“What Is The Creepiest Or Most Unexplained Thing That’s Happened To You That You Still Think About To This Day?” (99 Stories)

We like to think of ourselves as honest Pandas, but at the end of the day, each and every one of us has some secrets that we don’t share with anyone. However, the internet and the anonymity it provides allow us to share our thoughts without much fear. Especially when it comes to real events from our lives that sound very peculiar when said aloud and might even make some people scoff.

Today, we’re featuring the most mysterious and unexplained experiences that people had, as shared by internet users on r/AskReddit in this thread here and this one right over here. The stories are great and you’re bound to enjoy them if you’re into detective stories, the unknown, and just plain weirdness.

Turn off the lights, get yourself a hot cup of tea and a cozy blanket, and let’s get reading, shall we? Oh, and once you’re done upvoting your favorite posts, consider dropping by the comments and telling us about your own real-life unexplained mysteries that you still think about to this day.

Bored Panda got in touch with Bram Stoker Award-winning editor and writer Doug Murano to have a chat about mystery and creepiness. Doug accidentally went viral in September 2020 with an inspirational tweet that he's using to inspire people to this day and he has even started an Indegogo campaign based on it. He is also an expert in all things horror and has founded Bad Hand Books.


I was living in Boston. I woke up at three in the morning because my cat jumped on my bed and curled between my calf. My cat would do this every night since I was 5 years old. That was his spot. The thing is, my cat was living with my parents on the West Coast, so I couldn't understand what the hell I just felt, but I knew it was my cat. I just figured I was dreaming. The following morning I got a call from my parents letting me know that my cat died around midnight the previous night, which was three in the morning my time. I guess that was my cat traveling to Boston to come see me one last time.

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"Experiencing stories about death and evil from a safe distance is like a dress rehearsal for the inevitable grief we'll experience in life—even our own demise. Look, we all know what's coming in the end and it's a lot to handle. We need healthy ways to process the notion that we have an expiration date. Scary stories about death give us that," Doug explained to us.

In Doug's view, people are innately very curious. That means that we like diving into scary and uncomfortable stories.

"I think people are programmed with curiosity from birth. We want to open the door, push the button, taste the fruit. We want to see what happens. When we experience the truly inexplicable, it's kind of a hint that there's more to existence than what we can perceive. For a lot of us, even if the details are full of things that scare the pants off us, that's a weird kind of comfort."


I was staying with my girlfriend and her mom. My girlfriend's room was built as an extension/add-on to their garage. So you had to walk through their garage to get to her room. One night, I wake up at around one in the morning and the room is just glowing red. I look up at the ceiling and I see this black figure crawling through the ceiling. It moved in such an inhuman way, like it was breaking every one of its bones to move. I start screaming which wakes my girlfriend up and she looks up at the ceiling and starts to scream as well. Instinctively, I grab my pillow and whip it at the figure. The next thing I knew, everything went black and I woke up a few hours later. My girlfriend was fast asleep, so I thought it was just some weird dream. At that point, I had to go to the washroom. So, I walked through the garage and tried to quietly open the garage door to get into the main house...
Previously, her mom had gotten annoyed with us staying up late and going through the garage door to use the washroom, because each time we would open it, the door would loudly click and wake her up. So, I’m standing at the garage door, trying to open it as quietly as possible. As I push it open, her mom starts screaming at the top of her lungs. I thought it was rage that I'd woken her up, so I immediately closed the door, went back to my girlfriend's room, and told her that her mom was screaming. She got up to deescalate the situation. About 20 minutes later, my girlfriend returned to the room completely silent. She asked me if I saw the room glowing red earlier, as well as a figure in the ceiling. I say, 'yes,' and she goes wide-eyed, because she saw it and thought it was just a dream too. She then says that her mom wasn’t screaming at me. Apparently, when I opened the door, it did wake her up — but she saw a black figure standing at the foot of her bed, slowly moving towards her. She then experienced a blackout as well, and was woken up by my girlfriend checking in on her.
The entire house slept with the lights on for a month after that.

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My husband took an overnight job to help us out during Covid. One night, he left home around 8:15 p.m. Our daughter and I decided to make it a movie night. Around 11, I heard keys in our backdoor and the usual sounds my husband makes when he comes home. I crept out to the kitchen to make sure it was him, and it was. He told me he needed to grab his knee compression sleeve, he walked down the hall, he said, "Hi" to our daughter as he passed the living room, and he went upstairs. He came back down, gave me a kiss, and left again...
We finished our movie and went to bed. In the morning when he got home, I made a comment about him forgetting his knee sleeve. He was genuinely confused. Our daughter confirmed everything I said but he was still acting confused. I pulled up our security motion camera on my phone to show him when he popped in, but there was no footage of him coming home after he'd left. My daughter and I both heard him and saw him, and I even touched him. But he was never home during that time. Nothing else out of the ordinary happened that night. We seriously have no idea what happened.

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Doug added that it's human nature to embellish stories as we tell them. It's how we connect with one another. "So we make our stories—even the ones about mundane events—entertaining. We ratchet up the suspense. We fill in missing details. We sex it up a little. There's nothing wrong with that," he said.

"That said, I think one giveaway of a story that has been either made up or heavily embellished is that it all makes sense. Real life is chaotic and doesn't often give us a satisfying payoff at the end of a story. I tend to gravitate toward stories that have elements that are simply never explained. They ring more true to life."


