The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Your Wife Will Actually Love

A good gift makes her smile with appreciation. A great gift is a reflection of how much she means to you. Think big picture. Make it something she'd never buy herself, something that's personal, beautiful, and dare we say, impractical. Because trust us that no one, regardless of what she may tell you, wants a blender or an air purifier. Or, for that matter, stripper lingerie.

A great gift is one that's carefully considered — intimate, thoughtful, and resonant. Yes, finding the best birthday or Mother's Day gifts from her husband (or partner) takes time. And yes, it takes effort. But that's all the more reason to put creative muscle behind picking out just the right gifts for your wife, especially if she's a new mom. And here's an easy tip: Whatever else you do, don't get her a bathrobe.

Memories are fleeting. No, she won't remember when the first tooth popped up. So get her a keepsake box that stores memories forever. It's got room for everything from the first sonogram to the favorite lovey. There are acid-free drawers, vertical files for documents, and mini envelopes, plus illustrated labels so nothing goes amiss.

The pearl is a symbol of perfection. And each one is unique. Just like her, dare we say. These earrings feature two 3mm genuine freshwater pearls set in 14 karat gold. It's a keepsake she'll wear all day every day.

Not only will this bottle of bath oil look gorgeous next to the bath, but it will leave her feeling renewed, thanks its key ingredients: Essential oils of lemon, lavender, and verbena.

How creatively thoughtful: Each sterling silver necklace opens to showcase a rolled fortune scroll. You can choose an existing message, or write your own.

La Perla is to lingerie what BMW is to cars. You get the drift. This sumptuous chemise has an ultra-flattering A-line silhouette, is made of flowing silk, with adjustable straps.

We just got this little dog tag for a mom friend, and just, wow. It showcases a letter that's meaningful to her, next to a perfect little diamond. The dog tag itself is 14 karats, and is dainty yet dramatic.

As she eases her way back out into the world, she needs the tools to make it as simple as possible. And this brand doesn't giver her a makeover. Not at all. It just amps up what's already there. This perfect kit includes a glowy face gel, a great mascara, and a lash curler. All of it designed so she gets ready in five minutes or less. Best of all, this brand uses minimal (if any) plastic in its packaging; we certainly didn't have any in our box. And it lists the ingredients in every product, which is a nice change from other beauty brands; the term clean beauty isn't regulated and doesn't mean anything, so reading ingredients is pretty much a must.

This little round bag is the epitome of understated function. It was designed to fit her phone, keys, wallet, and hand sanitizer, is made of soft leather, and features a strap she can wear close to her body so everything is within reach. Without loading her down. Oh, and you can monogram it.

A toy that looks like a work of art. This vibrator is made from silicone, has a run time of 2.5 hours, is water-resistant, and has three speeds. Play. Explore. And enjoy.

Sign her up for a monthly chocolate delivery, because a gift like that is always a hit. She'll get unroasted, bean-to-bar chocolate, and each delivery includes three small-batch, organic dark chocolate bars. Each bar is made from ethically-sourced single origin cacao beans. This from a brand based in Brooklyn, specializing in pure, raw goodness.

Founded in 2013 by FIT graduate Jennifer Wang, her jewelry brand is a fusion of minimalism and self-expression, with an emphasis on ethical sourcing. This particular beaut of a bracelet is leaf rhodium plated sterling silver with a pink freshwater pearl. And just in case you were wondering, pink pearls represent romance, and good fortune.

This smart wipe-clean bag has a reinforced strap construction, this making it ideal for toting around a heavy load. It has ample interior pockets to store snacks, shoes and multiple wardrobe changes. And there's a central zip divider with a mesh top to air out sweaty gear, or any other detritus that accumulates as part of her daily mom life.

Think of this as a cooling shower for her tired eyes. She keeps these eye masks in the fridge, and whenever she feels puffy, she sticks one under each eye for instant depuffing courtesy of strawberry extract. It's the kind of gift every single mom we know (us included) would appreciate.

There's a fine line between trashy lingerie, and stuff she'll actually adore. This is the latter. The cotton cami has a double-strap design, and pairs perfectly with the minimalist pants. The brand, founded by a woman in 2003, makes the majority of its products in family-owned factories in Peru, so it's luxury you can feel good about.

Set up a virtual wine tasting. With real wine. This one is made up of eight offbeat wines, for the adventurous oenophile. Each bottle is hard to find. Once you receive the flight, you set up a virtual tasting and learn all about each bottle. A truly lovely way to bond, without the kids.

