Most parents understand that teaching teens the importance of an effective skincare regimen is as essential as personal hygiene awareness

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This is especially true while living in Hong Kong, where the pollution and humidity contribute to the challenge of maintaining healthy, clear and glowing skin. Our teenagers already have enough to handle! So, how do we know it’s time to take their skincare to the next level with a facial treatment? We caught up with SIOBAN GUILFOYLE, owner of Glow, to better understand this next step in self-care for teens.

“In addition to keeping their skin clean, protected from the sun and properly moisturised, all teenagers can benefit from periodic facials to minimise breakouts,” she says.

Sioban points to the Teen Prescriptive Facial, available at Glow, as an excellent first facial experience. “This is the type of facial that provides an effective deep cleanse. And comes with lots of skincare advice, tips and tricks from our therapists.”

Trouble skin
What about young people with especially problematic skin? Sioban advises that the addition of blue-light therapy (and red-light therapy for particularly angry or inflamed areas) can be added as a non-invasive, non-medicinal solution to clear up and prevent acne. Good tip!

“For teens suffering from acne or acne scarring – and adults, for that matter – I suggest Glow’s brand new Dermapen4 treatment”. This is a minimally invasive micro-needling treatment that has been shown to considerably improve acne skin conditions and scarring over the course of three to four treatments. It’s worth investigating for anyone struggling with acne issues.

A Teen Prescriptive Facial at Glow is priced at HK$780, while the Dermapen4 treatment starts from HK$1,980
Chat with an expert
A thorough consultation with one of Glow’s experienced and knowledgeable therapists or aestheticians is a great way to help teens determine and plan the best regular treatment for them, and the most suitable products for their skin type.

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