I was camping alone in a small one-person tent. All snug and secure, I went to sleep. I was woken by a clap of thunder at three in the morning to discover both the inner and outer tent doors wide open. That was freaky.

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I had a recurring nightmare of a black parasite sucking the life out of me. Sometimes it waited for me to go sleep in dark corners of the room. I was very stressed during that time, and my cats would come sleep in bed with me. I got an itch on my chest where I dreamt the parasite was sucking the life out of me, then I got sick, and felt a pea-sized lump. I went to my doctor and they ordered a biopsy. As it turned out, I had male breast cancer at the age of 28. After I recovered, the dream never came back, and my cats went back to sleeping in their usual places, not on my bed. The dream was creepy, but what made it for me was my cats protecting me.

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One day, I got home from work with headphones in my ears, on the phone with my mom. I went to the kitchen to grab a snack and I saw my roommate (and childhood best friend) walk out of her room and go into mine. Our rooms were right across from each other, and were very trusting, so we would freely go into each other's rooms to borrow clothes, a hair brush, perfume, etc. She looked like she just got out of the shower, hair soaking wet, wrapped in a white towel. I distinctly remember her long black hair...
I didn't think anything of it, grabbing my snack, hanging up with my mom, and going into my room to watch TV. An hour passed and I went to the kitchen to clean my plate. My roommate was in there making something to eat and I asked, "Hey, what did you grab from my room earlier?" She looked at me confused and said, "What are you talking about?"

I explained that I saw her go in my room but I was on the phone with my mom at the time, so I didn't greet her. She asked me if I was sure I saw her. I said yes, 100 percent. She told me to grab my keys and phone and go to her car ASAP because she needed to show me something. I had my phone, grabbed my keys from the kitchen counter, along with her purse, and she dragged me out of the front door to her car. Then, she told me she had spent the night at her boyfriend's house, and had only gotten home five minutes before we'd started talking. She had no idea who I saw.

I'll never forget the look on her face when she told me this — complete fear and panic. She called the cops and they came along with our apartment manager. They checked the place and found no one. Nothing was amiss, and they checked every nook and cranny. The manager had maintenance change our locks and gave us new keys, but my friend told me she'd been hearing noises from her bathroom for a week, like bottles moving, and when she would go check, she found nothing. I still have no idea who I saw going in and out of our rooms, but they looked exactly like my friend. This was in 2014 and I still freak out when I think about it.

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During an earlier interview, editor and writer Doug, the founder of Bad Hand Books, shared his opinion with Bored Panda about why we’re fascinated by scary stories.

"I suspect that most of us—regardless of our spiritual beliefs—have a longing for something beyond this life. Human beings seem to be pre-programmed with this urge," he told us.

"So much of horror and speculative fiction grapples with death and what happens after we die that I can't help but believe much of our interest in such stories is an expression of a longing for experiences and existences beyond our perceptions," the horror expert shared with Bored Panda.


Maybe around age 14, early 90s. We were traveling from TX up to Tacoma, WA. We were about out of money, almost out of gas, no food, stuck in Chico California. I sat in the car while mom took my younger sisters to the restroom at a gas station. I was riddled with anxiety about our situation and looking down. The car door opened and I looked up. A lady that looked like a brown haired Brady mom sat in the seat and faced me. She said “It seems like you’re down on your luck. Take this and give it to your mom. Tell her to pay it forward some day to someone who needs it.” I looked down into my hand and there was a $100 bill. I looked up and she had disappeared. Nowhere in the parking lot, just vanished. I cried. When mom came back I told her what happened and she cried. We got gas. There was a guy selling oranges on the side of the road and we bought a bag and went to a local park that had a part of the river with a little spillway dam and went swimming and ate oranges for a couple of hours before getting back on the road. I never saw the lady again but she saved us and we did make it up to Tacoma to start our new life. Thank you stranger lady with invisible powers, we never forgot your kindness!

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My nana (great grandma) and mom were very close, but they lived overseas apart from each other my whole life. They talked on the phone every Sunday, but since it was an international call, it was extremely expensive, so they took turns calling every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. to make the cost equal. However, due to a four-minute difference in clocks, my nana always ended up calling at 8:04 a.m... Nana died on a Tuesday. The following week, my mom and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast, and Mom noticed it was 7:50 a.m. 'Nana would have been calling any minute!' She got emotional, I comforted her. Then at 8:04 a.m., the f**king phone rings. The called ID reads 'Unknown Caller.' We look at each other like, is this some sort of sick joke? She answers and there’s nothing but static on the other end, and some garbled voice recording. The only decipherable words in it are, 'We hope you enjoy your trip to paradise!' *CLICK* The phone hang up. Absolutely no explanation for that one. Still baffles me to this day.

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My husband was driving and I was a passenger in the front seat. I dont know what made me do this but I quickly grabbed his arm and I shouted “slow down!”which he did. Then a few seconds later a car on our left side sped past us really fast, then careened into our lane and crashed into the car in front of us. The person speeding died and the person in the car in front of us died. Had I not had told my husband to slow down we would’ve died because we would’ve been hit.

It’s inexplicable what made me do that but I’d like to believe I have a good angel watching out for me.

