Museum Asks People To Recreate Paintings At Home, Get 100 Impressive Photos

It appears that boredom lies behind the most creative ideas. That's why quarantine has produced some of the most entertaining activities. One of them is the Getty Museum challenge, that so many of you have already seen in our previous article here. The challenge, which asks people to recreate famous works of art by using things they find around the home, had gained a lot of traction. Apparently, people love to dress up and compete with each other who can recreate a well-known painting better. The art enthusiasts can't stop participating in this challenge, so scroll below for their latest creations!


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#1 Sharaku Kabuki Portrait

Image credits: kento-box

#2 The Death Of Marat

Image credits: akonith

#3 Picasso’s “Woman In A Hat With Pompoms And A Printed Blouse”

Image credits: InfiniteCatPower

#4 Le Chat Noir

Image credits: badgers_arse

#5 Like A King By Afarin Sajedi

Image credits: tgarron

#6 Frida Kahlo

Image credits: tussenkunstenquarantaine

#7 Jan Asselijn "The Threatened Swan"

Image credits: tussenkunstenquarantaine

#8 “Portrait Of A Lady With A Child”, Artist Unknown, Nineteenth Century

Image credits: ben_straub

#9 Edvard Munch "The Scream"

Image credits: tussenkunstenquarantaine

#10 Portrait Of Toyotomi Hideyoshi By Kano Mitsunobu

Image credits: JHSalem

#11 Rembrandt "Portrait Of A Woman With Gloves"

Image credits: tussenkunstenquarantaine

#12 Gustav Klimt "Mother And Child"

#13 Georgia O'keeffe--Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico

Image credits: phoebenpiper

#14 Pop Art Figures By Keith Haring

Image credits: tussenkunstenquarantaine

#15 "La Ricitos" By Baldomero Gili

Image credits: Panku14

#16 Frida Kahlo "Dancing With Skeleton"

Image credits: Feathercrank324

#17 ♦️♠️♦️the Sleepy Clown Needs Rest After Trying With All Her Might To Make People Smile In Times Of Darkness ♣️♥️♣️

Image credits: jennyistrying

#18 The Temptation Of St. Anthony By Joos Van Craesbeeck

Image credits: tussenkunstenquarantaine

#19 Danaë And The Shower Of Gold - Orazio Gentileschi

Image credits: stankaholic

#20 "Girl Interrupted At Her Music" - Johannes Vermeer

Image credits: Feathercrank324

#21 My Sister Did This Frida Piece With My Bird

Image credits: Asmallrock

#22 The Veiled Virgin By Giovanni Strazza, Early 1850s (Left)

Image credits: randybruder

#23 Covid-19 Gothic

Image credits: sallychurch

#24 Kees Van Dongen, "The Corn Poppy"

Image credits: thirdrockeby

#25 Selfie By Narcissus - Caravage

Image credits: Albatros2008

#26 "Christina's World" By Andrew Wyeth

Image credits: echothatislove

#27 "The Son Of Man" By René Magritte

Image credits: tussenkunstenquarantaine

#28 “Jorge Manuel Theotocópuli”- El Greco

Image credits: amber_sunshine

#29 Girl Before A Mirror, Picasso, 1932

Image credits: Ariellacharny

#30 My Daughter As “Shiner” By Norman Rockwell

Image credits: HuMMHallelujah

#31 Ivan Argunov “Portrait Of An Unknown Peasant Woman In Russian Costume”

Image credits: Deniskov19

#32 Mona Lisa 1510 - Mona Lisa 2020

Image credits: Nazlisal

#33 Four Mandarin Oranges By Édouard Manet

Image credits: Buff_Orpington1234

#34 Landscape With Yellow Birds, Paul Klee

Image credits: susanwilmoth

#35 Astronomer By Candlelight - Gerrit Dou

Image credits: Albatros2008

#36 Portait Of Ann Seward Swartwout

Image credits: YDL73

#37 My Wife’s First Attempt Of Probably Many. “Fragmentary Colossal Head Of A Youth”

Image credits: toryjohnfox

#38 Self Portrait By Vincent Van Gogh

Image credits: uncle_giggle_snort

#39 Dog With The Pearl Earring Woof

Image credits: RudyRoo2017

#40 'the Scream' - Recreated With Climbing Rope And A Few Other Things...

Image credits: shris-charma

#41 Soyer's "Blond Figure" Goes Brunette!

Image credits: nabokovzissou

#42 Le Desespere By Gustave Courbet And My Kid

Image credits: BrownieMaine

#43 Raphael’s “Portrait Of The Young Cardinal Ippolito I D’este” (Pietro Bembo)

Image credits: SurrealGeisha

#44 Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait

Image credits: marisohla

#45 Picasso The Frugal Repas

Image credits: PopsSM

#46 My Friend (W/Help From Her Twins) Did The Getty Museum Challenge. Boredom Can Be Beautiful.

