Spring Project 333 Capsule Wardrobe (even in quarantine)

I just built my spring Project 333 capsule wardrobe.

It’s no secret that loungewear and leggings are the new go to “what day is it day wear” but I’m about to change things up.

I’m going to wear real clothes in quarantine.

This might not work for you, but it’s giving me hope and structure, two things that can’t hurt right now.

Spring Project 333 Caspule

Sweatpants (for me) are an invitation to curl up on the couch and watch back to back episodes of Gilmore Girls. I love that but not all day, every day. Wearing real clothes is giving me more energy and focus.

How to create a capsule wardrobe in quarantine

I did it the same way I’ve created every other capsule wardrobe over the last ten years.

I think about what I want and need in my wardrobe for three months, reminding myself that this is not an area of my life where I want to be making daily decisions or investing a lot of time, money or energy. I need those resources for things that matter more to me.

Like many of you, I’m not going out much except to walk or hike. Currently, a big outing for me is driving to the grocery store for a no-contact pick up and dropping into our building lobby to pick up the mail. I expect that to continue through June, so I’ll make my capsule choices with that in mind. At the end of June, I can make new choices for the next three months.

I looked at the clothes I wore all winter, removed the items I know I won’t wear this season, chose a few items from my one container of seasonal items and made a new list.

Please note, this isn’t a list of 33 new items. 19 of the items I wore for the last three months are in this capsule collection, with an additional 10 pieces to adjust for weather.

This is not a list of items I think you should own or how I think you should dress. It’s simply the wardrobe that works best for my body and my current lifestyle. If you are wearing more loungewear than usual right now, consider counting it in your 33 item collection. Loungewear doesn’t usually count, but that may help you continue to reduce stress with a more peaceful closet.

Accessories: (5)

1. Sunglasses

2. Tote

3. Belt bag (can be worn on waist or crossbody)

4. Hat

5. Scarf

Jewelry: (3)

6. Crystal Bracelet Stack

7. Necklace

8. Earrings

Shoes: (3)

9. Slides

10. Sneakers

11. Booties

Clothing: (18)

12. Trench Coat (cream)

13. Warm Jacket (black)

14. Leggings

15. Skinny Jeans

16. Pants (light pink)

17. Cargo Pants (black)

18. Wrap Dress (black)

19. Casual Dress (black)

20. Casual Dress (pink)

21. Wrap Sweater (gray)

22. Zip-up Sweatshirt (Black)

23. Blouse (Navy)

24. Short Sleeve Crew Neck (Gray)

25. Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt (Black)

26. Short Sleeve Crew Neck (Black)

27. V-Neck Sleeveless (Black)

28. Chambray Long Sleeve Button Down

29. Blazer

Why only 29 items?

The Project 333 challenge invites you to dress with 33 items or less. I need less right now, likely even less than this. I know I won’t be traveling or attending events through the end of June but I will be working at home, hosting live calls, hanging out with my husband and going for walks.

As I mentioned, this is my list. When you create your list, consider items that best fit your body and current lifestyle.

Why I didn’t buy anything new

For starters, I didn’t need anything new. My clothes are in good condition. I have what I need and want.

I also know that I used to buy new things to feel better. And I want to feel better right now. If I were to buy a bunch of stuff looking for a little escape, I know I’d end up with things that I don’t want later and I’d feel bad for spending the money on things I didn’t enjoy or use. Appreciating what I have in my closet now feels like better self-care than buying new things.

Try Project 333 and you’ll be amazed at the stress you remove from your closet and your life.

If you are curious about Project 333 …

Project 333 is giving me structure and hope which means there is less room in my day for fear and worry. Creating a capsule wardrobe or doing a minimalist fashion challenge may seem like a trivial thing right now, but wouldn’t it be crazy if it shifted the way you thought about something, reduced a bit of stress or changed your whole life?

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