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"Great horror stories thread a precarious needle: They maintain a sense of the truly inexplicable while creating a world and a narrative that provides enough answers to ground the story,” he said what separates a great story from the rest.

“Over-explanation kills most horror, which is why the shark is scariest when you only see the fin; the alien is most terrifying when it's lurking in the shadows; the killer is most monstrous when he's masked," he added.

According to the expert, we should value stories for the entertainment they provide us, whether they’re true or not. In other words, a good story is still good, even if it’s made up. And we need to learn to enjoy it.


I just wrote a response involving a car story the other night, but probably my raccoon story.

Was in a Krogers parking lot trying to figure out a car issue. Dude who had something tucked under his arm came up, and asked me if I needed help -- I knew what I was dealing with, but said yes, because I'm a computer guy, not a car guy, and you don't know what you don't know, so to speak.

He proceeded to take the tool I was using to mess with the battery terminal, and handed off the thing that was under his arm, which happened to be a raccoon pup, saying, "Don't worry, he don't bite." I'm completely stunned, holding and petting a completely calm raccoon while this guy sorts out my car. He takes it back, and goes about his day.

One of many random and unexplainable encounters in my life, but probably my favorite.

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It was just a normal Saturday night, I was home alone watching TV with my two dogs, when I heard a banging sound coming from the basement. It legit sounded like somebody was just banging something on the appliances down there. Now, there's no access into the basement from down there, only through the upstairs rooms that I was in, so I knew nobody could have come in and got past me. With this knowledge, I was not as scared as you might think — more just curious as to what the heck the noise was...
One of the two dogs is a meathead and wants to fight everybody. He also heard the noise and bolted down into the basement to investigate. I got down there and saw that it was my other dog banging his head into our dryer and chest freezer. My meathead dog just stood there watching, confused. So I approached my other dog and calmed him down, then we all went back upstairs. This freaked me out and upset me because it was such strange behavior for my dog.

Fast forward 30 minutes or so, the banging starts again. I instantly look over to my dog and he is laying down, but he's also aware of the noise downstairs. We run down into the basement and now it's Meathead banging his head in-between the appliances. I now calm Meathead down and we all go back upstairs.
It has been three years, so that rules out brain tumors, which is what I read could cause dogs to bang their heads. Nothing creepy has happened since that night.

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My wife had the week off work, so she offered to drive me to work. I asked her to check if she had her keys, phone, and wallet before we left. She noticed her wallet wasn't in her pocket and asked me to help look for it. I sort-of recalled her putting it on the mostly cleared kitchen island the previous evening. It wasn't there. We moved the few things off of it, but still couldn't find it. Both of us thought that she might've dropped it while she was out shopping the previous day, and to call around to the stores when they opened.

So we went about our day and she drove me to work. She was quite disappointed to have to spend one of her days off calling the bank to cancel all of her cards, going to ICBC (auto insurance provider) to get a replacement drivers license, and going to her work to get a new key card. She stopped by the two stores she visited the previous day but both had no such wallet in their lost & found. She decided to head back home so she could grab her passport/other ID incase she was asked for it.

She walked into our condo and saw the wallet, sitting alone on the kitchen island, in the exact spot that I remembered it was. We have security cameras but the footage during that hour corrupted and wasn't viewable.

Neither of us can explain what the fuck happened. No one has spare keys except my MIL, whom was out of the country. No friends stayed over. The only "logical" explanation is that one of our cats took it off of the kitchen island, hid it, and then brought it back while we were out.

We definitely had some odd situations happen in that condo.

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"My professional expertise is limited to fiction, but I'll say this: I've seen enough real magic and wonder in the world to make me think twice about whether the supernatural is real—and I think that's a healthy thing. It's perhaps less important to believe any given tale than it is to remain open to experiences while leaving room in your head and in your heart for belief."


There was a kid in my class who no one else remembers. I distinctly recall playing with this kid in kindergarten, and we were pretty much inseparable. About a month after Christmas break he disappeared. No one remembered him. Not the teachers or my classmates. No one. I even asked the school counselor if he was okay and she humored me by going through records to see if he’d transferred. She couldn’t find a thing. I think about it at least once a month.

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In 2009 my wallet and BlackBerry were stolen at a gas station. I replaced my cards and moved on with my life. In 2014 I got a new-to-me truck. It had been a Comcast truck in the next state over. I drove it to my parents house and my dad and I were combing through it, finding things like the spare tire jack and stuff. We found my driver's license under the passenger seat. I figured I'd forgotten to put it away at the dealership and it fell on the floor, so I opened up my wallet to put it in. I already had a license in my wallet. The license that was under the seat was the one that was stolen in 2009. In a truck from a different state, that hadn't been built at the time of the theft, that I happened to purchase five years later.

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I had a schnauzer that could hear a cat stalk across a persian rug. The slightest noise could wake her from a slumber and set off her constant barking. She made a great tent companion while on backpacking trips. Bears, racoons and skunks would all get fair warning if they came within range of out campsite. One morning we woke up from a night without interruptions in the back country of SW Colorado and I found my tents central guyline was no longer staked down by the aluminum stake that I had used but instead by a piece of aspen branch that had been carved into what looked like a tiki statue. Nothing too ornate but a snarling face with teeth had been carved from the bark and it had obviously been heated in a fire to give it a brown color. My dog didn't make a sound and i apparently slept harder than I thought. I scrambled out of the tent and looked around the small alpine lake and saw no other campers nor any sign that people had been around. Cut my trip short and hauled ass the 8 miles back to my car. Not a single other car in the lot at the trailhead.