Image credits: BROv1

#47 Judith Slaying Holofernes Painting By Artemisia Gentileschi

Image credits: GonzoDoggo

#48 Dr. Seuss Art Challenge

Image credits: babyfishmouthstn

#49 “Golden Tears”/ “Freya’s Tears Of Gold”- Anne Marie Zimmerman (School Of Klimt)

Image credits: amber_sunshine

#50 Madonna & Child - Sassoferrato

Image credits: lalaisacupcake

#51 "Lady With A Catine", Leonardo Da Vinci

Image credits: plumed68

#52 My Daughter Recreated “Two Boys With A Bladder” By Joseph Wright For A Class Project

Image credits: perry79605

#53 My Attempt At The Getty Museum Challenge. Pierre Bonnard’s Woman With Dog

Image credits: KellyKMA71

#54 A Portrait Of Madame X By John Singer Sargent

Image credits: monkimonke

#55 Tina Tra And I Recreated Michelangelo's Famous 'The Creation Of Adam' Fresco From The Sistine Chapel. Only We Have Named Ours ' The Creation Of Eve'

Image credits: Ana_Hanson_Art

#56 Titi Parisien - Poulbot

Image credits: Albatros2008

#57 What A Good Camel

Image credits: f**kenidontcare

#58 My Daughter As Frida

Image credits: BaronVonPickles

#59 Diego On My Mind By Frida Kahlo. We're Calling Ours- Daddy On My Mind. With My Daughter Luna & Her Daddy’s Pic.

Image credits: Only1Kira

#60 "Order Of The Bath" By Charles Burton Barber

Image credits: umami_baby

#61 Édouard Manet : Le Joueur De Fifre

Image credits: nfesselet

#62 “Portrait Of A Man In A Turban”- Jan Van Eyck

Image credits: amber_sunshine

#63 Gabriel Ferrier--Girl Reading

Image credits: phoebenpiper

#64 Vincent Van Gogh. The Postman (Joseph-Étienne Roulin) (My 11 Year Old)

Image credits: satans_sparerib

#65 Rembrandt's "The Anatomy Lesson Of Dr Nicolae Tulp", 1632.

Image credits: stacytgr

#66 Urban Confinement

Image credits: Albatros2008

#67 From The Covid-19 Market

Image credits: fuerstjh

#68 Raphael : La Donna Velata

Image credits: nfesselet

#69 The Lacemaker By Vermeer (Taken By My Sister For A School Project Years Ago)

Image credits: AbsoluteSas

#70 The Son Of Man

Image credits: Erin_ttm75

#71 Forecast: Sudden Shower By John Gannam

Image credits: bingbong1234

#72 Nightmare

Image credits: cultureShocked5

#73 Lady With Vermin

Image credits: mossdg

#74 Tried My Best With 2 Under 2

Image credits: ilovesteelydan

#75 “Shiner” By Norman Rockwell

Image credits: BiblicalPaperCuts

#76 Lady Of Shallot With Giraffe

Image credits: seasasa

#77 Young Girl With Genie/Young Man With Goonie

Image credits: LLL-LLL-LLL

#78 It’s Not Everyday I Get To Pretend My Dog Is The Baby Jesus.

Image credits: sienic520

#79 The Day After. Edvard Munch

Image credits: Kinae66

#80 A Lady Of The Court With Dog By Lavinia Fontana

Image credits: popnicute_jewelry

#81 F. Messerschmidt’s “The Vexed Man,” Carved In Alabaster 300 Years Ago. I Bought A Copy To Enjoy At Home After Falling In Love With The Original At The Getty Last Year.

Image credits: lolokelliher

#82 Alphonse Mucha- “Topaz”

Image credits: ladyofthe7kingdoms

#83 Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear And Pipe, 1889 By Van Gogh

Image credits: Mash_the_Gash2018

#84 A Velázquez Portrait

Image credits: yodelingissilly

#85 Gustav Klimt's The Kiss

Image credits: damnslut

#86 Renoir : La Liseuse (Jeune Fille Assise)

Image credits: nfesselet

#87 Do I Look As Beautiful As This Degas Ballerina?

Image credits: voxsentia

#88 Daughter's School Assignment. She Chose To Recreate The Old Guitarist.

Image credits: OppositeEar

#89 Mary Magdalene Right Panel By Rogier Van Der Weyden Oil On Panel Circa 1450 - Grace Front Yard Circa 2020

Image credits: AdamRJones

#90 Nymph With Morning Glory Flowers - Jules Joseph Lefebvre

Image credits: nic_tesla

#91 Reluctant Husband (Spring) 2020

Image credits: TheBillyPicture

#92 Sarah In The Green Bonnet

Image credits: CloverFrog70

#93 John Williams Waterhouse- “Isabella And The Pot Of Basil”

Image credits: ladyofthe7kingdoms

#94 "Narcissus" By Caravaggio, Recreated With Pants, A Mirror, And Antigravity

Image credits: Pierresauce

#95 American Gothic: Grant Wood

Image credits: TopherOtt

#96 My Attempt At Monet, Woman With A Parasol

Image credits: intrepid_tripper

#97 Still Life With Strawberry, From Cezanne's Still Life With Skull

Image credits: wavyschmavy

#98 Girl In A White Kimono, George Hendrik Breitner, 1894

Image credits: jennyistrying

#99 Lucia Heffernan’s “Panda”

Image credits: WristHurts

#100 Covid But Make It King Louis Xiv Of France

Image credits: egglisaphoto

#101 Self Portrait As A Tehuana By Frida Kahlo

Image credits: caesar_the_dog

#102 My Mom And Sister Recreate The Ambassadors By Hans Holbein The Younger

Image credits: lpyeh

#103 Frida Kahlo : Self-Portrait With Thorn Necklace And Hummingbird

Image credits: nfesselet

#104 Portraiture Of Queen Elizabeth I Of England, C. 1585-90, Artist Unknown.

Image credits: KimchiByTheGram

#105 Young Woman With Book

Image credits: sofiachacur

#106 Sargent’s Madame X...

Image credits: smokyartichoke

#107 Maddona And Child By Andrea Mantegna

Image credits: 25nogueiraj

#108 Las Meninas

Image credits: KDandrew

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