Steal Alert: Extra 50% off Bonobos Sale Items

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GOODTIMES = Extra 50% off Bonobos Sale Items

And now some good news. Bonobos just launched the extra 50% off sale items code GOODTIMES, and it looks like for now they’re still allowing returns on a lot of their already on sale stuff.

That’s a change from the recent past. It used to be all final sale. No longer.

Yes there’s still a final sale section too. No returns for stuff in that section, but lots of this stuff over here CAN be returned. Which is awesome. That’s a big switch for them. Off we go with picks which had at least a decent size selection at post time.


Riviera Short Sleeve Shirts – $29 ($78)

Now that’s more like it. Thirty bucks is plenty fair. The fabrics really are a step above, and so is the fit. Eighteen (yes, 18) different patterns/colors to pick from. Including paella party! NOT Final sale. So that helps. A lot.


Stretch Lightweight Weekday Warriors – $39 ($98)

Wrinkle resistant, machine washable, crisp cotton w/ some stretch work pants. Now in a lightened up for the heat fabric. Forty bucks like these is a deal.


Stretch Cotton Chore Blazer – $100 ($248)

Careful folks. It’s a three button. Which while more true to the “workwear” tradition a chore blazer possesses, it might not be everyone’s cup of iced tea. But it’s not final sale, so, if you don’t like it, you can always send it back. Totally unlined. Casual. They’ve got it styled here for summer, but these should do great when the weather starts to cool back off too. Especially the olive option (which I neglected to show above). 73% Cotton, 25% Bamboo, 2% Elastane fabric.


The Performance Golf Polo – $24 ($68)

Hey look, golf polos with a little style! Yes there’s the BONOBOS logo on the right sleeve, which a lot of people don’t like… which is odd because I’m sure they’d wear a swoosh or a UA logo. But anyway, it’s there. Know that. Returnable in case you can’t stand it in person on arrival.


Unconstructed Italian Wool/Cotton/Linen Blazer in Brown Crosshatch – $180 ($450)

Allegedly quite lightweight. 65% Wool, 27% Cotton, 8% Linen. Should be great for the warm weather ahead. Also shown at the very top of the post.


Stretch Lightweight Chinos – $44 ($98)

First two pairs here (the light blue and light grey) are the vaunted “oxleys”. Oxford cloth. Crisp. Lightweight. Great texture for the heat. There’s also some options/colors in a lightened up version of their washed chino fabric.


Stretch Organic Cotton Chinos – $34 ($98)

More of a broken in canvas style of chino. Not their peached/washed stretch chinos. Our guy Jason likes ’em.


Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer in Green Navy Plaid – $175 ($450)

Not final sale? Excellent. Down to 38R, 40R, and 42R at post time.


Lightweight Golf Pants – $39 ($98)

All poly/nylon blend here. Super springy-fresh (the mint is something) colors. 5 pocket jean like styling. Lightweight fabric. Don’t play golf? Doesn’t matter. Just the mint and light blue getting the big cut here.


Garment Dyed Denim Jacket – $54 ($128)

Option shown here is the “Bright White.” They ain’t kiddin’. You’ll be walking around looking like you’re under a permanent UV light. That thing is so bright it hums.


Italian Performance Wool Blazer – $175 FINAL ($500)

Smarter than a spelling bee champ on scholarship. Wrinkle resistant, stain and liquid repellent, fully lined, double vent in the rear, and lightweight construction. Sleeve cuff buttons are non functioning for easier tailoring. FINAL sale here though. No returns.


Lightweight Travel Jeans in “Fresh White” or “Pink Sand” – $44 ($98)

And here we have a before & after visual representation of what my cracker-jack ass looks like after 30 minutes in direct sun. Nice jeans though.


Tech Blazer – $120 FINAL ($400)

Bonobos Tech Blazer

$120! The reviews are promising at least. Tech fabric that’s made up of 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex. Totally unlined. Four way stretch. Final sale though.

The extra 50% off sale and final sale items code GOODTIMES ends… well I don’t know when it ends. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to reapply some sunscreen. 

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