Steal Alert: 50% off Old Navy Pants (Ultimate Chinos, Rotation Chinos, and More)

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Old Navy: 50% off pants (expires Sun. 2/12/23)

We now hop in the Dappered Company Time Machine and fast forward to early this evening at a Football Game Watch Party at a friend’s place…

Person: “So what do you do?”
Me: “I write about pants.”
Person: “…. would you care to expand on th”
Me: “Not really. Hey this seven layer dip is killer. I like turtles, do you like turtles? Tell me about all the turtles you’ve met.”

Old Navy makes a couple different kinds of what most of us would look at and say: “that’s a pair of khakis/chinos.” And they’re both getting a relatively rare 50% off today:


Rotation Chinos – 98% Cotton / 2% Spandex – $22.49 ($44.99)

Old Navy Steal Alert 21223

L-R = Slim, Straight, and Athletic fit.

The Rotation Chino = a classic stretch chino, made from 98% cotton + 2% spandex. Available in slim, straight, or athletic fit.


Ultimate Chinos – 61% Cotton / 37% Poly / 2% Spandex – $27.49 ($54.99)

Old Navy Steal Alert 21223 these are the ULTIMATE chinos

L-R = Slim, Straight, and Athletic fit.

The “Ultimate” Chino = One of their all time best sellers, with a bit more poly woven in to resist wrinkles a little better. Four colors, slim, straight, or athletic fit


Got all that? Kinda confusing. Bottom line: The Rotation Chinos (the first style mentioned) seem to be the new flagship, and they’re what most would expect when buying a pair of inexpensive chinos. That being 98% cotton with a little bit of stretch woven in for comfort.

That’s all.

Carry on.

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