Self Care Tips – Get Yourself Back On Track And Feeling Good!

Self-Care – It’s necessary for our health and well being. These simple ideas and self-care tips are perfect for getting yourself back on track and feeling good! Caring for yourself is so important whether it’s in stressful times like this or when we are back to our normal routines.

Whether you are working from home, a parent now tossed into homeschooling or just trying to balance our new, “normal life” stuck indoors I hope these simple healthy lifestyle tips help you. 

Self Care Tips

Self-Care Tips - Self Care is necessary for our health and well being. These simple ideas and self-care tips are perfect for getting yourself back on track and feeling good!

Why Self Care Matters 

Our personal wellness is a balance of all aspects of our health; physical, mental and emotional well being. We need to make ourselves a priority. The needs of others are important but, not more important than your own. You need to overcome this mindset and essentially allow yourself to care for yourself by meeting your own needs first, then others. When you care for yourself, it doesn’t have to mean you don’t care about others. It means we care for ourselves, then others.

Why is self-care so important for moms? Self-care for moms is very important! As moms, we tend to put ourselves last (dead last). But, this can lead to us feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.

Ways to cope and set self-care into motion – Go to bed earlier, get up an hour before the kids. Get your coffee, a shower… If that doesn’t work give them playtime in their rooms until you are ready. Then begin your day. Parenting is a balancing act, just know some days you have to cave and not get it all done! Don’t add that pressure to yourself. You are enough and doing enough. 

Reasons to focus on self-care 

Self-care is a necessity. If you aren’t taking care of yourself how can you help others? Let alone function day-to-day. 

Make Sure You Get Enough Rest

Being tired or rundown, or even overwhelmed can add to your personal stress level and make it hard to care for yourself or anyone else. Your mental health matters. You absolutely cannot give your best self to others when you are rundown.

Juggling Kids

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End The Overwhelm

If you are tending to a baby and toddlers try to get them on the same napping schedule or a nap schedule.

Do you have older kids? Give them quiet time in their rooms, or a specific area, then use that time for things YOU need to care for yourself. Rest, reading, a nap… If they balk at doing this and keep coming out of their rooms try this; First, set a timer. If they get up before the timer rings, then it gets reset again. They won’t want that! 

My daughter is having her kids read in the rooms in the morning until she comes to get them. They pick out a stack of books at night to keep them busy in the morning. (She even said she got to sleep in one morning!) This way she gets to grab a cup of coffee before the chaos of kids, breakfast…That’s awesome because typically they get up really early! 

Do you have preteens or teens? Layout some boundaries. Explain that you need to do ______ (fill in the blank) and then you will _______(fill in the blank).

Now, if it’s something that needs attention right away you need to be flexible. There’s that fine balancing act, what has to be done and prioritizing. 

Does your mind get in overdrive? Do you ever feel overwhelmed? 

Break free from distractions. Change what you are doing. Get fresh air by going outdoors or a walk if you can. Do yoga or stretching. Plus be sure to unplug from technology. Our minds need a break. 

Consider meditation

Lastly, kids feed off our energy

Kids pick up on how we manage things – If you’re a parent, practicing self-care is not only good for you, it sets a good example for your kids. When kids see that you give yourself priority they learn to care for themselves too.

Look Good and Feel Good

I always feel better after a shower, putting on a little makeup and doing my hair. What about you? Although I have no reason to get dressed to go anywhere (right now) getting dressed (in cute loungewear or activewear) makes me feel like at least I got dressed. Right now, comfy, cute loungewear are it for me! What about you? My top 3 picks are these jogger sweatpants, drawstring lounge pants, and these fleece basic joggers


What are some of the ways you care for yourself?

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