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Saturdays on the Porch #59 features the latest from OSH in decorating, fashion, and what I've found online from shopping to ideas!

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I am really late on getting this out today! Tim and Ashlyn came over today with Sully for a visit and to bring their Christmas decorations to store in our attic. I cooked homemade soup for lunch and they stayed a while.

Saturdays on the Porch

This has been a very busy week! I got the Christmas decor put away! YAY!

I left a few winter things out and can't wait to share it all with you in an upcoming winter tour.

We've been looking at new countertops for the kitchen island. It's between quartz and quartzite. Yesterday was a bit frustrating in that several slabs that we saw were either not big enough or would require a seam. We will be looking again next week, but I'm so excited to change the island color. We may eventually change out the perimeter granite which is different than the island. The goal is to coordinate the perimeter with the hope that it looks fabulous.

This faux fur vest has been a huge reader favorite this week. It is almost gone! There are still a few sizes left.

Be sure to check out Chico's sale tab!

These pieces are all Chico's sizing: Size 0 in the vest, size 1 in the turtleneck and size .5 in the pants. The boots are my true size 8.

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storage containers for christmas decor
Updated this post on Christmas Decor Storage

Faux Leather Vest

I wore this outfit this week when we went countertop shopping. I absolutely adore this vest. I originally ordered the 1 for a sponsored post with Chico's. It was way too big. The size 0 is perfect.

FIT TIP: Jeans are a size 8. The Chico's vest is a 0 and turtleneck is a 1. The monogrammed flats are a true to size 8.

New Year's Eve

We stayed home on New Year's Eve. I can't tell you the last time we went out. This is what I wore for our night in with no makeup. Max watched football and I watched Emily in Paris. After the big football game, we came together and watched the Mayor of Kingstown. It is such a good show. Season 2 is getting ready to start. WARNING: Language, violence, and sexual situations.

Max picked us up a bottle of champagne. He didn't realize that the champagne was actually blue. He thought it was just the bottle. Ha, ha! It was really good. We had a couple of glasses during the night. We corked it off with a champagne stopper and drank a little over the next couple of days.

Church Look

I wore this to church last Sunday. This moto jacket is so fun.

The jacket is tweed and faux leather.

FIT TIP: This jacket is a size 1, but I wish I had the 0 after ordering the vests in a 0. It's a bit big, but not horrible. I do enjoy wearing it! The pants are the same as above with the faux fur vest in a .5.

Morning Walk

I have gotten back into walking this week. I love walking and enjoy listening to books. I typically walk 3 miles Monday-Friday, but this week, I have been doing 4 miles. Time goes by when I listen to a book through my earbuds.

The fleece is old, but I've linked a few similar ones above. The gloves were a birthday present linked above. I love them. They have the tech pads so I can operate my phone if needed. The leggings are linked above and are fleece-lined (size medium). They are perfect for walking during colder weather. The neck gaiter is actually a headband that I wear as a gaiter.

I got the Hoka sneakers for Mother's Day and wore them in France. They are clunky looking but are so comfortable. I've been wearing them for exercise walking, and my feet so appreciate them! The soles are thick and cushy. White can be almost impossible to find with their surge in popularity and the holidays. They do come in lots of colors. Mine are true to size.

Sleeve Garters

This is what I wore yesterday for round 2 of countertop shopping.

We also met Woods for lunch. I had a grilled cheese and veggie soup. It was so good!

This sweater is the same sweater that I wore this fall in the camel color. It's a good one!

It is a bit big in the medium but great if you want to layer with it.

I wore my older white Chico's blouse under it. This blouse is a true staple.

Ashlyn works at a law firm in Greenville. She had 2 weeks of access to the Adidas Company Store in Greenville in December. She is allowed to take several guests at a time. I have no idea why her firm has access or gets it, but I'm not complaining. Everything is 50% off. I got these sneakers and the black ones that I shared last week. These are dressier street sneakers. I wouldn't exercise in them. They are very comfortable and gorgeous!

I recently discovered these sleeve garters. You can wear them with long sleeves to keep your sleeves pushed up. You want to do it in a way that does not show. I also wore them with a sequin blouse that I shared in last week's Saturdays on the Porch.


What I'm Reading

I love to read and listen to books. If you are looking for a way to get more steps in with your walking…..listen to books! You will want to keep walking to listen.

I read actual printed books as well as on Kindle. I prefer my Kindle, but it is nice to hold a real book occasionally.

