The Best Lululemon Hacks & Tips! How to Save on Your Favorite Brand!

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I know you love Lulu but we all know they can be prices! So let me Lululemon Hacks & Tips with you that I use to help save on leggings, shirts, jackets and more! I love this brand, so I’m super excited to share these tips with you!
Lululemon Hacks & Tips
Lulu has become the perfect legging for the downward dog or walking your dog! They didn’t invent yoga pants but certainly perfected them. Unfortunately, the style and comfort come at a price. So take note of these hacks and tips to help you save. 
Shop the We Made Too Much Section Online
Lulu has the We Made Too Much Section that you can shop anytime but go ahead and set an alert on your phone for Thursday morning to remind you of the We Made Too Much sale! You can shop this sale in-store or online! Jump online between 11 am and noon or shop mid-morning at the store to find the latest sale items. This is the best way to save at Lulu! Shop the Lululemon We Made Too Much Sale!
Use Swagbucks to earn Free Amazon Gift Cards
Use Swagbucks to earn Free Amazon Gift Cards then redeem your gift cards for Lululemon Gift Cards on Amazon! I don’t know of any sites that let you earn Free Lulu gift cards but you can use Amazon Gift Cards to buy Lulu gift cards online!

Swagbucks is an online community that pays you to do everything from Searching the Web, to Taking Surveys, Printing Coupon, Shopping Online and more! Its one of the Easiest ways I’ve found to earn Free Gift Cards Online! Use yours to get Amazon gift cards and then redeem your gift cards for Lululemon Gift Cards on Amazon!

I’m super excited about this one because it’s SO hard to find places that let you redeem for Lululemon and I just so happen to have enough for FREE leggings today! Here’s how I earn Free Swagbucks Swag Gift Cards every month!
Buy discounted gift cards on 
Have you ever received a gift card for a place you never shop? When people get Gift Cards for a gift that they won’t use, they can sell them on sites like! I must admit, I’m not sure why someone would not use a gift card to Lulu but it does happen and you can save! 

I have a way for you to get $5 in credit for free! Just Click Here to Sign Up and get a FREE $5 credit when you join! Use my code PFS when you are signing up to make sure the credit applies to your account! 

After Christmas Clearance In Stores will save you up to 50% off
Most of us hold out for Black Friday Sales at our favorite stores to find the best deals. Lulu’s Black Friday deals are pretty good but make sure to shop the Boxing Day sale that happens the day after Christmas and you can save up to 50%! Shop early and the in-store deals are usually better. Expect to see long lines though.
Trade-in Your Used Lulumemon and Get a Gift Card
Lululemon has launched a new program called “Like New” and starting in May 2021 you will be able to trade in those old leggings for a $10 gift card! You can actually trade in shirts, shorts, leggings, bags, jackets and get a gift card. The amount does vary between $5-$25 but there’s no limit on what can be exchanged. This is a slow roll out and they’re starting in Texas and California. Expect to see Like New in your local store this year!

Lululemon Will Start Selling Used Clothes
Part of the reason for the trade-in program is Lululemon will start selling used clothes in their store!! Finding Lulu at resale stores is one of the best ways to save but if this program takes off we could see some fantastic deals on used clothes at Lululemon stores!
Lululemon Offers a 25% Off Discount for Military First Responders 
Did you know that Military Personnel and First Responders can receive a 25% off discount! The discount can only be used in-store and you will need a valid government ID at the time of purchase. The discount is for North American active, reservist military members and their spouses, veterans, active emergency first responders, as well as nurses, doctors and support workers who are working in hospitals, acute care facilities and long-term care facilities.
Search ThreadUp for all your Favorites
One of my other favorite places to buy Lululemon clothing is on It’s an Online Consignment Shop that sells New and Gently Used clothing at great prices! This is my FAVORITE Place to Buy Lululemon Clothes because they have a huge selection that’s updated daily! I bought this teal tank at ThreadUp and love it! One trick is to set an alert for Lululemon clothing and they will alert you when new items are available! Check out more about finding the Best Deals using ThredUp here!

If you are new to ThredUp you can Sign up Here and get $10 off your First Purchase!!!
Buy Used on Poshmark
You should also check out Poshmark. People sell the items they no longer need on Poshmark. One idea might be to sell your Lululemon on there and use that money to find a new (used) pair of leggings. Seriously, I’m always looking for ways to score good deals on leggings! :)
Shop One of the Lululemon Outlet Locations
If you’re lucky enough to live near a Lululemon Outlet then you can expect to save around 40% on current or last year’s season’s styles! You will also find extra discounts when you buy multiple items. Like buy 4 and save 10% off. You can go here to locate the closest Lulu Outlet near you!

What is a Good Deal at Lululemon?
If you are looking for deals on black leggings, keep in mind, so is everyone else! That doesn’t mean that you can’t find them. Even the Camo Aligns were recently on sale. Here’s the deal: the popular items are going to SELL FAST! So if you see something on sale that you like then grab it. Leggings and accessories usually have a cap of around 25% off. The biggest savings will be on bras. You can score up to 50% of them.

So that’s it. Certain things in life are worth the price. Lululemons aren’t cheap but there’s nothing like them but these tips and hacks will help save on your next purchase.
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