Top 53 Burgundy Pants Outfits for Men in 2020

For some men, it might be hard to imagine a world that includes pants that aren’t jeans. If this is you, you’re not alone — and we get it. Jeans are great. However, wearing the same type of pants every day can become monotonous, and it’s understandable if you have the desire to change things up a bit.

Burgundy pants are a great way to make your wardrobe more eclectic without stepping too far into uncomfortable territory. Here is an example of some of the best ways to wear burgundy pants, no matter what your personal taste is.

1. Smart Casual Outfits

Sustainable Fashion Mens Style
Burgundy Pants Mens Fashion
Mens Wear Style Fashion
Stylish Men Fashion Wear
Coat Mens Fashion Style
Red Pants Mens Wear Fashion
Bearded Man Red Pants Fashion
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Latino Mens Wear Fashion Outfit

Just because an outfit is “casual”, it doesn’t mean that it has to be sloppy in any way — this is where the idea of the “smart casual” style comes in.

By pairing your burgundy pants with a blouse or a blazer, you can effortlessly dress it up so that you are ready for a formal social event of any kind. Although it’s a less neutral tone than the navy or grey fabrics of the world, burgundy goes surprisingly well with other hues. For something more mild, try wearing a black turtleneck or a white dress shirt.

If you’re feeling more bold, we highly suggest trying a color or a pattern that you wouldn’t usually be drawn to, such as yellow or tweed. Many of these off-beat options look great with burgundy.


2. Classic Outfits

Classic Wedding Mens Wear Fashion
Calssic Red Pants Fashion
Burgundy Suspenders Mens Fashion
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Turtle Neck White Sweater Red Pants Mens Wear
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The use of burgundy pants in men’s fashion is not anything new. Also sometimes called “maroon”, the color burgundy itself was named for the region of France of the same name — or, more accurately, because it resembled the type of red wine that was produced in the region. Burgundy, France (French: Bourgogne) was a hotbed for fashion dating back to the end of the Medieval era, and the color burgundy was said to represent nobility and wealth.

Color etymology aside, there is something about this color that remains classic to this day. If you prefer to honor these origins, you can give your outfit a timeless spin by incorporating a cardigan (for sophistication), a dress shirt (try a floral pattern), or a pullover sweater (tan works best).


3. Casual Outfits

Stylish Street Mens Wear
Casual Black Mens Wear
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Madrid Casual Red Pants Mens Wear
Casual Floral Green Mens Wear
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For the laidback dresser, non-denim trousers may not be the first item of clothing that they reach for. While it could be tempting to reach for a sweatpant or even a khaki, allow us to make the case for the casual burgundy pant outfit.

Like any pant style, a pair of burgundy pants can be either dressed down or dressed up with the right top and/or shoe selection. For an instant dress-down, reach for a pair of Converse sneakers (both high and low tops will do) or canvas shoes. Keep it extra casual with a graphic or patterned tee, or a loose-fitting button-up.

It can also be possible to find burgundy pants that are more than just a solid pattern. Keep your eyes out for a pin-stripe pattern or varied texture, as these pieces can be especially versatile.


4. Business Casual Outfits

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Brown Jacket Red Pants Mens Wear

5. Dapper Outfits

Street Fashion Men Style
Leather Jacket Dapper Mens Style
Classic Mens Wear Suit Style
Denim Printed Mens Style Fashion

For most work industries, the time of formal business wear is behind us. Instead, office workers rely on what is known as “business casual”. Although the term “business casual” is often open to interpretation, and might vary depending on where you work, for men it generally means that graphic tees and blue jeans are off-limits.

Fortunately, canvas or cotton pants are usually allowed, which means that burgundy pants are definitely an option for those that are following a dress code. For a look that is automatically professionally compliant, pull out an Oxford shoe to wear with your outfit.


5. Urban Outfits

Grind Street Wear Mens Wear
Free Style Mens Wear
Style Men Street Wear Fashion
Sweden Street Red Pants Fashion

Although urban style refers to fashion that got its start on the streets, there is nothing at all pedestrian about it. In fact, it’s often a linear path between street styles and the runway, as many of high fashion’s most influential trends came from urban style, such as the classic black leather jacket and high-top sneakers.

Burgundy hues may seem like an unlikely casting in the role of urban style, but it blends surprisingly well. Burgundy bottoms do not have to be limited to denim material or even cotton, and work well as leather pants or even sweats. Some elements of urban style, such as the aforementioned leather jacket, naturally fit with burgundy clothing.


6. Winter Outfits

Black Coat Leather Red Pants Fashion

Just because the weather outside is dull, it doesn’t mean that your wardrobe also has to be. Burgundy works well in a winter wardrobe because it is bold enough to offer a pop of color but subdued enough that it doesn’t look completely out of place. These pants will look stylish with any kind of oversized bomber jacket, especially if they’re black or tan.

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