My Functional Uniform While Staying "Safer at Home"

My friends and Venice neighbors over at Late Sunday Afternoon made an epic hoodie that was intended for use while traveling and on adventures, but I must say— I’ve found it to be pretty damn useful at home. Especially as we progress through our 3rd week of adhering to Los Angeles’ Safer at Home + social distancing orders.

Plus, it pretty much sums up my mood lately:


Per my previous post, I find it super helpful to stick to a set of tips and rules when attempting to juggle the live/work realities of life in our small space during unique time.


For example, I always get dressed in the morning (even if it’s swapping one pair of stretchy pants for another).


And I aim to keep essentials (such as my password book, my phone, and my lemon water) at-hand… not because walking the whopping 6 steps across our tiny home is an inconvenience, but because when I somehow manage to accomplish a chunk of work during the day, I don’t want anything unnecessary to derail my train of thought or productivity.


And I usually cocoon myself with some sort of personal audio buffer while I work. The combination of my AirPods and the built-in padding around the ears on this hoodie are surprisingly effective at muffling the delightful but highly distracting sounds of my 4 beloved housemates.


I’m also partial to this piece because Late Sunday Afternoon makes baby blankets for children in foster care with the first and last yard of every roll of deadstock fabric they use for their signature ascots and multi-functional scarves, which they sew in-house. And their Venice store operates at nearly zero waste, using fabric scraps to stuff dog beds that they then donate to local shelters.


For this unisex hoodie, The Apollo 1, which was entirely designed, knitted and loomed here in LA, they used 30oz Natural, undyed French Terry Cotton. Some of the hoodie’s clever features include:

  • Extra padding for the ears

  • A secret iPhone pocket in the kangaroo pouch (made from antimicrobial fabric) that supports the weight of the phone without slouching the belly of the sweatshirt

  • A built-in eye-mask 

  • An interior loop for keys (or, in my case, my iPhone earbud holder)

  • Extra padding on the elbows


This ethically-produced, functional top feels like a protective hug, which is something I appreciate now more than ever.


Note: This post was not sponsored. I simply love Late Sunday Afternoon, along with their unique and magical team and creations.

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