This DIY Santa gnome by Sarah Nenni-Daher on YouTube has a luxurious look with the velvet fabric that has a full outfit with shoe

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s. This Santa gnome has a pattern that you can purchase, which makes this project easier. I love how this doesn’t project doesn’t involve any sewing. You can just use a hot glue gun to create this Santa gnome which is impressive. The Santa gnome is built on a cone or any base of your choice. Plus, the velvet jacket and pants add the true Santa look on this gnome. This would be a great Christmas gift to give someone or to place around the house as Christmas decor. Sarah’s tutorial is very detailed and she has time stamps if you want to skip around the video to learn how to make certain parts of the Santa gnome.


red velvet (I purchased mine at Joann’s craft store)
black crushed velvet
white plush fur or chenille yarn for trim
7-inch cone
1/4 inch dowel (12 inches)
batting or fleece (for the Santa belly)
gnome-making basics: hot glue, fur, hands, and nose


First, start off by printing out the pattern for this project, or you can try to trace out your own if you do not want to purchase one. Continue to watch Sarah Nenni-Daher tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Image by Sarah Nenni-Daher via YouTube


Next, once you create the Santa gnome’s body, add any accessories and assemble all of the pieces together.

Image by Sarah Nenni-Daher via YouTube
Overall, Sarah has all the types of DIY gnomes on her channel that involves no sewing. They are so popular and cute. My mom would love this DIY because she would buy a lot of Christmas decor during the holidays, but it’s super inexpensive when you create one yourself.

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