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When I was 5y/o my mom opened the door to two cops who where telling her that her daughter, (me) was outside alone in spring with only a t-shirt and shorts at 1AM ish.

At the time I was sleeping with her every nights. So she told the cops it cannot be true I’m in her bed right now. She comes to get me and we go in the entry. The two cops said that the little girl knew where she’s living and that’s her who said she was living at my house. The two cops then look at me creep out and ask my name. I have a very unique name by the way. Then the cops took the little girl to show my mother that it wasn’t a joke of some sort. The little girl entered and ran to my mom yelling “mommy mommy it’s me lili”. My name is Livia I don’t know how the f$&@@ she knew my name and made a nickname with it to this day. I do believe she heard the cops asking me questions. Then I started to cry and eventually the cops left with the little girl.

We often tell this story with my mother to family reunions. I wish I was kidding, she had similar physical traits too, not identical but similar.

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My best friend passed away this past March. On the morning that she passed, right around the time that the coroner said she must have died, I woke up from a dream where she had been dying. In the dream, she thanked me for everything I had done for her. A few hours after I woke up, I sent her a text just wanting to check in. It was right after I sent that text that I got a phone call from her mother who told me she had passed that morning.

I’ll never understand why I had that dream, but I like to think that on her way out she visited me one last time.

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I still have a print of the photo.

Around 1996, I borrowed a new digital camera from my work and brought it to band practice at our bassist's house, who was also studying computer programming at the time. I took a bunch of "band pics" and excited about the new technology, we loaded the photos onto his computer to get a good laugh at our drunken foolishness.

In one particular shot of the bassist, we were stunned to see something bizarre. The TV screen behind him in the photo was black, except for white, cloudy "ghost writing" that said "things hurt." We had NO explanation for this. My friend printed the photo on his black and white printer, and I still have a copy to this day.

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When I was in high-school, I would always be the first to arrive home out of my family, having the entire house to myself. I've never been superstitious or someone who scared easily, and the hour I had alone was my favorite time of the entire day.

My bedroom is upstairs, and one day when I got home from school I placed my bag away and started up the stairs. About halfway I stopped because I thought I heard something coming from upstairs so I stayed at listened.

I heard a very slow rendition of the melody from ring around the rosie, crystal clear; coming from my bedroom. I was 100% sure I was the only one home, and I had absolutely no 'device' that could be playing music unprompted, especially ring around the rosie.

I froze in fear and listened for about 15 seconds to make sure I was really hearing it, which I was. I just turned back down the steps and waited around in the living room for my family to get home before I went back upstairs. I went in my room a few hours later and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I know it's not a very climatic story, but it's something I think about every now and then. I never told anyone about it because, why would I, but that was the first time something truly strange happened to me.

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When I was really really small, like 4 or 5 years old, a woman my mom worked with at the insulation plant, gave my mom one of those 90's fisher price dollhouses because her daughter outgrew it. I even remember the night my mom brought it home, she was so excited that she woke me up at midnight to give it to me (she worked a late second shift). An insulation factory wasn't really a safe place for a really small child, so I had never met the lady. I only knew her name was Rosella, because I thought it was such a beautiful name. I had never seen photos or anything to identify her. Fast forward about a month after mom brought home the doll house, I was walking into the general store with my mom. I have no idea what compelled me, but I ran up to a lady checking out in line and yelled out "Rosella!!" Turned out, it was her. My mom just stood stunned, and Rosella had assumed that mom pointed her out to me. Except I had yelled out her name before my mom had even seen her.

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like 15 years ago while still lived with my mom we had a big backyard and had two dogs, one night i heard the dogs running back and forth not barking but they were whimpering, like scared or something, and when I went out to see I saw another white dog, like a BIG white husky dog, and it looked at me with piercing red eyes, then turned around, climbed a fucking tree and jumped to the backyard next door.

To this day I know for sure I wasn't high, and still don't know what that was.

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I have very bad luck, but I think the most significant was when a cop thought I was someone they were chasing (on an open street) and I got tazered in the back and was hit with a baton several times in the face and ribs. The cop realized I wasn't the person and just ran off without saying anything.

I called the police and they claimed they have no record of it, and I got a lawyer and tried to pursue action against the police department but it all just fell flat and everyone acted like it didn't happen, even most of my family.

So I got the pleasure of having partial blindness in my right eye (left eye dominant so thank goodness) and suffer from a broken nose and two broken ribs along with being tazed and humiliated in public for no reason. Things are good, I tell ya what.

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I once caught my neighbour staring at me outside my bedroom window while I was straightening my hair with no trousers on, and I immediately ducked under my window pane as soon as I saw him. he was legit stood in this alley-way that connects the street’s back gardens, arms crossed and there for at least 15 more minutes just staring through my window. I even got a picture of it. pretty sure I was 15.

