The 16 best period panties to save your pants, sheets and peace of mind

When you first got your period you were most likely presented with two options: Pads or tampons. Two options that aren't particularly cheap, sustainable or comfortable. (Especially if you consider the average person uses up to 9,600 tampons in a lifetime.) To better serve their body and the environment, some, like me, have become menstrual cup converts. Another convenient option? Period underwear.

What is period underwear?

Well, it's simple really. While they look like regular undies, period panties work like pads and tampons by absorbing menstrual blood. The best period underwear offers an extra layer of absorption that isn't bulky or suffocating, trapping moisture and stopping leaks without worry or discomfort. Unlike those old stand-bys, they can be used over and over again which makes them better for the environment and your wallet alike. Hot tip: Many brands can be purchased with HSA/FSA funds.

How does period underwear work?

Though design and innovation differ from brand to brand, the instructions for use remain the same. Put them on, and go about your business! Whether you're hauling kids to soccer, working out, or getting some much-needed zzz's, period undies can hold a significant amount of fluid, to give you peace of mind the entire day. Some people prefer to use them as a backup for tampons and menstrual cups on heavy days, though there are definitely options on the market that can replace them altogether. They are also an ideal option for postpartum bleeding (bye-bye ugly mesh panties!) when tampons and cups aren't an option. And, let's get real for sec—they're awesome for mamas (of any age or stage) who can't trust a sneeze they didn't prepare for. (I see you, friend.)

How do you wash period underwear?

Not to worry. This isn't complicated. Just rinse in cold water after wearing. Once the water runs clear, you can toss them in the wash with everything else. A mesh laundry bag is recommended but certainly not required. Be sure to wash on a cold, delicate cycle and hang to dry. Also, you'll want to avoid fabric softener since it can leave behind film that will interfere with their absorption abilities.

If you're ready to make your period, postpartum bleeding or pee problems a little less stressful (and a little more fashionable!) check out our top picks for period underwear below.

Knix Super Leakproof Bikini 


Through human-centered design, patented technology and cutting-edge processes, Knix may be one of the most innovative intimates brands on the market. With wireless bras that don't squeeze or poke, anti-chafing shorts that make summer dress wearing fun again and undies that eliminate the stress of period leaks, they're on a mission to help women live "unapologetically free." Another thing to love about them? FIVE shades of "nude" because who should decide what "nude" means anyway?

Why we love these: As the most absorbent period undies you can buy, the Super Leakproof Bikini from Knix can hold an impressive EIGHT tampons' worth of fluid. According to another Motherly editor, her sister "has severe endometriosis and was shocked at how well these actually work." And if you're up for more than just laying on the couch, no problem. The nylon-spandex outer layer wicks sweat and moves with your body all day long. Ready to start a collection? They come in a wide range of colors, patterns and skin tones so you won't get bored.

Sizing: XS-4XL and they run true to size

Bundling option: Save 25% when you buy 3+ pairs

Thinx Hiphugger


Thinx was the first brand to bring period underwear mainstream. (My gateway period undies, in fact.) With some stellar marketing and a product that lives up to the hype, they've been on a mission to break the period taboo since 2013. Their signature technology uses non-migratory silver to help keep everything feeling fresh and odor-free through all kinds of leaks and life seasons. What's more, their GiveRise program works to provide reliable access to safe menstrual hygiene products and education, so that no one has to feel ashamed or sit things out because they're bleeding.

Why we love these: Thinx Hiphugger is one of the brand's most popular styles, holding up to three tampons worth. (It comes in a high absorbency version as well.) The internal gusset extends high up the back, making them a great option for overnight wear. The outside layer feels like bathing suit material which I personally don't mind at all, though others have commented that they don't feel as breathable as they'd prefer. They wash fabulously and have held up better than any other pair I've tested.

Sizing: XXS-3XL and they run true to size

Bundling option: Save 30% when you buy 3+ pairs (which you can mix and match). And they're currently running a 30% off sale sitewide on singles.

Proof Leak-Resistant High Waisted Smoothing Brief


Proof's patented Leak-Loc™ technology protects against all of life's leaks, both big and small drawing moisture away from the body to keep you dry for hours. The unique interlocking lining helps to prevent leakage, even on the heaviest days, with some styles capable of holding up to five tampons' worth of fluid. They're a solid choice for postpartum bleeding, the lightest days of your flow and every day in between.

