is no gray option, only white and black. 

Click here to purchase the Swiftkick Performance socks.

FootPlus Ankle Copper Socks

If you’re not only an avid golfer but enjoy running as well, you’ll love these socks from FootPlus. These socks are made of 98% polyester and 2% elastane to help prevent blisters and work perfectly when you’re on your feet a lot. 

The copper yarn is also very soft and gives extra cushion in the sole. These socks also help with faster recovery and enhanced blood circulation thanks to their unique design.

FOOTPLUS Men Women Boys Girls Ankle Arch Compression Socks No Show Support Seamless Toe Cushioned Sole Copper Golf Socks, 3 Light Grey& 3 Dark Grey, Medium

These socks aren’t too thick or thin and great for everyday wear or sports specific. They have multiple sizes in both men and women as well. 

The medium size is for men 5-9 and 6-10 for women. The large option is good for men shoe size 9-12 and women 10-13 US. 

Plus, you can buy in bulk to save big time. These are some of the most affordable ones on this list and also come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some sets are all one color and others combine several colors so you have a few color choices as well. You can’t beat the price either!

Click here to learn more about the Footplus Copper socks.

FootJoy ProDry Crew Socks (Best Golf Socks for Winter)

Let’s not forget about socks that are meant for winter golf as well.

While a lot of the choices are quarter cut or no show socks, those won’t cut it for wet conditions. Instead, you need a thicker set that is meant to combat the moisture of a rainy day on the golf course.

FootJoy Men's ProDry Crew Socks Black Size 7-12

The FootJoy ProDry are meant for the harshest conditions and will keep your feet dry and comfortable. They have moisture control fiber to lift moisture from the skin and are extremely comfortable. Not to mention, they offer a great fit thanks to the spandex fabric. 

While they aren’t the best price, you probably don’t need too many pairs unless you play a ton of wet weather golf. One perk about these is that they are available in seven different colors to match all of your favorite golf pants. Unlike most pairs which only have 1-3 colors choices.

These are one-pair only and fit men’s shot size 7-12. 

Click here to purchase the Footjoy ProDry Crew socks.

Also, if you prefer the ProDry but don’t have the full-length crew style, FootJoy offers the Sports sock instead. These are a little thicker and taller than the no-show option and still provide extreme comfort and a great fit. They are available in all black, white, and a combination pack too.

FootJoy Men's ProDry Sport 2-Pack Socks Black Fits Shoe Size 7-12

Click here to purchase the Footjoy ProDry lo-cut socks.

Best Golf Socks (Funny)

While the best golf socks above are all about comfort and function, we couldn’t help but not include some funny golf socks as well. These are great ones to choose for a family gathering, holiday, or casual day in the office.  Sure, they don’t offer the insane support or features of normal golf socks, but they go well with your more formal footwear.

While you can also wear them to the golf course, they’re meant for more casual wear. The patterns are hilarious and great accessories to add to your wardrobe.

Lavely “I’d Rather Be Golfing” Socks

Golfers love this game and if you’re like me, probably think about it way too much. These golf socks are hilarious and have a great golf cart and fairway design.

But what makes them great is on the underside they read, “I’d Rather Be Golfing.” They also have designs for other sports like biking, camping, hunting, etc. 

Lavley - I'd Rather Be - Funny Novelty Socks For Men & Women (Golf Hunting Camping Fishing Biking Gaming Watching Sports) (Golf)

These make for a great golf gift and are a one size fits most. If you’re between size 6-13, these best golf shocks should fit perfectly. No one will question your love of golf (not like they ever did I’m sure).

Even though they are pretty funny, they’re also pretty comfortable. They’re made up of 10% spandex, 85% cotton, and 5% elastic so you’ll relax in comfort.

Click here to purchase the “I’d rather be Golfing” socks.

Golf Socks With Sayings 

Another funny sock is the Zmart men’s socks with sayings. The pattern is golf flags and balls made up of two-tone green design. Like the Lavely socks, these have a message on the underside of them. It reads “Shhh golf is on.” 

Zmart Funny Saying Golf Is On Dress Socks-Funny Novelty Golfing Gift For Men Golf Club Golfer Lover

So when you’re laid back in your recliner or couch with your feet up, anyone in your house knows it’s time to watch golf. They also have other sayings for gamers, fishing, and more on each sock. 

These socks are made up of 3% spandex, 17% polyamide, and 80% cotton. 

Click here to learn more about Zmart golf socks.

Hot Sox Novelty Crew Socks (Best Golf Socks for Work)

Finally, here are some crew golf socks that you could also wear to the office. They show that you’re an avid golfer but still take business trips seriously. 

These are black socks with pictures of a flag checkered throughout the design. Or, you can opt for the green socks as well.

Hot Sox Men's Novelty Sporting Crew Socks, Golf (Navy), Shoe Size: 6-12

Like the other funny golf socks, they are loved by golf enthusiasts worldwide. If you’re a football fan too, you can also get the football edition as well with it’s checkered pattern. Easy to see why they made the list of best golf socks!

Click here to purchase the Hot Sox crew socks.

Or, grab one of each so you have variety with your funny golf sock collection.

Golf Socks

FAQs About Best Golf Socks

Do you have more questions about finding the best golf socks for your next round? Check out our most common questions and answers below. 

What kind of socks do pro golfers wear?

Typically, professional golfers wear a standard, full-length pair of socks in competitive golf. But the dress code is changing.

But now that shorts are allowed in practice rounds, more and more players are choosing to wear them resulting in different golf socks. And that means ditching the standard crew socks for shorter, athletic socks instead.

Some players prefer a lower golf sock while others like quarter show ankle socks.

What are the most comfortable men’s socks?

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the golf socks in this post. Each of these golf socks was thoroughly researched to make sure they’re incredibly comfortable and will help your golf game. Remember to play your best golf, you need to be comfortable, especially your feet.

I don’t know if there is a sock that is the “most comfortable” as each pair had hundreds, if not thousands of positive reviews. It really just depends on how high you want the sock, what color, and if you want certain features like a mesh panel or thin material. 

What are the most durable golf socks? 

Typically, the best golf socks that are made with thicker material as they tend to last longer. But after researching a ton of golf socks, I think that every pair here should last you a long time. 

Weather makes the biggest difference in your search for the most durable golf sock. For cold weather search for a pair with moisture wicking properties and warm weather get some breathability in the toe area.

Final Thoughts on Best Golf Socks

As you can tell, there are no shortage when it comes to looking for the best golf socks to help you stay comfortable on the course. Paired with the right golf shoes, you’re bound to play better golf. Okay, I can’t guarantee that you will play your best golf but at least you will look good and be super comfortable during the round. 

When choosing your pair of best golf socks, make sure to think about which conditions you typically play in before buying. For warmer weather, opt for thinner golf socks that allow your feet to breathe. The Nike Dri-Fit or the Under Armour Tech are both great options for warm weather golf.

If you play in more mild temperatures or cold weather golf, opt for a pair of golf socks that uses thicker fabrics. You want to make sure your feet stay warm and dry above all else when the weather isn’t good.

There is nothing worse than trying to play when your feet are soaked and slipping around during your swing. Everything gets more challenging with bad weather so plan accordingly!

Luckily, all these golf socks are designed to pull moisture from your feet and keep it in the sock. This should help you play better, stay more comfortable, and hopefully avoid any blisters as well. Comfort above all else!

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