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I woke up in the bath at a very specific time, like 5.45. Twice. Ten years in between. Water was getting cold, i was naked. No memory of getting there, some fragments of like seeing my own hand turning on the tap. No drugs or alcohol or even medication involved. The worst thing was the fear. When i woke up i felt an inexplicable , almost primordial, dread. Lasted for hours, I was shaking, couldn't function. Still freaks me out thinking about it. Might have been three times i can't remember properly, i still get the shakes from the memory. Edit to add: oh gosh you guys, thank you so much for the awards! My first!

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I apologise for grammar of spelling mistakes

There was a kid in another class at my school in 6th grade that was genius. I don't mean like, oh he's really smart cause doesn't need to do the homework and still gets a 100s. Like he's was doing advanced calculus with a local college professor after school. This kid was smarter than everyone.

So one day our computer system for the entire school goes down. (I was in a poorer area at the time so this was normal). This was occured many times so normally it would effect us cause we barely used laptops and such. The only class that was affected was the computer class. This kid was in the computer class.

3 or so hours later when I'm class with him during social studies. 3 guys with FBI jackets on and our local chief escorted him out of the building. We were told nothing, the parents were told nothing. It never hit the news. To this day we have no clue what he did. Except every single teacher I've asked about this says they were also told nothing.

I haven't seen the kid since and I can't find a trace of him going to anyother school or ending up in trouble. He just fell of the face of the earth with his parents. (Yeah I forgot to mention that parents also disappeared and no one really looked for then after a month or so)

I still think about that kid.

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I was deployed to Iraq and we stayed in a former prison in Baghdad. During the night we would see and hear strange things. The base at this time only had soldiers but we would hear children playing from inside the prison. One day we decided to dig deeper to see where the kids were. When we finally found where the noise was coming from we found a room with the ceiling caved in. We didn't find any kids but found kids books, toys and kids clothes. Everything looked like it wasn't moved in weeks. We continued to hear the kids in the year we spent there.


Alot of weird stuff has happened to me in my life, so either I'm haunted by some trickster god type of shit or stuff just tends to get strange naturally around me and I'm too stupid to figure out what's going on. I've chosen three things that I absolutely can't explain, and had other people witness it.

The first story takes place at a friends apartment around 15 years ago. We were watching tv and just talking, and the subject turned to ghosts for some reason. I told her that I believed that there were something more in this world that we still didn't understand but she just laughed and said that she had never believed in that kind of stuff and never would. She then shouted for the "ghosts" in the room to show them selves, just to fuck with me. She waited, smirking, for a few seconds and then we heard what sounded like a heartbeat. Like rhythmic thumping. We looked around for a second and found the source almost immediatly. It was my purse. It was laying on the table in front of us, pulsating like a heart. I grabbed it and emptied it but we couldn't find anything that could have caused the weird "heartbeat".

The second story takes place around the same time, but in another friends house. He had told me on several occasions that he often heard footsteps in his livingroom, but I figured that it probably was creeky floors or pipes since it was an old house. But one night when my sister and I were at his place, we heard them as well. It was clear as day. Someone was walking, in heavy boots it sounded like, from his kitchen in to his living room and stopped right in front of the couch we were sitting on.

The last story happened to me and my dad when I used to live with him and my sister. Me and my dad were sitting in the living room and watching a movie one night. My sister was in her room studying. When sat in the living room you could see the hallway to the left that began at my sisters room, went past the living room and all the other rooms and ended by the office where the family computer was. Both me and my dad saw my sister walk past from her room to the office. We both turned and looked at her. Two minutes later we saw her again, walking the exact same direction. Me and my dad looked at each other and he pointed out how weird it was that we never saw her go the other way back, and if he saw her again he would ask her what she was doing. And sure enough, a few minutes later she walked again from her room to the office. My dad called out for her and asked her if she was in the office. She then walked out of her room again and said that no, why did he ask? We have no idea who or what we saw that night wandering the same route again and again, and my dad still concideres it the weirdest thing he has ever experienced.


I was about 10, and I saw my grandmother standing at the front door looking outside. She was talking to my dad. I couldn’t see my dad's face because he was turned away from her, but he was shirtless. He had a very distinct mole in the middle of his back, so I knew it was him. He was mumbling something I couldn’t understand. My grandmother was telling him something along the lines of, 'If you love them so much, why did you go and do this?' My mom wasn’t there to see this, because she had left moments before after getting a call letting her know my dad had been driving drunk and hit a mule on the highway. He was in the hospital clinging to life.

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Driving home from work late one night I was followed and it was weird. I left the hospital and turned off the main road to a bunch of side streets I would take. At one point I noticed a car behind me that made the same left turn as me. They sped up to get behind me. I thought nothing of it. Then I briefly thought about running to 7-11 to grab some food and turned on my right signal. But I realized I had food at home, so I turned my signal off. The car behind me turned on their right signal and turned it off as well exactly as I had. At that point I got a bit spooked. So I turned my right signal on and they did as well. Instead at the next intersection I turned left even though my right signal was on. They did as well. They proceeded to follow me through a series of odd turns. Eventually I turned onto a cul-de-sac I knew about and figured I could turn around there and look at the driver to see who was following me. As I approached the end of the road they figured out what I was doing. They stopped and did a fast k-turn and sped off. It was weird. Still don’t know who it was.


