Steal Alert: Extra 50% off Banana Republic’s Restocked Sale Section

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Banana Republic: Extra 50% off Sale Styles

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know where they dug out some of this stuff. (Brick and mortar stores? Maybe?) But after a pretty ho-hum weekend, BR is back with a boatload of new items added to the sale section, plus they’re knocking an additional 50% off. That’ll work.

There is some final stuff scattered about. So be careful there. Let’s go.


Waxed Canvas Large Tote – $58.48 ($139.00)

Banana Republic Waxed Canvas Large Tote on

Pretty impressive. A small zipper pouch inside the large confines aides in quick location of essentials, while a zipper on the main pouch section prevents spills, should the bag tip over, as well as protection from the elements. An open pocket stitched between the handle straps on one side of the bag provides quick access to smaller items. Unlined inside, the tote bag nonetheless maintains a rigid structure, standing on its own without much protest. At 13.75” x 16” x 7.9” it could stand in for a small duffel as a personal item on a flight, and fits neatly behind a car seat. The base is wide enough to permit packing of clothing or a set of shoes. Full review here if you want it.


Core Temp Waffle-Knit T-Shirt – $11.98 – $24.99 ($54.50)

Because sometimes all you want or need is a basic crew with a little texture. From their core-temp line. 60% cotton and 40% poly. Should look good with everything from chinos to (wait for it) joggers. Price depends on the color you’re after.


Slim Italian Wool-Cotton Blazer – $176.98 FINAL ($398)

Banana Republic Slim Italian Wool-Cotton Blazer

Ah man. Final sale? Really? 50% wool, 45% cotton, 5% silk Italian fabric. Just butterfly lined in the back. Could be… Suitsupply like. For a much more palatable price. But yeah, that final-sale/no returns caveat is gonna be a deal breaker for plenty.


Slim Utility Blazer in Deep Olive – $56.98 FINAL ($159)

Also final sale. But nowhere near as expensive, and nowhere near the same dressiness. Very much dressed down. Rugged even. All cotton. Not a traditionally styled sportcoat, but more of that chore-jacket look that’s supposed to not be quite as sharp and crisp looking. To be worn with henleys and t-shirts and untucked OCBDs and chambray shirts.


Marden Double Monk – $59.98 ($158)

I thought these were gone. Really gone. Gone gone. Full review here. Restocked on the size front. Almost all sizes available at post time. I know these get mentioned a lot, but I kinda think they’re pretty close to the perfect warm weather smart-casual to dressed up shoe. Plus they can be worn well into the fall too. Why not?


Waller Suede Brogue Oxford – $65.98 ($158)

For those who prefer laces. Where’d they find more stock on these things? Another item that appeared to be very much gone from the BR shelves. Most sizes available at post time now though. That dark brown suede against the toasted oak sole looks terrific.


Core Temp Waffle-Knit Henley T-Shirt – $18.99 – $24.99  ($59.50)

And now the henley version of the crewneck that’s towards the top of this post. Still 60% cotton/40% poly. Still from their core temp line. Still has that texture.


Slim-Fit Tech-Stretch Cotton Shirt – $29.98 FINAL ($89.50) | Slim-Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt – $29.99 ($79.50)

Banana Republic Mens Shirts

Micro prints are a fun way to break out of the solids, stripes, and checks rut (unless you’re just fine in that rut, then more power to you… and me). Warm weather usually leads to more experimentation with patterns and colors anyway, so, now’s a solid time to not wear a solid shirt.


Nicklas Leather Sneakers – $53.99 ($128)

Where’d they dig these up? They’re the original Killshot alternative. Blue accents, gum sole… but no obvious branding. Perfect. All sizes available at post time, which is kinda crazy. These things were all but sold out for months. Now they’re back. Beats me. Just in time for summer though.


Slim-Fit Tech-Stretch Cotton Shirt in Gingham – $37.99 – $44 ($89.50)

“You look like a picnic table cloth.” “Yeah?” “Yeah.” “Well you look like you ate the entire picnic.”

