Three thieves steal $17,000 worth of Apple gear from two stores

What you need to know

  • Three people stole $17,000 worth of devices.
  • They included Apple Watches, Apple Pencils, and Magic Trackpads.
  • They took them from two different Apple Stores.

They just picked everything up and walked out.

Three thieves took a combined $17,000 worth of Apple devices and accessories from two different Apple Stores within just 35 minutes, according to reports.

The report by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Cult of Mac says that the two stores were hit between 13:03 and 13:37 on January 30.

The thefts happened at the Mayfair mall and Bayshore stores, according to the reports. Multiple Apple Watches Apple Pencils, and Magic Trackpads were swiped.

At Bayshore, the thieves stole 17 Apple watches, 14 Apple magic trackpads and one Apple pencil. That theft totaled $10,959.00.

At Mayfair mall, the thieves got away with eight Apple watches, nine Apple pencils, four Apple Airpods and five Apple magic trackpads. That theft totaled $6,072.

It's believed that the same three people were responsible, with witnesses saying that they simply filled their large coats with products and then walked out of the store.

The video showed one man putting two boxes of Apple pencils down the front of his sweat pants.

A second man grabbed five magic trackpads and put them in his coat. The third man took two Apple watches and put them in his coat.

Two of the men then grabbed several boxes of Airpods and ran out of the store, leaving through the Barnes & Noble mall exit.

Apple Stores have long been soft targets for thieves due to the way products are displayed and are easily accessible. Not all Apple Stores have in-house security.

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