Non-Maternity and Maternity Try On

I tried for as long as I could not to shop for clothes. With everything going on in the world right now that was the least of my priorities, but this belly got to the point to where I was outgrowing pretty much everything. So I set a budget and stuck to it.

One of my tips for shopping maternity is find pieces that will grow and stretch with your body. Don’t try to stuff yourself into regular clothing just to say you did, or to say you didn’t have to wear maternity clothing. Maternity clothing is sooo comfortable and glorious when you find the right pieces!

Let’s get started.



Outfit 1: Loungewear from Fabletics

I get so hot at night I cannot stand wearing long pants. For some reason I am fine in long sleeves but my legs get so swollen and hot shorts are sometimes the only answer. The really cute pink ones from Fabletics are incredibly soft and airy. They have decent pockets and are the perfect lounging shorts. I found my new preggo uniform.

Top || Shorts

baby shower dress


Outfit 2: Blue Dress from My Sister’s Closet

When I was on facebook one day my friend shared a picture of her in this dress and I fell in love with it. I would have loved to wear this to my baby shower, but thanks to the plague I doubt I will have one. First world problems right?

I really love how this just wraps and drapes around the bump. The fabric is really soft, and this very soft baby blue color is gorgeous on every skin tone. It really is such a great dress both for the bump and after.

Dress (use code NIGHTCHAYDE)

maternity and non maternity ootd


Outfit 3: Ruffle top and Maternity Jeans

This burnt orange rust color is an obsession of mine. I knew this would be more of a fall top but I had to have it. The fabric is such a weird feeling because it’s structured but really really soft. Utah has really weird weather so it could honestly snow next week and I could wear this. Such a gorgeous top at a really good price point and perfect for non bumps or bumps.

These jeans are AMAZING!!!!!! I got them from Motherhood Maternity and I have tried so many maternity jeans and hated them. These are a god send. They stretch, and are thin, fit like a glove and they are actually stylish. My friend and I were joking maternity jeans make the perfect Thanksgiving pant. These will definitely be a favorite of mine!

Jeans || Top (use code NIGHTCHAYDE)

tee shirt and jeans ootd


Outfit 4: Tee shirt and Jeans

A simple but essential outfit for everyone both pregnant and not. Down East Basics make the most comfortable plain tee’s ever. The fabric is soft and stretchy but gives you nice belly support. They often go on sale for really cheap and they are a great layering tee for the fall.

And you all know how much I adore these jeans.

Tee || Jeans

oversized ootd


Outfit 5: Comfortable and Oversized

Now I know these look big it’s because they are. I totally overshot the sizing but by the time I’m huge these will fit just fine. This stripe top is maternity from Amazon and it’s pretty long so I could easily wear these with leggings. It is a a really comfortable top that I will be able to style in many different ways. The rouging on the sides really add a style element to the top and style the belly.

I really love the style of linen pants. You could style this with the black tee listed in outfit 4, you can add a jean jacket, add a white blouse really anything will go with these pants.

Pants || Top

maternity dress


Outfit 6: Easy Dress

This dress is so freaking cute and comfortable. I believe they have both a maternity and non maternity version of this dress and it is so cute around the bump. Style this just plain, tie a button down top around your waist and add chucks, add a shawl and heels really you can do so much with this dress I love it!



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