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Crew 50% off Select New Arrivals One Day Sale (expires 4/4/21)

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GOODEGG = 50% off select new arrivals, extra 60% off sale

Sneaky, J. Crew. Way to try and slide a half off promo in under the noses of folks who have their faces full of Peeps.

Code also gets you free outbound shipping no minimum. The “select” in new arrivals is just that. Pretty select. It’s not a HUGE swath of their new spring/summer line, but there’s still some winners in there. Off we go with the quick picks. And quick they better be, being that the code GOODEGG is set to expire today, 4/4/21.


Suede and Leather Reversible Belt – $39.75 ($79.50)

Smart. Reversible belts are almost always black smooth leather on one side, and brown smooth leather on the other. This one goes for a spring/summer suede on the reverse. Brilliant.


Kenton Suede Plain toe or Pacer Boots – $139 ($278)

And just as we’re starting to come out of boot season, J. Crew puts these out there just to make all us boot fans reconsider. Got a pair headed to our man Adam for an in person review, so stand by for that. Goodyear welted here.


484 Slim-fit five-pocket stretch chino pant – $39.75 ($79.50)

Well made basics in do-anything colors. Half off. Slim fit here.


Ludlow Slim-fit English cotton-wool suit jacket & matching trouser – $218 ($436)

Sharp. Appears to have less construction, so perfect for the more relaxed months that we’re heading into. No lining in the back. Cut from Moon Mills cotton/wool blend. That’s a perfect, simple, easy, comfortable look right there. Suit, OCBD or lightweight poplin, some nice shoes? Nails. Sold as separates. Trouser comes with finished hems.


Ludlow Slim-fit knit blazer in Italian wool – $225 ($450)

This is not a replacement for a timeless navy blazer. You’ll want to head to Spier and Mackay or Suitsupply or wait for a mega sale on the J. Crew Legacy (seen here) for one of those. What this IS, is an incredibly comfortable, super versatile, luxury “swazer” hybrid made from extraordinarily nice knit Italian wool. Full review here if you want it.


Printed Linen Check or Italian Wool Pocket Square – $24.75 ($49.50)

Pretty much the perfect pocket squares for warmer weather ahead. Not some glossy silk thing. Wool and linen here. Nice that they ship free with the code.


770 Straight-fit pant in Broken-in chino – $39.75 ($79.50)

Straight fit. Washed for softness/that broken in feel. Total classics.


770 Straight-fit Broken-in chino pant in embroidered divers – $42.50 ($85)

Or you could get the option with frickin’ scuba divers on them.


Goodyear Welted Ludlow Derbys – $95.99 FINAL ($328)

Just sizes 7.5, 9, 10, 10.5, and 12 left at post time. A steal from the sale section, and thus getting the extra 60% off. Nice quality on these. For the less is more crowd. Wear them with everything.


Wallace & Barnes Copilot sunglasses – $39.75 ($79.50)

W&B stuff can sometimes feel a bit more substantial in build quality. Fingers crossed these follow suit. J. Crew’s mainline sunglasses are fine for the price, but Wallace & Barnes has, at least for clothes, felt a bit more solid in the past.


Slim washable merino wool V-neck sweater – $25.59 FINAL ($79.50)

Another sale section steal. A merino wool sweater in a slim fit and it’s washable too. Even though we’re headed into warmer weather, a lighter weight merino sweater like these is a basic that many of us reach for year-round.


Slim-fit unstructured suit jacket in American wool – $115.99 FINAL ($425)

From the sale section. Plenty (like all) sizes left at post time. This thing might be a victim of mis-labeling. They’re calling it a suit jacket but it’s modeled as a sportcoat, and it doesn’t appear that there are matching trousers. So who knows. Doesn’t have patch pockets, so it might look a bit like an orphaned suit jacket, but Ludlow suiting is so soft shouldered that it usually doesn’t look that way. And hey, does pretty well with a crewneck sweater and some lightwash jeans, no?


Wallace & Barnes single-prong buckle leather belt – $34.75 ($69.50)

Casual but not forgettable. Sounds like someone leaving a review of me on a dating app* back in college. Shouldn’t have leaned on Olive Garden so hard back then. C’mon college Joe. You can do better. (*there weren’t dating apps yet… I know, crazy.)


Ludlow Slim-fit stretch cotton-linen jacket & matching trouser – $228 ($456)

Fingers crossed for outdoor warm weather parties this summer. This’d be one way to look great at one of those. Or, to just look handsome as all get out walking down the street. Also shown at the very top of the post.


Stretch Secret Wash shirt in organic cotton tiny dots print – $34.75 ($69.50)

ALSO shown at the very top of the post. I think.


Ludlow Slim-fit unstructured seersucker suit jacket & matching trouser – $178 ($356)

Traditional seersucker is dandyish. Dark seersucker is dashing. Just depends on what you’re going for. Personally, go with dark. It can look really pretty darn terrific on a hot summer night. (Top Gun soundtrack reference!)


Ludlow penny loafers – $87.99 FINAL ($298)

A risk, because all final sale shoes are a big risk… especially loafers. No laces = can’t cinch them down if they’re a little loose.


Ludlow Slim-fit English cotton-wool unstructured suit jacket & matching trouser in mixed blue glen plaid – $135.99 FINAL ($436)

Even more final sale goodness. That slate blue looks terrific. Could be a terrific way to do a subtle pattern, unstructured way to do this look shown over here?


Marled brushed fleece sweatpant – $34.75 ($69.50)

At least they have the guts to call them “sweatpants” instead of joggers. And I gotta be honest fellas. I know some of you love love love this sorta thing. But just looking at that model standing in those things in the sun makes me… itch? Like literally itch. Like I’ve been afflicted with swamp-arse and it’s humid in there and those pants need to be burned because they’re gooey with sweat. Blergh. But you should totally prove me wrong.

The 50% off select new arrivals / extra 60% off select sale items code GOODEGG ends today, 4/4/21. So (reluctantly puts on stupid rabbit ears) “hop” (I hate myself for that) to it.

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