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I’ve seriously meant to make this for so long, bought the hooks and wood even, and then promptly lost the wood.

I lose everything, people.

I lose my phone at least 2x a day, I lose my sanity on the regular, and I have even hidden birthday presents so well that I had to give them the next year. Cuz I couldn’t find them til then.

So basically it was a miracle that this simple little necklace organizer even came to fruition.

The girls all share a room, as you probably know, and for mOOOnths, their necklaces were in a tangled pile on the dresser.

Not exactly Pinterest-worthy.

So I whipped this baby up in no time!

I thought I’d go old school and do a tutorial, WHAT is this 2010?

First, the cast of characters.

Tape-I didn’t use it so ignore this. Unless you do some cool color blocking which WAS the original idea but I got lazy

screw in hooks

chalkboard paint

piece of wood-I kept mine lightweight, a 24″ piece of thin craft wood from lowes

sawtooth hangers(I like these because you hammer them straight in-no fussy little nails that never go in easy)

a drill

So first, I measured out the spacing for the hooks. I wanted each girl to have 8 hooks, so I spaced them out 1″ from each other, and then I think it was about 1/2″ from either end. Worked great!

Then I measured the screw part of the hook, and taped off the drill so I’d know how far in to drill.

Then you just drill all the holes! give them a little sanding after to remove the bits of wood.

Then give the wood a few coats of paint and let dry.


When it’s dry, simply twist in the screw hooks and make sure they all face the same way, obvs.

If you use chalkboard paint, don’t forget to season the board by rubbing the flat side of the chalk all over, then rubbing the excess off. Tada!

I added their names so they knew where their necklaces were to hang. Otherwise it’d be anarchy.

I’m in the midst of a little room refresh for the girls, so I can’t wait to reveal that!

Also, here’s a link to the Leia print-I have the original, but she sells prints and I LOVE THIS PIECE.

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Decorating Tutorials

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