I used to work in a nursing home where I cared for dementia patients. Every patient on the hall I worked on would steal spoons from dinner to give to “the kids” because “they like shiny things.” It got to the point where once a week I’d have to go through everyone’s room to take back the spoons. I asked the patients about the kids many times but never got a good answer. I’d hear things like “they just live here” or “they stand outside in the snow and look in the windows” or “they’re my friends who visit.” Wouldn’t be so weird if they all didn’t do it, but it was everyone, the ones who were still capable of speaking anyways. One time at 3am one of my patients started screaming so I ran in her room and found her laying in bed, seemingly fine. I asked what was wrong and she said “That boy is here again and won’t get out of my closet! I’m scared!” Like me too, Delores what the heck


A few years ago, I took my dog out for a walk at night. The apartment complex I lived in at the time had enough light outside so I was never scared of going out for a little walk. One night, as I walked down the stairs, I noticed a large brown furry thing under the stairs. I know for a fact there was 3 thin bushes under those stairs, but that night, whatever that thing is, was in between those bushes. I was too afraid to inspect it so I walked the dog around the neighborhood for 5 minutes. When I got back, the large brown thing was gone. I stood there for a second before gathering up the courage to go up the stairs. My dog, however, refused to go up. I scooped him up and ran up the stairs into the comfort of my own home. A few days later I sat in the living room minding my own business. From the corner of my eye, I saw something brown and furry crawl from the ceiling into my room. That night, I had a dream I was being attacked by an unknown creature. I covered myself in my blanket and it scratched and tore at it, yelling obscenities at me. I got angry and launched myself at it, punching and scratching at a large brown furry creature. When I woke up my dog was there watching me and whining. Idk what to even think this was.


You know on cold days inside your car you can breath on the window and draw on the glass?

I got in my car, and as I look at the windshield I see a few small baby hands. I thought it was strange someone would let a baby play on my cars windshield. I had an urge to touch the baby prints and as I touched it, I wiped away the hand prints. The hand prints were made from inside of my locked car

This is probably the strangest creepiest unexplained phenomena that’s ever happened to me


I fell asleep on the couch and got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When I got there, I realized I didn’t have to go. I went back downstairs to the couch. When I got there, I saw my body still asleep, curled up on the sofa. I don’t remember what happened after, and I know it had to have just been a dream, but it still freaks me out to this day to think about it.

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I had a short lucid dream and the scene happened in real life a few days later. I am 200 percent sure about it because I keep a diary of my dreams and it matched perfectly.

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I was driving home from work on a long somewhat dark road. I'll admit I was tired and cold and just wanted to get home. Speed limit was 60 MPH and I was doing closer to 70. Suddenly, a girl with long blonde hair, a black coat with brown fur on the hood and jeans just showed up in front of my car. I knew there was another car to my left up ahead but it was black and all I saw was that it was stopped before I saw her. I managed to maneuver around her. I was freaked out, I turned to a side street and stopped to figure out what was happening. Then a tall guy with a black coat and short hair gets out of the driver side of the stopped car. Grabbed her, dragged her to the car while she was fighting him, and put her back in the car. I called the police and gave them the description of the car and the direction it took off in. I never heard anything about it, and I have not stopped thinking about her since. It's been 2 years.


To preface this story, I have sleep paralysis extremely often, and audio hallucinations are not uncommon for me, but visual hallucinations are. There's been two times in my entire life i've actually had a vivid visual hallucination when my brain forgets how to wake my body up. Once was when I was about 13, and I saw an extremely real-looking version of my sister standing over me, and her body decayed from normal looking to a skeleton over the span of a few seconds. It freaked me out, but nothing ever really came of it.

A few months ago, however, I woke up with my normal inability to move, and I heard my Grandmother's voice in my ear say "I want to go home." When I opened my eyes I saw her, clear as day, standing next to my bed. Then she went from looking normal (or at least how I remembered her, seeing as it had been years since I last saw her) to a scrawny, tired an pale looking woman that I could barely recognize as her. It faded away after a few seconds, but it prompted me to go visit her at the care facility she was staying at the next day.

She had been suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia for a few years, so I knew in all likelihood she wouldn't remember me, but I still felt like I needed to see her. When I got there, she looked exactly like the withered woman I saw in my hallucination. Just skin and bone, pale as a ghost, no teeth, and dark, sunken eyes. It was heartbreaking. I sat with her on her bed, said my hellos, and she just looked at me and said "I want to go home." She didn't respond to anything I said after that.

Two days later she passed away. Even though it was gut-wrenching to see the strong, happy and stubborn woman I used to know in that state, i'm glad I went to see her one last time.


Driving from Northern California to Southern California through the middle of the night about a decade ago.

I was tired, and the scenery along the freeway through the central valley isn't very interesting. I remember passing an old silo, looking at my car clock and it was 3:17 in the morning.

Drove some more, passed a powerline, and it was 3:21.

I blinked, shuffled in my seat, and passed that same old silo, and it was back to 3:17. I was in disbelief. I just stared at my clock for a few moments.

Drove a little bit more, passed the same powerline, 3:21.

Don't know why or how, but I went backwards about 4 minutes. Never experienced anything similar or since.


Well, not the scariest thing ever but when I was 11 my family and I moved to another town because of my dad's job. We were only going to stay there for a year, and thankfully we were given a house in a closed community of about 20 houses made for army officials and their families.

