Soaking in style: Here’s what to pack for a luxury beach vacation

Right now, you’re probably sitting at home dreaming of white sands and turquoise waters. You’re not alone. The coronavirus has confined us to our homes to mitigate the spread of the virus, which is important, but not always pleasant.

With that said, someday, we’ll be allowed out of our homes, free to roam the world once again. When that happens, the dreams of lapping waves and palm trees will be a reality. But for now, we can plan a beach vacation, researching destinations with the clearest water.

If you’re already planning your next beach vacation, here’s a packing guide to help you have a stress-free vacation, whether it’s with friends or the family.  

Pack cover-ups

Apart from packing swimwear, it’s important to remember to pack a few coverups. Unless you’ve booked a place directly on the beach, you’re going to want to wear a beach dress or shorts and a t-shirt when you’re walking or riding on public transport to the beach. 

Right now, you’re probably sitting at home dreaming of white sands and turquoise waters

Pack warm clothes

While your ideal beach vacation probably has a minimum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, at night the temperature can drop. No matter where you go, even in the Caribbean at the height of summer, the tropical chill creeps in. Be sure to pack some warm clothes such as a sweater, long pants or even a denim jacket for breezy days by the water. If you’re planning to be in Singapore, head to Wings Of Time Sentosa to experience a show the whole family can enjoy. 

Pack something fancy

Yes, it’s a beach vacation, but that doesn’t mean you will be donning shorts and a t-shirt every day. Be sure to pack one or two nice outfits for when you go out for a nice dinner at the resort or in town. It’s always best to pack one or two outfits for every occasion in case you suddenly end up on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea. 

You should always have sunscreen on hand, even when you’re not at the beach

Pack comfortable shoes

No matter where you are headed, chances are you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. Which is great, walking is the best way to discover a new place at your own pace. For a beach vacation, flip flops are essential as are sandals, but remember to pack comfortable enclosed shoes for hiking and walking around town. If you’re an adventurous traveller, invest in waterproof sneakers for rainforest hikes and much more. 

Pack sunscreen and after sun lotion

You should always have sunscreen on hand, even when you’re not at the beach. But for a beach vacation, where you will most likely be exposed to the sun for long periods, sunscreen is a must. If you’re flying for your beach vacation, remember the liquid restrictions and go for a small bottle. You can always buy a bottle when you get to your destination. Another important item to buy is after sun lotion. Even if you don’t get a sunburn, it’s great for protecting your skin and treating it after spending all day under the suns rays. You can also buy after sun lotion at the destination, but either way be sure to pack some. 

One of the most important items you will pack is a beach bag

Pack a beach bag

One of the most important items you will pack is a beach bag. Many often forget, especially when packing for a long-distance trip, which often involves a suitcase. A tote bag or specified beach bag is perfect for when you leave the hotel or vacation house and go to the beach. A beach bag that folds is always great as it won’t take up too much luggage space or a bigger bag can be used as a carry-on. 

Pack wet weather gear

If you’re headed to a tropical destination such as the Bahamas or anywhere in the Caribbean, you will want to pack a light raincoat or bring a small umbrella. Tropical weather is unpredictable. In the middle of a 30-degree day, it can rain three times or all night. So, it’s important to be prepared. Make sure whatever wet weather gear you do pack that it’s not bulky. You don’t want it to take up too much luggage space, and chances are you’re only going to need it once or twice in the week. A light raincoat that can be rolled or folded into a smaller size is great and easy to stuff into shoes to save space. 

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