Well, that’s new. Plotting against.

(jacket, pants, shoes)

I think that Utah is plotting against my Boston training. Every morning we wake up to a new layer (sometimes a lot, sometimes a little) of snow. So how in the world are we supposed to do speed today?!

Six miles @ 8:13 pace.

We made it to story time at the library, and shockingly, he sat still the entire time.

All of this winter training will make running on the snow-free roads of Boston easy;).

PS am I the only one hoping for 25°F weather on race day? I spy ALI!

New delicious recipe alert–> Thai Coconut Curry Ramen!


I know we did tangents yesterday, but I still have so many more to share, so let’s make this part 2 for the week:

I tried this yesterday, and the flavor was amazing for everything it has in there (broccoli, spinach, kale, etc.). I asked about it at dinner, and a friend whipped one out for me.

My mom has helped many kids with their reading, and Skye is getting to do this with her each week. She swears by these books…

He has been roaming around the house with his hands in his pockets.
I loved these Valentine’s Day nails.
Just in case some booty bells might help in your household… you can steal my brother’s idea:

It turns out I’m allergic to shellfish… We had the most fantastic guac of my life at Sol Agave, containing shellfish. I shoveled it in and could not stop eating it.

Which resulted in big red bumps ALL over my body. They were painful, itchy, and they hurt even worse in the cold. Goodbye to shellfish forever.

Are you allergic to anything? When did you find out you were allergic to it?

-I’m almost 37 and just realized I’m allergic to shellfish.

Do you add anything to your water?

Best spring race in your opinion?  Signed up for any?

Favorite recipe website these days?

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