So one day my parents are out and they take my baby sister, my older sister is in a friend's house and I'm left alone with our dog for like 2 hours. I was playing in my room when I remember that the black socks for my Monday uniform(kind of like a suit you wear on Mondays) are drying in the backyard. I go there with my dog and utter out loud "I wish there was something to do" and not a moment later I hear some young voice say very clearly "then let's play"

I turn around to see my normally hyperactive Golden sitting looking at me like nothing has happened, I freak out immediately and ran upstairs to my parent's bedroom, I turn on the TV and hide under the covers until my family arrived, they saw me sweating, scared and paranoid at this point. They never figured out what happened but tried to make me feel better.

Now the part that freaks me is that each of the houses in the community was surrounded by 3-meter tall cinderblock walls, the place where my socks were was next to a wall separating from another house, one that had no children, the other house to the left was over 20 meters away and behind another wall, and the wall behind my house separated us from nothing but a steep hill.

There was no one who could have said that, and to this day it freaks me out every time I think of it.


I was putting my daughter to bed, and she was talking about her godmother, bc we were reading a book that her godmother had gotten her. Her godmother died in 2019, of breast cancer. She was my very best friend, more like a sister, and she doted on my daughter. We are reminiscing about her, and my daughters twinkle lights she has on her ceiling starts going off. They have multiple settings- and they are on the rainbow setting. Not too weird, maybe they have a short or something. I go to turn them off. They aren’t plugged in. I figure it’s my friend saying hi. She loved rainbows. I’m not superstitious, but she promised to stick around and haunt us. I find it comforting. Those lights still go off every now and then.


Was cruising a back road on the way to work, when I topped a hill there was a cat in the center of the road. I didn’t have time to react and tried to center the cat between the tires. I heard a loud thump as I went over it, and winced. No cat in the rear view, which I pondered the rest of the drive. When I got out of my truck I heard a meow. I searched all over as the meows kept coming. Eventually I found the cat safe and sound sitting on the spare tire underneath my truck bed. He hung in there for over 20 miles. I had that cat for almost 9 years. RIP Mr Furley.


I was walking down a busy street in Dublin on my way to work and I bumped into a guy who was the bouncer at a club I used to go to before I left to go overseas. We both stopped, looked at each other and said "what the f-ck are you doing here?" at the same time. That was over 20 years ago. I'm back in my home country now and not long after I moved into my new place I bumped into him. He lives a couple of streets away from my place."

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Was delivering newspapers on my paper route when a longtime customer pulled his car next to me and asked me to just give him his daily newspaper now because he was going on a long trip. I handed him his newspaper then skipped his house as I continued my route.

The next day I was collecting the weekly fees (you used to have to go collect the money back then, no internet payment yet) and I went to his house to collect my fee. His wife answers and promptly complains that I missed her house on my deliveries the day before.

I explained to her that her husband pulled up next to me, I told her what he said and that I gave him the paper. She started crying, told me that he had died a couple weeks ago and it was obviously not possible that I spoke with her husband the day before.

I know what I saw and nearly 30 years later I still think about that situation. I have no way to logically explain what happened and it still give me the creeps.


I got this voicemail out of the blue and I still think about it to this day. It was from a number I didn't recognize in Texas. They called twice, early in the morning while I was sleeping, and left this message. The entire thing is unsettling. It's an old woman, and it sounds like a coded message about some type of meeting. The weirdest part is there are two sounds of someone hanging up at the end, so I don't know if someone called me and played a recording? It's really bizarre and creeps me out. I've googled the number various times and have had no luck finding any sort of clue about who left the message or why.

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I was visiting the united states, tens of thousands of miles from home, walking along the beach and heard someone call out from the terrace of this cafe. It was my former boss from back in my own country. My mind can't even begin to calculate the unlikeliness of that.


I was having a sleepover at my friends house when her dog woke me up. Nothing unusual, the dog jumped in the guest bed and smothered me until I got up. When I got up, I saw a black figure Naruto run into the wall. I am not joking when I say that. It was wearing a dress and had really long hair. I told my friend about it, and we thought it was really cool and just thought it was me being tired.

After we did some things my friend told me to look out the window because she saw something. The bush outside was moving slightly, even though the bushes next to it were still, and you could faintly see another dark figure. But this one didn't have a dress or long hair.

As I was leaving her house, we did see another one Naruto run in the basement because that's where her garage is. I left her house and she told me that once she saw another one in the shape of a dog.

This isn't the creepy part. The creepy part is that 2 years later, she had another friend sleep at the house. This friend wasn't as into ghosts and creepy stuff like us, and we had already come up with the conclusion that we were just little creeps who wanted a ghost story. But her other friend said that she woke up and saw a dark figure run in her room. We had never told the other friend that ghost story.


When I was about 10 years old, I had a pretty scary dream. In this dream, my mom drowned in quick sand and my little brother (7 or 8 at the time) jumped in to save her. In the process, he broke his arm. The next day, my little brother broke his arm. No quick sand involved and my mom was never in danger irl, but still, I was super freaked out by the fact that I had dreamt about my little brothers injury literally the night before. To this day, when I think about it, it gives me chills


I fell asleep on the couch in my apartment in Detroit (16th floor of a high rise, not a shady area but right on the water/international border, rife with trafficking and the like).

