Tuesday, Terrific Tuesday!

 I am over the moon happy today and may it last.  First of all the SSI papers came in and I took them to the accountant.  I was just on pins and needles thinking they would not come. The office thought they would be here last Thursday. Then is was Friday and Saturday and the mail must have come really late last evening, as they were in the box at 7:30 this morning.

I went to my specialists appointment and my blood work was great! I also talked to him about my meds and how I was afraid medicare would not pay for them once I am off the State insurance. He said he would make a strong case for me to stay on the same meds, but that there were infusions that would work just as well that medicare would pay for.  The fact that I have the convenience of a pill once a day was nice, but other meds although not as convenient also worked well.  This made me feel better about the situation.On the way home from the doctor, I stopped and made a nail appointment for tomorrow evening. 

Last night I did not get to sewing until after 8 p.m. But I was able to get the 9 pairs of pants done and the three blouses and almost all of one wedding dress done.  At 11:30 I was just too tired to finish.  I still have some bustling buttons and hooks to put on the dress and then I need to press it.

Today I will finish two other wedding dresses and select at least two more to start and also get two prom dresses done.  I also will straighten the shop before starting the Native american skirts as they are a messy project with ribbon everywhere. 

I am going to get my ironing done tonight.  I will do it in front of the TV and watch something to make the time go by.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I had two large bags of apples that I needed to do something with as they would go bad.  So Saturday night when watching TV with Hubs I peeled/sliced 5 lbs of granny smith apples and soaked them in fruit fresh and then froze them for pies later.  I also had 5 lbs of red apples, and I peeled and cored these and cooked them down into applesauce.  It made 3 large containers for the freezer.  These were free apples from my freinds job at the food bank. Free is free and we will enjoy these later. I was really tired of peeling apples after this project was done.

When I went out to feed the chickens today I was wearing red clogs and they kept trying to eat them. Note to self: Don't feed chickens in sandals with red toenail polish.

Well I had better get busy, I have a self imposed quota to finish.  Do you ever give yourself quotas?  Like you have to get this much done before you eat any more candy?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


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