Trivia Quiz: Famous Americans 2

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Mar 23, 2021

A People Quiz : How much do you know about the famous Americans of the United States?

1. Phineas T. Barnum created "the greatest show on earth" in the 1890s. What kind of show was it?
2. The time was midnight, and the year was 1775. Who rode on horseback to warn that the Redcoats were coming?
3. Levi Strauss and his partner invented pants that are worn in every country today. What were they?
4. Geronimo was a great Native American leader. Was he a Navajo, an Arapaho, or an Apache?
5. In 1882, what famous American inventor was responsible for the first electric lights coming on in New York City?
6. In 1909, did Admiral Peary and Matthew Henson finally reach the North Pole or the South Pole?
7. This tough-talking general led American forces in World War II. Was his name George Patton or John Pershing?
8. What American astronomer proved that the universe is expanding? (Hint: A space telescope was named for him.)
9. What frontiersman from Tennessee became a hero at the old Texas mission called the Alamo?
10. She led so many slaves to freedom that her people called her "Moses". What was her real name?

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