Why we love these: Though these only offer light coverage (up to one tampons' worth), they're a first-day favorite for me. The high-waisted compression style helps soothe cramps and makes me feel all tucked in on those days where I just feel totally blah. The nylon material is smooth and soft and can almost pass for a bathing suit if it wasn't for the seam across the front.

Sizing: XXS-3XL and they run true to size.

Bundling option: Save 10% when you buy three pairs, 15% off five pairs, 20% off seven pairs.

Dear Kate Ada Hipster Full


Dear Kate's proprietary knit combines with micro-polyester to create a line of period undies that are 100% fabric, 100% breathable and completely free of plastic films and laminates like Polyurethane Laminates (PUL) (which some suggest can contribute to bacteria, fungal and yeast growth). Their patent-pending design features three layers of protection against leaks, stains and odors and dries 8x faster than cotton, which helps keep you feeling fresh even when things get dicey.

Why we love these: With their bikini cut and feminine lace band, the Ada Hipster holds up to three tampons' worth and the full coverage stays comfortable throughout the day. (They also come in a couple fun colors to mix things up!)

Sizing: XXS-3X. Reviewers note the leg opening is on the tight side, so you may want to size up.

Bundling option: Save 15% when you buy 3+ pairs

Knix Leakproof Dream Short  


Knix has performance on lock, offering too many amazingly functional styles for us to choose just one (or two!).

Why we love these: The Dream Short is a no-brainer for bedtime, offering an extended gusset, comfy four-way stretch and high absorbency, catching up to four tampons' worth of fluid. The thick waistband stays put whether you're in bed or racing around town and the boy short cut pairs perfectly with skirts and dresses in the summer.

Sizing: XS-4XL and they run true to size

Bundling option: None for this style, though they are sold as part of their kits.

Thinx Organic Cotton Brief


A cotton Thinx option!

Why we love these: With a nice thick waistband that doesn't roll or squeeze, a generous gusset that extends almost all the way up the back and the ability to catch up to four tampons' worth of blood, the organic cotton brief from Thinx are the basic black leggings of period undies. Their hard-working and breathable design makes them a great choice for heavy flow days and even postpartum bleeding.

Sizing: XXS-3XL and they run true to size

Bundling option: Save 30% when you buy 3+ pairs (which you can mix and match). And they're currently running a 30% off sale sitewide on singles.

Bambody Absorbent Panty


Bambody believes period protection should be simple, adaptable and affordable. The Australian brand launched in 2018 and since has become one of the highest-rated period underwear on Amazon. With budget-friendly styles like sporty hipsters, lace-trimmed bikinis and straight-up briefs, they're a great choice whether you're period panty curious or already a convert.

Why we love these: From freshly postpartum to monthly cycles, the Bambody absorbent panty can easily hold its own against more expensive competitors. Their four-layer construction can hold up to two tampons' worth of fluid and unlike any others on this list, they're made from super cool and breathable bamboo.

Sizing: XXS-6XL and they run small

Bundling option: They are also sold in 3-packs on Amazon for $39.90

Knix Super Leakproof Thong 


Knix does it again, with our top choice for period thongs.

Why we love these: Admittedly, heavy flow and thongs don't seem like a match made in heaven, but if panty lines are a no-go, Knix thongs have you covered. (Or don't have you covered, as it were...) The high absorbency collects the equivalent of up to six tampons, so you can work out or strut your stuff in those tight pants panty line and worry-free. They also come in a ton of gorgeous colors, patterns and skin tones.

Sizing: XS-4XL and they run true to size

Bundling option: Save 25% when you buy 3+ pairs

Thinx air Hiphugger


The recently released Thinx air line is made from ultra-thin, cooling micro-mesh to keep things fresh 24/7.

Why we love them: A great alternative to the Thinx Hiphugger above—especially if you're looking for something even more breathable. They're lightweight and sweat-wicking and can collect up to two regular tampons' worth of fluid. They're ideal for light to moderate flow days when you're working out or battling the summer heat.

Sizing: XXS-3XL and they run true to size

Bundling option: Save 30% when you buy 3+ pairs (which you can mix and match). And they're currently running a 30% off sale sitewide on singles.

Ruby Love Period Underwear 


What's not to love about Ruby Love? The Black-owned brand was founded by Crystal Etienne in 2015 with a mission to make period days just like any other day. After countless tweaks and tests, she's developed a patent-pending five-layer design that offers maximum absorption, protection against leaks and stains, and total peace of mind. And with a rainbow of fun colors, inclusive sizing and a range of styles (including boxers and a teen line!) no one will suffer from a boring underwear drawer again.

