The Pants Trend That’s Replacing Our Jeans

It doesn’t take a ton for us to hop on a bandwagon on a fresh and fun new trend, but when joining in on it means that we get to opt out of jeans if we wear it? Sign us up ASAP. And this year, trousers are here to save the day.

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As you’ve probably seen if you’ve been on social media in any capacity this year, there’s a new and hot pant in town, and lucky for us, it’s a whole lot more comfortable than jeans. Relaxed, effortless-feeling trousers have been on the rise for the past few months, and at this point, we can confidently say they’re going to be the trend of the year for your bottom half. And don’t worry: With a looser fit and full lengths, they feel like anything but your go-to office pants.

With how easy it is to style them (literally just throw them on instead of your jeans) and how cool the aesthetic of them is (really, really cool), we’re all in on trousers—and you should be too. Here’s how we’re styling ours and which ones are worth adding to your cart.


How to style them


With a blazer and sneakers

Looking for a new way to style your blazer? You’ve found it. Wear yours with a T-shirt, sneakers, and trousers for a work-ready look that’ll work just as well after hours. If you’re wearing it on your day off, throw a baseball hat on to finish the look.


With a white button-up

Rather than reaching for your go-to denim, switch up styling your classic white button-up with relaxed trousers instead. To dress it up, wear it with a pair of heeled sandals; to make it a little more casual, opt for sneakers instead.


With a chunky sweater

For a perfect transitional spring outfit, pair your favorite chunky turtleneck with sneakers and trousers. The execution is easy and perfect for an everyday uniform, but the result feels cool and effortless.


With a wool coat

For an easy monochrome look, pair your trousers with a top of the same color and finish it off with a wool coat. The contrast of the coat will add visual interest while keeping the look seamless.


With a leather jacket and sneakers

For an easy everyday outfit, pair your favorite leather jacket with trousers and sneakers and a tee underneath. That way, if the weather is a little warmer (or gets warmer throughout the day), you can take the jacket off and throw it over your shoulders to adjust to the temperature.


Our favorite trousers


High Drape Pant

3 colors available

Abercrombie & Fitch

'90s Relaxed Pants

3 colors available

Abercrombie & Fitch

Tailored Wide-Leg Pants

2 colors available


Flowy Trouser Pant

5 colors available


High Waist Trousers

2 colors available


High Waist Side Slit Trousers

2 colors available

Abercrombie & Fitch

Straight Leg Pants

2 colors available


Wide Leg Trousers

2 colors available


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