These Are The Boxer Briefs That Women Want You to Wear

The best boxer briefs are the ideal underwear for stylish, grown-up dudes.

Not only are boxer briefs the most secure, comfortable and versatile undies out there, but they’re also hugely favored by women. GQ conducted a survey to find out which kind of underwear women want to see on their man, and the answer was clear. Boxer briefs claimed a landslide victory with 64% of women saying they prefer boxer briefs over boxers, trunks and briefs.

The boxer brief trend is nothing new. It started back in the 90s with Mark Wahlberg’s notorious Calvin Klein ads. Since then, the fitted underwear has become the go-to for many dudes, and Calvin Klein still makes some of the best boxer briefs in the world. However, there are now dozens of other worthy boxer briefs on the market, all made from soft fabrics that keep your business cozy and secure all day long.

But what are boxer briefs anyway? Technically, they’re a hybrid between crotch-level briefs (a.k.a tighty-whiteys) and baggy boxers. This means they have security thanks to a snug fit that won’t bunch up like boxers, as well as a comfortable mid-thigh length. The hybrid design also makes boxer briefs the most flattering underwear by streamlining your behind, upper legs and crotch area. And for men and women who like to see a little tasteful bulge, boxer briefs bring the best of both worlds. They provide a flat profile when worn underneath pants but show off your goods when worn by themselves.

When ranking the best boxer briefs, we looked primarily at two factors: material and price. While you can find premium and designer boxer briefs, most men aren’t interested in spending $100 plus on their underwear. And, in our experience, the best boxer briefs are made from either premium cotton or a blend of cotton and an elastic material like spandex.

If you’re currently making the switch to boxer briefs — or you’re looking to upgrade to more grown-up briefs — we’re here to help. We rounded up eight of our favorite pairs of boxer briefs for every lifestyle, budget and fashion sense. Check them out below.


1. Calvin Klein Stretch Boxer Briefs


Calvin Klein’s trendsetting boxer briefs get our #1 spot. Nothing surprising here. The briefs are simple but still boast the iconic CK logo waistband and a high-quality cotton-spandex blend material. Contrary to Calvin Klein’s reputation as an expensive underwear brand, the boxer briefs are actually very well-priced. This three-pack is currently on sale at Amazon for $28, bringing the price down to around $9 a pair. Combine that with thousands of rave reviews and you get underwear worth every man’s trunk.

black boxers calvin klein

Buy: Calvin Klein Stretch Boxer Briefs $27.63


2. Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs


Like most of our picks for the best boxer briefs, these affordable undies from Amazon are constructed from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, giving them just enough stretch to fit comfortably. However, because they lack a designer name on the stretch waistband, they cost a lot less than some other products on this list. Customers will get a multicolored back of five briefs for just $22.

best boxer briefs

Buy: Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs $21.99


3. Everlane Boxer Brief


The minimalist look is very big right now, especially for professional dudes. Everlane is one of the leaders in this trend with streamlined, no-frills pieces such as these boxer briefs. They have zero branding or designs, just a high-quality Supima cotton-spandex blend material and a great fit. Thanks to their premium cotton materials and low price, these undies definitely earned a spot in our top three.

navy boxer briefs everlane mens


4. Fruit of the Loom Coolzone Boxer Briefs


Once Marky Mark hit billboards in his Calvins, underwear was raised to new heights… and new price points. Luckily, you can still score affordable boxer briefs if you know where to look. This Fruit of the Loom boxer brief seven-pack, for instance, comes in at just $20, or about $3 a pair. Despite boxer briefs’ low price-tag, they still deliver impressive quality with a moisture-wicking cotton blend fabric, breathable mesh fly and contoured support pouch for your bits and pieces.

boxer brief pack men's fruit of the loom

Buy: Fruit of the Loom Coolzone Boxer Briefs $20.05


5. Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Brief


Mack Weldon began with the goal of upgrading men’s basics using high-quality materials and a straight-to-consumer shopping structure. These Silver undies are Mack Weldon’s highest quality boxer briefs, and one of their best pieces so far. Highlight features include an anti-odor fabric, no-roll waistband and a no-rise leg that will stay put no matter what. They’re slightly pricey, but for something as important as your first layer, we think it’s worth the investment.

grey boxer briefs mack weldon


5. Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Boxer Briefs


These Adidas boxer briefs lend themselves to an active lifestyle with fast-drying Climalite technology to help keep you cool and dry — even during intense workouts. These also help keep you secure during high impact exercise, with a double-lined mesh support pouch.

adidas boxer briefs

Buy: Adidas Men's Boxer Briefs $18.99


6. Supreme Hanes Boxer Briefs


Supreme’s collection of boxer briefs in collaboration with Hanes has become a staple in every hypebeast’s wardrobe. Compared to most of Supreme’s coveted pieces, these underwear are much easier and more affordable at around $47 for a four-pack. They’re a subtle flex, making them great for trend-savvy skaters and well-dressed grown-ups alike.

Supreme underwear hanes white


7. MeUndies Boxer Brief


Most guys are guilty of keeping old underwear for too long. MeUndies takes care of that by offering a monthly subscription service for underwear (as well as single-purchase undies). And to make the deal even sweeter, their boxer briefs are very high-quality. The boxer briefs are offered in a wide range of 45 colors and patterns, broken up into classic colors, bold colors and adventurous prints. These Goji Berry red boxer briefs below are down the middle with just the right amount of adult flair.

red underwear mens meundies


8. Versace Boxer Briefs


Nothing says ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ like these $325 Versace underwear. They’re unbelievably loud, over-the-top and expensive. And that’s just what makes them so fantastic. The designer boxer briefs feature Versace’s signature Greek patterns and a premium viscose-elastane fabric (made in Italy, of course). If you’re flush with cash and feeling indulgent, you can give your junk a luxury treatment with these designer boxer briefs.

fancy boxers versace briefs


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