This brand was founded by Robyn Blair Davidson, inspired by a single work of art she created. And her line of acrylic candy dishes is the sweetest gift of all, sans the cavities. Mom can use it for actual candy, or keys, or other stuff she routinely misplaces. Or maybe she wants to just look at this, because it will bring a smile to her face.

This isn't the gross incense you burned in college. Far from it. This polished brass holder is a statement piece, and comes with 20 incense cones which have notes of cassis, violet leaves, rose, magnolia, geranium, clove, cinnamon, patchouli, amber, and musk.

When you buy a Royce item, you're supporting a fourth generation family business, one which has been resolutely focused on quality over quantity. Case in point is this jewelry case, which is made from luxe leather. It has a central compartment roomy enough for her larger pieces, while the upper half fits earrings, rings and bracelets.

Because that's what she is. Period. But should you need convincing that this decadent candle is worthy of her: It's intoxicating and aromatic, and is the scented version of foreplay. It has notes of almond, clary sage and fresh lavender.

A bath is a luxury. A bath involving candles and a book is a luxury too glorious to even contemplate. Make that a reality with this wooden bathtub caddy. Handcrafted from walnut, it fits a glass of wine, a candle, and a great read — and looks good doing it.

A truly luxe gift she'd never buy for herself, but which will bring her so, so much comfort. The cashmere flats are as soft as the softest of socks, but have the added style element of ballet flats.

Weighted blankets are cozy, but not exactly works of art. This is the exception. Soft and breathable, this GOTS-certified organic cotton weighted blanket feels like a warm hug that lasts and lasts long past Mother's Day.

You select the size, the fabric color, the page count, and the book jacket. And she gets a professional-looking photo book commemorating moments that matter to her. And unlike other tacky, hokey little photo books, this one looks like it came from a premium publisher. We absolutely dig the fabric binding and the minimalist layouts.

You, but better, was long the mantra of guru Bobbi Brown. Now she's started her own line, sticking to her original premise. And while your better half has half-used beauty detritus at the bottom of her bag, give her a fresh start with this set: A neutral eye tint and shadow, a basic black liner, and clear gloss. She'll be reading for anything, with minimal effort. Best of all, the brand doesn't use 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients in its formulas.

Coyuchi's linens are next-level soft. Trust us. We know. And these organic cotton slippers, which are fully washable, are designed specifically for superior indoor comfort. The back is made of ribbed knit that can be worn up or down. The interior is lined with terry. Because even as we emerge from lockdown, coziness is never again going to take a back seat to anything.

Karuna was the first major brand to develop sheet masks, way back in 2009. And Karuna has been delivering great masks ever since. This set includes seven masks for every day of the week and every skin need. We're talking exfoliating, hydrating, and clarifying masks to brighten and cleanse the skin. It's a facial in a package. One that she'll appreciate. Without any gross ingredients.

Designed to be worn from the bed to the couch to the Zoom call to the beach, this boyfriend shirt is the height of WFH luxury. It has a relaxed fit, a summery print, and gets softer the more she wears it.

For the mom who de-stresses by being active, these are pretty much the ultimate in hand weights. They look like chic accessories, but are actually one pound wrist and ankle weights. No, you're not dropping any hints that she needs to shape up. But you are aware that she loves being outdoors and wants to maybe pump up her exercise regimen.

The brain behind Edie Parker is a mom based in New York, and we know her. She's wonderful, and she built this business from the ground up. This tray is made from hand poured acrylic. Its very beauty lies in the fact that it's a showpiece, where she can keep a treasured something, be it a book, a photo, or just her, well, phone.

Each of the hearts within the frame is hand forged and cut, so each one is one of a kind. The frame itself, which holds a 4x6 photo, is by Michael Aram, who trained as a painter, sculptor, and art historian.

Everlane has been at the forefront of the ethical fashion movement long before it trendy or required. And its products last and last and last. This soft, breathable cotton dress, for example, is trend-impervious and is perfect for anyone emerging from a year of lockdown and tentatively stepping into society again. It can be worn as a tunic, a dress, or a long shirt.

Sick of those auto-home movies that your iPhone tries to make for you? Want a professional home movie that actually splices together all the most adorable moments of your kids' life? Want someone ELSE to do the editing? The people at Little Laughter Films have you covered. With three different price points, Short Film, Indie Film, and Feature Film, these pros can tell the story of your family. Let these folks edit your mess of video clips and give mom a gift she didn't know she needed.

Less is so, so much more with this little bag from New York's go-to handbag designers. Founded by friends Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel, the two specialize in accessible minimalism. And this statement-making bucket bag has a drawstring closure and sharp pleated look. Perfect for date night.

