the Weekly Rundown: Lipstick Samples + Bono’s Playlist

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Do you have sconces in your house? I’d like to eventually add some to our bedroom, and I’ll definitely be consulting this guide to proper wall sconce placement.

Change your visuals. Change your habits. This is especially timely as we stay at home in relatively the same visual environment all day.

Making me think hard: In Push to Reopen, American Evangelicals Fall Prey to Political Strategy.

I really want to make my way through Bono’s playlist. PS. Happy Birthday Bono!

Have you watched Becoming yet? It inspired me more than I expected.

Some of my favorite minimal stylists talk about how to make basics look interesting.

Everlane is hosting a big CWYP, or Choose What You Pay sale. Some of my closet favorites are on there, including these pants and this sweater.

Did you know you can order lipstick samples online? At the beginning of quarantine I lost my favorite everyday lipstick (and the refillable case) and decided to try and find another natural-looking color. Since in-person makeup sampling is off the table, I ordered three samples from the Detox Market. I’ve been wearing them around the house trying to decide which shade to commit to! (For the curious, I ordered samples of Kosas’s Rosewater and Stardust and RMS’s Brain Teaser.)

This time last year I sat down and wrote out my summer bucket list. It’s worth repeating again this year, except for the biggie #6 of selling and buying a house (wouldn’t want to repeat that again). And #8 probably won’t pan out during this corona times. But I think I’ll read this again a few more times as we head into summer.

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