I've had my Audible membership for a while, and LOVE it! It gives me one book credit per month.

Let me share with you how I read on Kindle and listen to books as well. Get yourself a library card!

Then add the LIBBY and HOOPLA apps to your phone.

I will typically check to see if a book is available there first before using my credit or buying. Using these 2 apps with your library card is FREE!!! I love FREE.

There may be a waitlist if it is a newer title or popular. That's ok. Sometimes the wait can be lengthy. If I'm not willing to wait, I will just purchase. If it is new or popular, you NEED to finish the book in the allowed checkout time. Sometimes you can renew, and sometimes you may have to get back in the queue. If that happens, when it is available again… will download where you left off.

Here is what I've recently read or listened to.

  • I have one more Christmas book to finish. I started it last week. I am enjoying A Vineyard Christmas. It takes place on Martha's Vineyard. This is actually the start of a series that I plan to read. I am almost done with this one, and I really like it. It has a bit of a mystery element involving a baby dropped off at the front door of the main character's home.
  • I went back to my Kindle to finish a book that I had forgotten that I had started. It has taken no time to get back into it. It is the first book in the Peachtree Bluff Series. It is Slightly South of Simple. Kristy is a blogging friend of mine from before she started writing. I need to jump on this series because it's going to be a TV series!!
  • I have also started Girl, Forgotten. (Audible)
  • NEXT WEEK, I will be sharing my reading list for 2023! I'm doing something different. I hope to read more in the course of the year, but will be on a mission to read one book per month. My first book for this month (I need to get started!!) is Lessons in Chemistry.
  • Please make note of any Christmas books you might want to add to your collection. I will delete them next week since we are out of the holiday season.
  • I totally read the Christmas books below out of order. I didn't realize they were a series of 5! Ha, ha! I totally understood them, and it really didn't matter. Here is the complete list of the series that I do plan to finish.
  • #1 The Cafe by the Sea, #2 The Endless Beach, #3 Christmas on the Island, #4 Christmas at the Island Hotel, #5 An Island Wedding
  • I just finished Christmas on the Island (Book 3 of 5). Read it before the Island Hotel mentioned below.
  • I really enjoyed Christmas at the Island Hotel (Book 4 of 5). This takes place on a small island between Scotland and Norway. I am enjoying this book. It's by the same author as this book that I read last Christmas.
  • I just finished listening to the book From Scratch. It is a new Netflix series. I'm looking forward to watching it.
  • I just finished reading The Good House. I really like it!
  • If you are looking for a new Christmas book to read, check out this roundup from last year. I need to make a new one for this year.
  • I just finished my first Christmas read of the season. If you love quilting, you'll like this one. I didn't realize that it is a series, but that did not affect me jumping in this late into it…..The Christmas Boutique.

What We've Bought

  • 2nd time that my husband has purchased this set of hangers.
  • Men's undershirts– hubby ordered a large and they ended up being too small. He gave them to me. He reordered in the x-large so recommend sizing up.
  • 3rd order of this lid scrub that the eye doc recommended for my husband. We keep it in the shower. I even occasionally use it.
  • I bought these Christmas ornament and decor bags for my kids. They love them. Ashlyn says it holds all of their apartment holiday decor.
  • I bought this dry texture spray for my hair that was recommended on Instagram.
  • Erasable pens for my calendar
  • new calendar……must fill in days
  • PM dog food for Bentley….he loves it!
  • Eyelid cream…..I bought some of this French brand while in Paris this summer so knew it was good. My eyelids and around my eyes can get very dry. You have to be careful about what you put on your lids. From my understanding, you shouldn't put retinol on your eyelids. I don't. This stuff was recommended by a dermatologist that I follow on Instagram. It is safe for eyelids. It has been a game-changer for dryness! I find it soothing.
  • I bought 1 set of these shoe boxes and LOVE them! I plan to get another set. You have to put them together. Someone posted a video in reviews and it is very helpful. They are easy to snap together.
  • You may want to check out last week's Saturdays on the Porch on my Chico's purchases. They have big sales right now.
  • I ordered these jeans on sale in a .5.
  • This wide bracelet and the matching thin one are on clearance! Excellent price. Chico's jewelry is of great quality.
  • Excited to get these jeans. Skinny jeans are supposedly out the door and a looser fit is in style. These are the best of both worlds. Certain colors are on sale.

Thank you so much for being here today with me! I hope your weekend is joyful. XO, Christy

white blouse and jeans

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