Don’t start sh*t you can’t finish Brad. I’m not the potato salad, which we’ve now established you can finish. Why is it the least clever among us tend to “tease” the most? Those guys are in so far over their heads, that if the rest of us responded in kind, they’d get the bends on the way back to the surface. But if we fire back in kind, now we’re the “bad guy”?? Shut up, be kind, and have another ballpark frank, Brad. You’ve got tinker toys for brains, your kid isn’t that good at pop-warner, and your wife regrets everything. And you wanna talk about my shirt? Having grace sucks. And I’m failing the test, miserably. More coleslaw?


Motion Tech Shirt Jacket – $47.99 ($129)

BR Motion Tech Shirt Jacket

Lightly insulated. 4-way stretch. Most sizes available at post time across both colors, but that could change quick.


Nyle Suede Lace-up Buck – $62.49 ($148)

Basic suede bucks. For sixty two… uh… bucks. Yessir.


Slim Linen-Cotton Blazer – $111.99 ($249)

BR Slim Linen-Cotton Blazer

Not final sale? Really? A 68% linen, 32% cotton blend and is just half lined in the back. Cool shade of blue with a houndstooth pattern. Perfect for summertime.


Heritage Shawl-Collar Cardigan Wool/Nylon Sweater – $75.99 ($169)

Heritage Shawl-Collar Cardigan Wool/Nylon Sweater

I know. It’s not sweater weather. Until it is, or, the air conditioning goes full arctic blast. And if you’re gonna have one sweater around for those rare moments, this is the one. 80% wool, 20% nylon. And that texture looks awesome.


Slim Navy Italian Wool Suit Jacket & Matching Pant – $198.99 ($567)

Banana Republic Slim Navy Italian Wool Suit Jacket & Matching Pant

Was less expensive the last time around. Italian Marzotto wool. Peak lapels are a nice change of pace too, and it’s good to see that they aren’t battleship wide either. Note that the jacket is a ONE BUTTON style. Which is a bit rare, but I don’t think anyone will notice or care. It’s a bit fashion forward, but why not?


Nicklas Suede & Leather Sneaker – $53.99 ($128)

Nicklas Suede & Leather Sneaker

Slick in some parts, but soft suede in others. Charcoal. Nice. Something to balance out all the white sneakers in the closet.


Slim Italian Cotton Blazer – $111.99 ($298)

What can brown do for you? A lot actually. Would look dynamite with a bright white shirt (semi spread or button down collar) and navy lightweight chinos. Or, go with off-white pants, a white polo, and white sneakers, and do the contemporary-desert-palate thing.


Slim-Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt – $31.49 ($79.50)

Micro checks are great. Especially for going tieless. Button down collar here, so that’s pretty casual, but it’s a crisp non iron fabric. Should do just fine with many a sportcoat, blazer, or suit jacket.


Slim Stripe Blazer – $87.98 FINAL ($198)

Banana Republic Slim Stripe Blazer

84% cotton, 14% modal, 2% spandex. Just half lined in the back. The kind of “medium blue” blazer that can easily pull lots of duty, year round. Looks great with jeans (as shown above), and will look great with lightweight chinos in the heat. Lots of sizes available. Well reviewed too.


Leather Dress Belt – $24.99 ($59.50) | Bombay Suede Belt – $23.49 ($59.50)

Hey look, belts that aren’t the GAP basic belt! It’s not beating the Soviets, but a miracle all the same.


Norman Suede Chukka Boot – $75.49 ($178)

Banana Republic Norman Suede Chukka Boot on

Stillllllll kickin’ in the sale section. All kinds or right. A little sleeker and a little more structure than a desert boot. Plus, the lack of a crepe sole makes them easier to dress up a touch. Super versatile.

The extra 50% off Banana Republic sale sections deal (no code needed) expires this Sunday, 5/31. I think card members can stack BRCARD at checkout for an additional 10% off? Even better!

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