This Hack Makes It Easy To Find Jeans That Fit

jeans that fit

Shopping for jeans (or any pair of pants for that matter) can be a trying experience for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re short, tall, thin, or thick—it can require quite a bit of courage to face yourself in that fitting room mirror! (Especially under those horrible fitting room lights. Are the lights supposed to be so unflattering?)

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So when I recently came across a way to find jeans that fit without trying them on, I was immediately intrigued! (And not just because of the emotional minefield that is the fitting room experience!) So my team and I all gave it try for ourselves, and I am thrilled to report that it really does work, and I’m very excited to share this brilliant tip with you today. :-)

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jean hack

This tip can be especially useful when you’re shopping in places that don’t have a fitting room. I couldn’t even guess how many pairs of cute jeans at Costco I’ve passed over just because I couldn’t be sure that they would fit right. This tip for finding a great-fitting pair of jeans is sure to come in handy not only at Costco, but also at yard sales, swap meets and elsewhere. Here’s how it works:

jean hack

How To Find Jeans That Fit (Without Trying Them On)

Hold the jeans by the waistband with one end in each hand. Wrap the waistband around your neck and find out where (or if) they overlap.

If the waistband of the pants…

  • Doesn’t overlap, they are likely too small.
  • Overlaps a lot, they are likely too big for you.
  • Overlaps a little bit (around 1” or so), they should fit just right!
jean hack

Try It With Your Best Fitting Pair Of Pants

This tip can be a useful guideline when you’re shopping for a new pair of pants, but keep in mind that not everyone’s neck-to-waist ratio will be the same. That’s why I recommend fine-tuning this process by using your best fitting pair of pants as your guideline.

jean hack

Use the method outline above to find out how much your best pair of pants overlaps when you wrap the waistband around your neck. Then the next time you go shopping for pants, you’ll know exactly how much the waist should overlap in order to fit just right! :-)

jean hack

A Note About Pants Styles

When using this tip, don’t forget to consider the style of the pants in question. For instance, your pair of high-waisted jeans that fit just right isn’t going to be a very useful comparison if you’re shopping for mid-rise jeans.

jean hack

So if you have several favorite pairs of pants in different styles, I would recommend using the jeans fitting hack with each of them in turn. That way, no matter what style of pants you’re shopping for, you’ll know how they should overlap on your neck to fit properly.

What is your favorite brand or style of jeans?

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