Top 10 Boyfriend Jeans

If a happy medium on the spectrum of legwear exists, boyfriend jeans sit squarely on it. And why wouldn’t they? Boyfriend jeans do something that basically no other pants do—combine the benefits of multiple outfit elements into one piece of fabric. The relaxed fit is reminiscent of those sweatpants you love wearing inside the house but wouldn’t dare be seen wearing in public. Like your casual, work-friendly lounge pants, they go with just about anything in your closet. Plus, no shade to your skinny jeans, but boyfriend jeans are just as transformative. We could go on and on, but you get the point. Boyfriend jeans are as essential to your closet as the items you wear repeatedly and can’t seem to part with.

To choose just one reason we sing the praises of boyfriend jeans is no easy feat, but if we had to pick, it would be their versatility. When you want to dress up an outfit with heels, nothing looks chicer than cuffing the bottoms of a slouchy pant. And on those days when you’re running errands but don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, slipping on a pair of boyfriend jeans solves your styling problem before it even starts. Plus, the fashion trends of the ‘90s never really left, so pairing boyfriend jeans with a fitted crop top is probably a tried-and-true look in your fashion arsenal.

Despite the easygoing, relaxed allure of boyfriend jeans, fit is everything. When shopping for your very own pair, you’ll want to take note of inseam and waist lengths, identifying the combos that best complement your natural shape. This ensures that once they are in your hands, you won’t need to worry about alterations or extreme styling tactics to make them look (and feel) good. Other factors, like price and design elements, matter too. If you’re overwhelmed by the options, we’ve got you covered with the most raved-about boyfriend jeans selling out today.

How We Found The Best Boyfriend Jeans

We compiled this list with the help of our ultra-smart and unbiased algorithm, a proprietary tool that identifies products based on a mix of compelling data: expert recommendations, social media buzz, and editor reviews, to name a few. Keep scrolling for the must-know deets on each pair. 

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