My 3 Go-To Winter Outfits

In my decluttering chaos (organized chaos), I’ve had a lot of interesting revelations about how we live as a family, what we actually use in our home, and how I dress myself. As I was taking a second pass over my closet last weekend, I realized that despite having way too many clothes (I’ve since cut the amount in half), I reach for the same pieces over and over again.

In fact, there are 3 outfits that I throw on over and over for the days when I’m not in athleisure. They’re all simple, comfortable, and make me feel the most like me. They’re tried and true and once I throw them on I know I’m good to go without checking twice. That’s a really nice feeling!

There is nothing really special about any of these outfits, but the simplicity and ease with with I can choose them makes life just a little bit easier every day.

Outfit 1: Kid stuff/Lunches (above)
The most classic striped tee maybe ever paired with my forever favorite pair of A.Golde jeans that feel more like sweats than jeans, and sneakers that I can slip on and off in 0.2 seconds.

Classic Saint James Tee
A.Golde Riley High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Frequency
Golden Goose Sneakers

Outfit 2: Out to dinner

I haven’t lived in Manhattan for 8 years but the all-black outfit always feels the most chic for me. I’ve had this $10 Old Navy long sleeve tee for years and have since bought 2 more of the exact same one because I wear it so often.

Black Tee (on sale for $10!)
Black Jeans
Mules (I splurged on these 3 years ago and they’re still a favorite)

Outfit 3: Work things

The pants and booties from this outfit came in my StitchFix box and they’re both fantastic. I pair them with a simple Dudley Stephens fleece and feel like a million bucks.

Pants (some sizes left in black only)
Booties (on sale)

Photos by Julia Dags.

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