Why we love these: The intuitive design of all Ruby Love products keeps them from feeling bulky and conspicuous. They're also free of plastic and Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) which makes them breathable, comfy and odor-free. Each style offers up to 2.5 tampons' worth of protection with a 2-layer leak-proof liner made from 100% absorbent cotton and dri-tech mesh.

Sizing: XXS-8X depending on style

Bundling option: 4-piece bundles save 22%, 7-piece bundles save 29% (and can be mixed and matched)

Cora Period Underwear


Cora seeks to create a better future for all women, in every part of the world. As a certified B Corp, their line of natural and eco-friendly menstrual products are not only safe and sustainable—they also give back to women in need with each purchase.

Why we love these: I initially fell in love with Cora's ultra-thin period disc which I use in conjunction with period panties each month. Like the disc, these luxe organic cotton undies come packaged in a pretty reusable tin and include a handy mesh laundry bag. The low-slung bikini style is best for cup or tampon back-up on heavy days or solo on lighter days (they can hold up to three regular tampons).

Sizing: XXS-2XL and they run true to size (but size up if you're in between sizes)

Bundling option: Save 10% when you buy 3 pairs, 28% when you buy 5 pairs

ONDR Leakproof High Waisted Brief


The doctor-designed ONDR panties feature a plant-based liner inside sleek and slinky undies that protect against all kinds of leaks and dribbles. Founded by urologist and mama of four, Dr. Jessica Lubahn, ONDR was created to help people dealing with incontinence but can manage period issues as well.

Why we love these: The luxe liner does a stellar job of catching and wicking moisture and although its a little puffier than your standard period panties, it doesn't feel bulky at all. (Note that it's grey and not black like you may expect.) The outside material is smooth and comfy with a waistband that doesn't dig or roll.

Sizing: XS-2XL and they run small, so size up!

Bundling option: Buy 3 and save 25%

Saalt Elemental Mesh Hipster


Saalt believes the best approach to period care should be natural, simple and elemental. Through clean, high-performance period products that are designed to eliminate waste without sacrificing comfort or convenience, they've got the planet and people in mind.

Why we love these: Having your period shouldn't mean you have to feel like a frump. Designed in Paris, Saalt's gorgeous Elemental Mesh Hipster style is the perfect intersection of beauty and function, with a comfy wide waistband and full back coverage that offers plenty of peace of mind. They hold up to 3 regular tampons with a breathable liner. W

Sizing: XS-XXL, run small

Bundling option: Buy 3 items save 10%, 5 items save 15%, 7 items save 20% (you can mix and match menstrual cups and undie styles!)

Aisle Boxer Brief


Aisle is the OG pro of sustainable period products, having launched the first line of cloth pads all the way back in 1993. Since then the brand has continued to evolve, redefining the period aisle for the 21st century. Their eco-conscious, inclusive and high-performance products work hard to make periods better for people and the planet.

Why we love these: Well for one thing, not everyone wants to wear traditional panties. Also, the boxer style is awesome for bedtime, providing an extra bit of security. Aisle also includes a convenient absorbency booster which provides extra protection on the heaviest days. Just tuck it in and go!

Sizing: XXS-5X and they run true to size

Bundling options: A set of 3 saves 5%, set of 5 saves 10% (and you can mix and match styles, pads and liners!)

Modibodi Sensual French Cut 


As mamas, we have a special place in our hearts for mama-founded companies—especially when they're inspired by motherhood. (Who's more innovative than a mom with a problem to solve??) After the birth of her second baby, Modibodi founder Kristy Chong was faced with the same problem many of us suffer through—embarassing bladder leaks. Determined to find a solution, she got to work on a leaf-proof undie that mamas can feel good about.

Why we love these: Comfortable, sexy and oh-so-functional, these lace-paneled French cut undies will have you feeling yourself even if you're feeling, well, kinda crummy. The outside layer is made from bamboo viscose so it's smooth and silky while the gusset features merino wool to help wick moisture.

Sizing: S-4XL

Bundling options: Save 5% on 5 pairs (mix and match)

Ruby Love Period Swim Bottom


We told you there was plenty to love about Ruby Love.

Why we love these: Remember the mortification of being sidelined on swim days? May our daughters never know that brand of embarrassment. The Ruby Love Period Swim Bottom features all the tech of their undies in a beach-ready design. Dri-tech mesh stops leaks in all directions and won't swell with water when you jump right in.

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.

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