One of the most hard-hitting facts about parenting is that you have a tiny human who’s completely dependent on you to live through each day

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What’s more, this tiny human can’t tell you what she wants or feels. Mothers often wonder what they can do make sure their babies are healthy, comfortable, and happy. Your baby won’t, and doesn’t need to, laugh all day, but these tips will help you make sure she’s feeling comfortable and as loved as possible.
1. Create a Bond

All your little one needs in her early days is to feel safe and loved (along with food and sleep, of course). Any human contact, like touching, talking, cuddling, and eye contact makes babies feel safe around you and strengthens the bond you share. You can even try skin to skin contact, which involves holding the baby close to your bare chest for extended periods of time. Another great way to bond with your little one is by giving her a massage, daily. This relaxes her muscles and gives her a ‘feel good’ experience associated with you. When your baby smiles, laughs or makes ‘cooing’ noises at you, mission accomplished.
2. Pick up on Cues
Babies use non-verbal communication to tell you when they’re hungry, sick, want to be held, or need a diaper change. This includes a mix of cries, body movements, or noises, which you’ll be able to differentiate between, as time passes. Tuning in to your baby and observing her behaviour daily will let you know exactly what she needs. Meeting your baby’s needs before she begins uncontrollably crying ensures she’s not in discomfort and you’re not stressed.
3. Ensure Physical Comfort

A diaper rash and mess to clean is always on a new mother’s mind. Choosing the right diaper for your baby, such as the newly launched Huggies Ultra Soft Pants, makes your baby’s and your life much easier. With feather-soft material and a perfect fit, they keep your baby’s skin fresh and also help in preventing rashes. The wetness indicator tells you when it’s time for a change, ensuring that your little one doesn’t sit around in a soiled diaper. Apart from choosing a diaper, dress your baby in breathable fabrics like cotton, and use soft bedspreads and towels for her.
4. Develop Soothing Tricks
Every baby is different, and what soothes one baby may not work for the other. Using trial and error tells you what works best to soothe your little one when she’s crying, whether it’s by singing her favourite lullaby, rocking her in your arms, or gently stroking her back. Once you’ve figured out what works, comforting your baby gets easier.
5. Let Your Baby Sleep

Having a baby around can be quite exciting for everyone in the house, including you. As much as you’d like to cuddle and squish your little one all the time, leave her alone when she’s sleeping. A disturbed baby is not a happy one, and you’ll soon regret having woken her up. Create a calming sleep environment for your baby by swaddling her, using white noise, and taking away any stimulants. After a peaceful nap, she’ll be joyful and ready to play. Another trick to ensure your baby sleeps well is to refrain from waking her up for a diaper change. Change her only when she’s awake and use soft diapers with high absorbency, to ensure that there isn’t any leakage and the baby doesn’t get a rash. Huggies Wonder Pants are a comfortable option during bedtime. These pant-style diapers stretch to fit your baby, without pinching or tugging at her delicate skin, so your little one can sleep comfortably through the night. And no, there’s no leakage too!
6. Limit Visitors
A baby in the house automatically means hundreds of visitors pouring in to meet the special one. But, imagine what a baby might feel like, being passed around and surrounded by giant strangers. Not to mention, the germs brought into your house can be harmful to a baby. You can’t say no to visitors, and overwhelming your baby isn’t a choice, but you can still create a win-win situation. Request friends and family members to inform you before they arrive, and don’t hesitate to say no if there’ll be too many people or the baby might be sleeping or feeding at that time.
7. Step out of the House

All the pollution and dust outside the house may seem harmful to the baby, but it’s essential that she gets some fresh air and sunlight from time to time. A change in environment does wonders in improving mood and introduces your baby to the outside world in small doses. Vitamin D from sunlight also helps boost bone development, so get out of the house occasionally.

Your baby doesn’t need much and has quite a simple routine of eating, sleeping, and not to forget, pooping. Ensuring she’s comfortable and happy doesn’t just benefit the baby, but also makes your life much easier. What’s more, once you pass on these tricks to helping hands and babysitters, it’ll automatically free up time to run errands and get some time to yourself, without having to worry about your little one at home.

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