Style Scenario: The “Classy”(?) Hungover Brunch

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for.

Q: You know what’s better than a solid, greasy breakfast the morning after a long night out?
A: Not being hungover.

Try to keep that in mind at all the parties, wedding receptions, and festivals over the next few months. To be blunt: that sh*t ain’t worth it. But most of us have been there, whether it was booze, jetlag, or both. And one way to try and dissipate that nasty, unsettled feeling of a few too many the night before: Dress well. Yes really. Put on some real clothes, brush your teeth, and make a go of it. Because clothes have power. They both giveth and taketh away. Here’s how to look the part. 

style scenario brunch classy hangover

The Polo: Banana Republic Luxury-Touch Performance Polo – $60. Just in and hits all the right points for standing out quietly. A black and white micro-stripe body, with a contrasting collar, placket, and sleeve ends.

The Sunglasses: Kent Wang Browline Sunglasses – $55. “Sunglasses and Advil. Last night was mad real.”

The Pants: Target Goodfellow Slim Fit Hennepin Chino Pants in Light Grey – $25. Cheap. Easy to find. From Target’s terrific and incredibly affordable Goodfellow & Co. brand.

The Jacket: Lululemon Sojurn Jacket in Navy – $128. Made from Lululemon’s ultra impressive, breathable, four-way-stretch Warpstreme fabric. And you’re gonna want that breathability and comfort on a day when you’ve got the previous evenings endeavors seeping out through your pores. Comes with a more modern, sleek, stand-collar that truly stands up. Yes it’s a basic spring/fall jacket. But it is perfect in its simplicity. A size large fits my 5’10″/185lbs pretty close to perfect.

The Belt: Nordstrom Newman Reversible Leather Belt – $49.50. While chinos and a polo is far from a suit and tie, dressier accessories like the watch and this belt will make you look (and feel) a little more dressed up. We’re running in the opposite direction of sweatpants on bedhead on a morning like this. Belt is reversible brown to black. Ships and returns for free.

The Shoes: Grant Stone Traveler Penny Loafers in Espresso Suede – $275. Because bending over to tie some lace-ups on a morning like this one seems like a risk not worth taking. If the Grant Stones are too spendy or you want something more relaxed, try the Jack Erwin Parker driving loafer for $148.

The Watch: Orient 2nd Gen Bambino V III Automatic – $120AKA the Bauhaus. Slim, classy, and with a brown band and silver dial, even more proof that grays and browns can look terrific together.

The wing and a prayer: Schizandu Organics Activated Coconut Charcoal – $19.95. “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA to…” shut up I’ll try anything.


Rolling up to brunch like

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