A humidifier is wonderful when she's feeling dried out and blech. But let's face it: Most are not aesthetically pleasing. But then there's this one, which is sleek and curvy. It has a removable water tank and an aroma tray, so it doubles as a diffuser. It has a 20-hour run time.

So she's into subtle scents, something different and surprising. This brooch, inspired by Renaissance perfume jewelry, has a perfumed ceramic disc that fits behind it and diffuses the scent. It's from one of the most standout purveyors of high-end scents, dating back to 1961 in Paris.

Dry brushing in the shower makes you feel awake and invigorated, and ready to face the day. This beautiful brush has cactus bristles, and will give her an instant energy boost.

This shirt is perpetually sold out for a reason. Everyone needs that spot-on boyfriend shirt, a cool, easy, oversized top that looks good on everyone and with everything. Entireworld specializes in upscale basics, and this shirt made from organic cotton. It's got just the right amount of volume.

When you decant wine, not only does it taste smoother, but it just looks fancier. Ullo's product does both, by getting rid of sulfites and making her libation more aromatic and flavorful.

Making working from home just a bit less stressful with these optimal earbuds, with hyper-specific noise cancellation. She downloads the app, chooses her scenario, and ambient sounds just, well, disappear. Plus she gets 26 hours of playtime, as well as an adjustable EQ or 22 preset sound profiles.

Caviar, the absolute pinnacle of decadence. And this is pretty awesome caviar, currently sitting in our own fridge. Pick the one she loves (be it sturgeon, trout, or paddlefish, among others) and she'll get it packed in a beautiful box, complete with a mother of pearl spoon. It's from a brand founded by two sisters, who source sustainable caviar.

For the mom who's happiest in her garden: This two-piece set of garden pruners can help her deal with dead leaves and small plant limbs. They have stainless steel blades and plastic handles.

Don't piss her off, or she just might come after you with this hella sharp knife. Kidding. Kidding. But make it personal by adding her initials or favorite phrase to it. You get up to 25 characters. The knife itself is made from nitrogen-treated X50CrMoV15 stainless steel, and fully forged.

If she's always misplacing her AirPods, help her keep them on hand with case made from Italian pebble-grain leather. Add her initials to personalize it.

How retro-cool is this clutch, which has vacation vibes all over it? It's cast in leather, is embellished with beads, and has a frame top with a magnetic closure. The Los Angeles-based label Cult Gaia is all about the offbeat, coupled with the timeless, with a dose of boldness. It's for the mom who demands to be noticed.

We know this fragrance is about the sun, but it just smells, well, heavenly. It's citrusy and woodsy at the same time. Don't ask us how they did it. They just did. Just think of this as a day at the beach, utter warm relaxation, but in bottle form. It's got notes of honey and saffron, and it's all packaged in a bottle that's a work of art.

Serve her her favorite libation in these magnificent hand-blown glasses, all made in Poland by artisans.

Spring and summer means packing up the winter boots and slipping into something lighter. These slip-ons are not only breathable, but they're also machine-washable, and conform to the shape of her foot.

This is one of those weird yet cool gifts. Simply put, it's a portable pillow. So the next time you're driving the kids to see your (vaccinated) folks, let her get some shuteye in the car. She'll just slip it over either hand, forearm or elbow and take a power nap.

Sweats aren't going anywhere anytime soon. But there are sweats. And there are sweats. Thick and luxe, Everlane's new top has a classic crew neckline, dropped shoulders, voluminous sleeves, and a relaxed fit. It's made of French terry. She'll want to wear this 24/7, especially if you get the matching bottoms.

The tulip is the symbol of perfect and deep love. So get her a subscription to the freshest tulips in all the land; she gets a different variety of tulip and each one is sourced directly from growers for true freshness.

The most priceless gift is alone time. And here's how you get it: She can hang one of these three custom door hangers on the handle, and relish the ... seven ... minutes of quiet she'll get.

Meditation is pretty much mandatory when you're a parent, to center and ground yourself. This pillow helps make it happen. It's made with GOTS organic certified cotton from India and stuffed with plant-based buckwheat hulls. It gives her spine the support she needs while she meditates.

Whether she's reading a book or simply down for a Zoom call, this is the cardi she'll always have on. It hits mid-calf, which is universally flattering. It's made of 100 percent ZQ merino wool, so it's crazy soft yet structured. And because the yarn is thicker gauge, it will retain its shape.

The Maude vibe is oval. But if she prefers something round that fits in the palm of her hand, this one is it. It has multiple speeds, is waterproof, and gives her total vulva stimulation.

