Slim Fit vs. Slim Straight Fit: Everything You Need To Know

Figuring out how to best rock a nice pair of trousers or jeans starts by knowing which fit looks most flattering on your body type. On top of that, certain occasions also call for certain fits, meaning you’ll want to know the basics of each kind of fit before making a purchase. While there are several different kinds of styles and cuts, the two that we are going to focus on in this article are slim fit trousers and slim straight fit trousers.

Though the fits share several similar qualities, there are some slight differences that distinguish one from the other, specifically in terms of comfort. If you want to optimize comfort levels and attractiveness, keep reading for Next Luxury’s guide to everything you need to know about slim fit and slim straight fit pants.

Slim Fit


Slim fit pants are known for being a more consistent style and fit across various brands. When it comes to the leg opening, slim fit trousers generally have a leg opening that is a bit smaller than the top part of the pant leg and then taper below the knee.

As the name suggests, they are designed to be more form fitting, therefore they are not the fit that you’re going to want to go for something a bit more loose or comfortable. Though slim fit pants are not necessarily skin tight (like skinny jeans), they are fitted enough to show some definition and shape. 

Slim Straight Fit


Slim straight fit pants are very similar to slim fit trousers, however, they are slightly looser. Basically, the pants still hug the knees just as they do in a pair of slim fits, but the leg flares out more. Unlike straight fit jeans, where they do not hug but are rather form fitted, a slim straight fit still appears tighter and accentuates the body.

Though the differences are subtle, those who pay close attention to detail will catch them. Also, the wearer of the jeans or trousers will be able to feel a difference in comfort level when comparing slim fit pants and slim straight fit pants. 

Who Should Wear What?


If you are looking to show off your shape, specifically the contour of the legs and waist, then you’ll want to go with a pair of slim fit pants. Keep in mind that if you carry some extra weight in the middle or lower half of your body, this kind of fit might get a bit uncomfortable after a few hours of wear.

If you are trying to conceal any specific parts of your lower half, specifically the thigh area, then you definitely will want to avoid a slim fit pair of pants being that there will be very little room to do so. However, if you have skinnier legs and do not like the way that looser jeans may appear to swallow you or make your legs basically non-existent, then slim fit pants will be a great go-to for you.

Since there is not a huge difference in the style of slim fit and straight slim fit trousers, the advice on who should wear these pants is pretty much the same. On the flip side, when it comes to the comfort levels that you are seeking, a straight slim fit provides a little extra give and roominess for those who like a form-fitted style yet enjoy a less intense tightness. 

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