Shannon Beador Sues Lawyer That Represented Her In Divorce From David Beador

Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador

Who even knows what the future holds for the Real Housewives of Orange County these days. Kelly Dodd and Brauwyn Windham-Burke made Season 15 pretty insufferable. Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson are ready at any time to swoop in, whoop it up and save the day. We saw Shannon Beador as the veteran cast member last season, which is about as exciting as it sounds. No wonder Andy Cohen says Bravo is taking their sweet time before casting Season 16. Just bring back Fancy Pants Heather Dubrow and Detective Meghan King Edmonds and all will be right in the OC again.

And the year is 2021 and somehow, we’re still talking about Shannon and David Beador’s divorce. Even though he has a new baby with a new fiance. And Shannon is just waiting for the right moment to marry her new boo. However, the Beadors just can’t quit each other, especially when it comes to bickering back and forth about the most ridiculous situations.

Shannon has been very familiar with the courtroom these last few years. From her divorce proceedings to her defamation case with trampoline king Jim Bellino, she’s spent a pretty penny on legal fees. Even David threatened legal action at Shannon regarding baby gift gate that had everyone and their mother confused. And now, according to Radar Online, she’s suing the attorney who represented her in her divorce.

Radar Online obtained court documents that show Shannon is in the midst of a legal battle with lawyer Ben Phillips. Shannon was evidently not happy with the terms of the divorce and accuses Ben of failing to represent her property, thus costing her a lot of money. She says the lawyers failed to, “include the costs of Plaintiff’s children’s ongoing education” for college, and advised her not to include it in the settlement.


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If you remember on the show, Shannon had a bit of a meltdown when it came to the agreements of her divorce with David. She originally petitioned for primary physical custody of their daughters and $22,000 a month in support. David said he couldn’t pay it, and the back and forth went on. Shannon ended up with $10,000 a month, a $1.4 million lump-sum payment and shared legal and physical custody of their children.

In the new suit, Shannon also complained about her own little tres amigas not being able to film for RHOC anymore. The documents state that the lawyers failed to negotiate and include a filming release for the girls. Shannon says that “resulted in significant damage and expense” to her “to enable her children to participate in filming.” All this proves to me is that Shannon was definitely the one to complain to Andy about her girls not appearing on the kids’ special of Watch What Happens Live. She wants the little Beadors to make their own coin, probably on Cameo like the Giudice girls and every other Bravolebrity.


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Additionally, Shannon says the law firm hired an unnecessary forensic accountant just before trial without giving her a heads up. Now, she’s expected to whip out $85,000 for that bill.

Shannon also believes her lawyers made a big mess-up when figuring out how much David’s longtime construction business was worth. To be fair, Shannon didn’t even know you had to pay for your house to have running water, so this isn’t that shocking. “In the 11th hour, Defendants convinced Plaintiff to take a low dollar divorce settlement right before trial,” the documents read. It did seem like for all of the talk about divorce Shannon did on the show, the final trial was pretty speedy all things considered.


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We also know how much Shannon loves to talk on the phone, especially when it’s about herself. But now Tamra’s no longer on the other side of the line, or Vicki for that matter. So Shannon’s case also states that her lawyers were “uncommunicative” throughout the case, failing to return her calls. She even called the lawyer’s wife to try to get a response, because Shannon on a mission knows no bounds.


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