If the downward dog is her thing, get her the best yoga mat on the market. It has ultra-dense cushioning for support and joint protection. It's latex-free. And it's made in Germany, so you know it's good stuff. It's also made to seal out moisture and bacteria, always a bonus.

Eventually you will go on vacation again and when you do, she'll need something to keep her sane and organized. Made from waterproof nylon, this travel kit has two separate main compartments, a clear jewelry pocket, and two pouches for clothes and shoes. It has one external easy-access pocket and one interior mesh pocket, and hooks to attach to your suitcase.

If she's someone who consistently runs hot or cold, this bracelet is the answer. It works by cooling or warming the temperature-sensitive skin on the inside of her wrist. All she has to do is press the blue side to cool down or the red side to warm up.

We're always on the lookout for brands that source the best ingredients, so meet Dani. All of the brand's products are made in Oregon, using stuff found in nature. This hand soap, which we use all the time now, is made with only coconut-derived cleansers. And the matching lotion smells like the beach.

Candles and babies don't mix. And LED candles are, for the most part, cheesy things you buy at CVS for Halloween. This is the exception. It's intimate and romantic, and has a rechargeable lithium battery. It looks like something you'd find in a Parisian boudoir. Which is the point.

We're guessing that like most moms, she has no time (or inclination) to hit a nail salon. But she likes tending to her digits. This DIY set delivers stellar results. The key product is the Poppy polish bottle handle that lets her paint both hands perfectly. The set includes seven essential tools, a glossy top coat, and polish in whatever colors she likes.

If she has a green thumb, or wants one, she'll dig this indoor garden. She can grow 12-36 plants at a time, and thanks to the automated water distribution feature, there's almost zero work involved on her part. And then, you harvest the leafy greens and make her a killer dinner.

So the candle on the left smells like clean laundry. Of course it does. The other two are, respectively, a blend of vanilla sandalwood, and lavender. All are hand-poured and made of a soy wax blend. All of them send a very clear message that mom very much needs a break. So give it to her.

If she's a foodie, and she likes the most top of the line kitchen gadgets, this will be a winner. Remember: Don't ever get her a vacuum, or a toaster. This is not that. At its heart is a cast-iron pot. And it has a precision lid for what's called musui cooking, meaning it's waterless and the ingredients provide the moisture. She can play and experiment, and using this creation to steam-roast, sear, saute, braise/stew, sous vide cook, proof dough, and cook rice. It's not an appliance. It's a culinary work of art.

A cuff bracelet that you need to help her fasten, which makes the gift-giving experience all the more intimate. It's a thoughtfully-designed, and absolutely beautiful piece she'll appreciate. It's made of rose gold and has a threaded screw closure.

This graceful garden comes from Los Angeles using locally grown succulents. The box itself doubles as a planter. And there's even a plastic water dropper, so she doesn't drown the plants. Because with succulents, if the get enough sunlight and water, all is well in the world.

Each of these one-of-a-kind beauties is crafted by hand in a Sydney, Australia, studio from tinted porcelain clay, and then gently sanded on the outside for a natural matte feel. It's a gift any tea lover will appreciate. For years to come.

Jennifer Meyer's exquisite necklaces and earrings are all about the craftsmanship. This necklace, made from 18 karat gold, has an understated nameplate that pays simple tribute to motherhood; it's something she'll never take off.

Pair these wool slippers with a long and luxurious foot massage. In fact, these ultra-soft and ultra-comfortable felt slippers actually feel like a foot massage, so your work here is done.

This all-weather high top is made with ZQ Merino wool and a bio-based water repellent shield, keeping her feet dry and cozy no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Allbirds are crazy-comfortable, washable, and durable. And of course, they're mighty fine-looking, too.

A roomy, gorgeous bag made from 100 percent recycled materials, including plastic that would otherwise end up in the ocean. It has a top handle and removable strap.

We have no idea how they made a kettle this sexy. But they did. And it's more than just good-looking. She can set her target water temperature and view its progress on an LCD screen. And her pour-over coffee will never taste better.

But why stop with the kettle? Go ahead and get her the best pour-over set on the market. The dripper is vacuum-insulated for heat retention. There are markings inside to measure the perfect amount of grounds. As for the carafe, it's hand-blown from borosilicate glass and double walled to keep her java hot.

This self-watering planter is handcrafted from aluminum, and is ideal for cascading plants. Each set comes with a plant pot and saucer and waters itself. Perfect for the green thumb mom with little time to care for one more thing.

Most digital frames look clunky, at best. This is the chic exception. It also automatically displays your photos at the ideal brightness for the room in question, and has auto-dimming, and unlimited storage. And it has fairly stunning 2048x1536 resolution.

