What I Wore Today Working from Home: Jason, Casual Layers

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Welcome to “What I Wore Today Working from Home.” AKA, WIWTWFH (pronounced: wee-WIT-wu-fuh). A series on, you guessed it, who wears what to work, when working, or NOT working, from home. To help keep you on track with your work (day job or self-improvement) when stuck inside for the next few weeks, this is the first part of a series on how to dress at home to put you in the right frame of mind. Would you like to be featured? See the bottom of this post for instructions. 

About the Author: Jason P. is a Dappered devotee, having curated the majority of his wardrobe through the site. He is an enthusiast of wool sweaters, chino pants, and affordable automatic watches. In his free time, you can find him at his boxing gym or antiquing with his wife.


The Sweater: Banana Republic Shawl Collar Cardigan in Navy – $77.40 ($129). A house sweater is the perfect piece for being, well, stuck in the house. Obviously. Spring has only shown flashes of warmth, so having a piece you can throw on in the morning when the house is chilly is necessary. The smart shawl creates a masculine look to keep you locked in ‘til close of business. Raglan sleeves provide a wider range of motion for…drinking that third cup of coffee?

The Shirt: Goodfellow & Co. Henley in Grey – $13. Buttons on buttons on buttons. You could opt for an OCBD or a polo shirt, but in the interest of maximum at-home comfort, we opt for a bargain-priced henley from Target brand Goodfellow, consistently providing solid pieces for great prices. In a few weeks when we’re all going a bit stir crazy, we’ll get back to tucking shirts in.

The Pants: Banana Republic Rapid Movement Chino in Khaki  – $58.80 ($98). A bit of stretch to take you through the day, and a more traditional hook-and-loop closure will combine comfort and polish to keep you productive.

The Belt: Amazon Essentials Stretch Woven Belt in Khaki – $19. A highly-rated basic. 4.5 stars after 580 reviews, and it’s cheap. The braided build provides more flexibility for whatever the day may hold, even if that’s longingly staring out the window dreaming of a more mobile world. We’ll get there.

The Slippers: Ugg Olsen Slipper in Chestnut – $110. Beyond comfortable. House slippers for wearing all-day in the house. A rubber tread gives you some outward freedom to wear these to get the mail or take out the dog. But, don’t go much farther than that. If that’s our job right now, while the medical professionals are kickin’ butt and busting tail? It’s literally like, the least we can do. Yet the least is the most important right now. Which is kinda wild.

The Beverage: Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee Kick Ass Blend – $22.50 for 2.2 Pounds. A nice jolt of caffeine to keep you awake as the day wears on is always welcomed. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but the endless access to hot coffee while working from home is tough to deny. I like to go for the “Kick Ass” blend for some added inspiration to, you know, kick some ass.

The Candle: P.F. Candle Company Soy Candle in Teakwood & Tobacco – $20. Candles are great for a home office. The pleasant scent, crackling wick, and flickering light evoke thoughts of writers working their craft by candle light. Even if you aren’t a writer, a recommend getting a few soy candles for the all-important ambiance. Soy burns more cleanly and evenly, for a better and longer lasting candle. P.F. Candle Company is available on Amazon, ships free, and creates great subtle scents for all-day burn.

If you want to take this for a spin, send an email to joe@dappered.com with who you are, what you do, and what you’d like to submit. And no, you don’t have to actually be working. There are plenty of jobs on standby right now whose workers can’t do the work from home. I’m not gonna discriminate. That’d be dumb. Now, to be featured, we’ll need a picture of you at home (at work, or not) as well as the details on what you’re wearing. Final image will have to be cropped down to 1500×840 pixels, so, keep that in mind when shooting. Landscape mode please, and let’s keep anything from the chin up out of it, since our eventual robot overlords will one day scalp the web for faces that they can scan and plaster onto their metallic skulls to increase their “trustworthiness.” Note that sending an email with your picks and a pic doesn’t guarantee publishing. We gotta have some variety, y’know? That’ll help your chances. Let’s keep it “Dappered.” But be yourself. Good luck. We’ll be in touch.

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