It's vacation in a bottle. This dry oil is moisturizing without being greasy. It's delicately scented without being overpowering. And it gives her skin and hair a lovely glow.

If she loves cookies, get her the best damn cookies she'll ever have. This set includes the brand's famous and beloved compost cookies, as well as B'Day Cake truffles, corn cookies, blueberry and cream cookies, chocolate chocolate cookies, and cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies.

Please do not get her trashy stripper lingerie. It's for you, not for her. Instead, get her this bamboo-based sleepwear set that is chic and so very wearable, in bed and out. It's made from bamboo viscose fabric that keeps her cool.

An Italian pebbled leather laptop sleeve that's elegant and low-key at the same time, this one comes in two sizes and fits either 13-inch or 15/16-inch laptops. It has a neoprene padded lining and snap button closure to protect her tech.

Sometimes, you can't get the words out. Fine. So let scribes Charlotte Brontë, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, John Keats, and Virginia Woolf share their timeless words of romance on these hand-screened cotton voile napkins.

Moms don't have time to style their hair. That's a basic fact. That's where this Dyson styler comes into play. It works on multiple hair types and has barrels to curl and wave, and brushes to control, smooth the hair, or add volume, without using any damaging heat. In short, it's like having Adir Abergel (Google him) at her service.

So you sneak away for the weekend. And this set is what she'll be wearing, from the brand founded by two former fashion editors. It's the perfect combo of exquisite and casual. The fit is relaxed. The fabric is breathable, cool linen. And the ruffled hem adds the perfect singular touch.

Nesting rings are a statement onto themselves. This set is made up of sapphire, topaz, and 14 karat gold. Why this set, you might wonder? Well, topaz symbolizes love, passion, and purpose, while sapphires are symbols of power and strength. You do the math.

It's damn near impossible to go wrong with anything from Tom Ford. Behold his latest. It's centered around the tuberose flower, which is known as the mistress of the night. It's potent and enticing and smells like a spicy, romantic getaway.

A timeless backpack with room for all essentials: A 13 inch laptop, plus a front storage pocket with key clip and an internal media pocket with a headphone port. Pick whatever color or print strikes her fancy.

Speaking of hands, find us anyone who won't be into this bracelet made of her actual handwriting. That's right. You choose between a sterling silver, gold or rose gold finish. And then you customize it with her signature, a handwritten message, or a drawing.

Shower time is a sacred time. It's most likely the only time she'll get alone day. And when she steps out of the shower onto this handcrafted Japanese hinoki cypress bath mat and gets it wet, it releases a scent that's transporting.

Admittedly, this is not a romantic gift. But it makes up for that in practicality, because it makes mom's hair dry way, way faster. Plus, thanks to some secret design alchemy, it makes her hair shinier and glossier.

The perfect accessory to accompany the hair towel, the Aquis body towel uses Aquitex microfiber to get her dry in minutes. It's made from ultra-soft and gentle fabric that is super-absorbent, and is a perfect blend of extravagance and usefulness.

This is a new brand, started by a mother and daughter. So right there, we love that connection. And this body scrub is next level dope: It's a blend of tea tree oil and cranberry seed, so when she uses it in the shower, she's awake. Pretty much instantly. And the dreamy scent puts her in a good mood. Plus, this is packaged in glass, so another feature we can get behind.

Silk is cooling, and makes for better sleep. Which is a gift that's pretty priceless. This pillow in particular is made from mulberry silk in a 22-momme weight; it's hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating. And feels like heaven.

Almost as good as an actual foot rub (repeat: almost) are these minimalist slippers, which are both cooling and comfortable.

This handmade meditation bench is totally portable, and looks like a design masterpiece. We know the benefits of meditation. And this stunning cherrywood bench gives mom (or anyone) a more comfortable way of sitting thanks to its curved shape. Plus, you can take off the legs and take it anywhere with you. It's zen on the go.

Meditation made easy (or easier). She simply puts on the Muse headband, plugs in her headphones, launches the app, and starts to meditate. Let's say she chooses the rainforest sound. The more she quiets her mind, the calmer and more soothing the noise becomes. Plus, it does double duty as a sleep tracker to help her get more restful shuteye.

The best piece of wearable tech you can buy her, this stainless steel necklace is actually an elegant, ultra-quiet vibrator.

Every woman needs a space of her own, ideally to immerse herself in a great read. And trust us that she'll never want to get out of this modular and customizable chair. Sure, you might say, a chair is an odd gift. But is it really? Not when it actually represents private time of her own. And it has a built-in USB charger, her Kindle will never run out of juice.

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