Sometime after midnight I had a feeling that something wasn’t right and it woke me up; I opened my eyes only to look directly at a man standing in my entry hallway, backlit by the hallway light. He slowly backed up upon seeing me awake and closed the door. I ran to wake up my then-boyfriend in the bedroom and we went out to the hall to see who it could have been, but there was no sign of him.

Probably a neighbor who got the wrong door, but still the creepiest thing I’ve ever woken up to. It was the only night our front door wasn’t locked because that was always my habit, and I had fallen asleep early. The odds of that plus being all the way on the 16th floor. Was it a lost neighbor, someone checking doorknobs that night... the “what if’s” scare me more than anything.


I (F 27) was training to be a nurse. Here in Germany you have to visit and practice at a lot of places. I was working at a hospice, a place where the terminal ill patients can stay until their last day. I was there for 8 weeks and was in my last year of studying. I was doing a round, checking on everyone, making sure they are not in pain, nedd any help or just a talk. One patient, a woman who was there for days, had a different breathing and I called her husband who was in the group-room (don't know how to exactly describe it). She had her finals breaths, while her husband was holding her hand. It was peaceful and I know she was gone. At this moment an other patient made a call (we had phones, which would ring if someone requested a nurse). I excused myself and left her room. Deep breath and going to the patient who was calling. I entered and smiled "how can I help you?". The man told me his guest would like to know where the exit was. I was a little confused, because he hadn't any visitors that day yet, so I asked: "who do you mean?" Maybe I just didn't see anyone, because I was for half an hour with the dying patient. And he answered: "well this lady here. She wants to know, where she could get out". I went pale, blood falling into my knees. I was shocked. I stuttered while opening the window: "ahm. err. here is the way to the balcony and right to left, down the stairs is the door. I'll get you some water." Left the room, and was hardly breathing, leaning against the wall. Was standing there for 5min. One of the nurses saw me and asked if I was ok. So I told her what just happened. All she did was to smile and say: "yes, that kind of stuff happens a lot here."

A few hours later I asked the man, if hie guest found the way out. Him: "Yes, she did and said thank you for everything."

Had to process that for days, weeks, months. I still can't believe it. But I am sure since then, that we carry a soul.

Also some nasty ghostly other things happened to me and my colleagues, while working in an ICU.


When I was about 5 I was going down the stairs of my house when suddenly there was some sort of mist in front of me. It had what I can only assume were eyes, and all the colors from the room were being pulled into individual strands then sucked into the “eyes” like a black hole.

I screamed, and it disappeared through the wall to the other side of the house where my younger brother was. He screamed shortly after I did. My mom was nearer to him, so she went to him first.

When I got into the room where he was he was really scared and he kept on saying “the eyes, the rainbow eyes.” We hadn’t talked, so he didn’t know what I had just seen.

My parents knew a priest so they brought him over and he did some sort of a blessing. We never had any issues after that. It was definitely very creepy.


Worked as a tour guide in an old 18th century mansion and lots of unexplained things would happen quite regularly. This one time while I was with some guests in the former ballroom, a little boy asked his mother “mommy why are there children crying upstairs?”, of course nobody else could hear it but above us would’ve been the old nursery where two young girls died in the 19th century. Nursery was on the third floor and the entire level just had a very strange vibe to it. Still gives me the creeps thinking about it.


Not me, but a friend friend of mine. He's a Christian but there was a time in his life when he was doubting his faith. One night he was in the kitchen and fell to his knees, asking for a sign.

When he looked up at the lock on the microwave he saw the time was 16:04 and he couldn't get the name Matthew out of his head. So he picked up his bible and goes to Matthew 16 verse 4 thinking it would be some profound message or something.

Instead it said "a wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign but none will be given"

That's something he loves to tell people about.


Late one night in bed my wife woke me up and there was a shimmering green mist in our bedroom. We both watched it for another 10 or 15 seconds and then it just vanished. We had been in that apartment for 2 years, and stayed for about another 2 years and nothing like that ever happened before or after.

Not saying it was a ghost, but I really have no other explanations for it. And to make matters a little odder, few days later we learned that there had been a murder suicide a building or two over from us right around that time.


My brother lived in an old farmhouse, it was actually one of the sears kit houses from way back. Cloth wiring, creepy old windmill, the works. Previously belonged to my great grandparents.

During summer break and some weekends I lived there. My room was at the top of the stairs. It had one of those old school porcelain, pull chain lights. The kind where you would pull the chain all the way down to turn it on or off, you could feel/hear the “click”. It was unmistakable.

I was trying hard to go to sleep, lights off, tossin and turning, for probably 30 minutes in the dark. Then the light turned on by itself.

I don’t really know what all kind of crazy like that happened while I wasn’t there but when I bolted from the room to tell him about it, all he said was “welcome to the farm”.


One of my cats had been missing for a few weeks. I had given her up as gone. While on the phone with a friend 100 miles away (who has never seen my house), he interrupts himself from talking about work and says with a strange urgency, "Doug. Open your front door. Your cat is sitting on the porch waiting to come in." And of course upon opening the door, I find her just casually sitting there. We were both beyond blown away. Between sobs of joy I asked "how did you know?" and he said, "I don't know man. That was really weird."


We had a rescue dog years back, terrier mix. We lived in the countryside on a wooded hillside and owned about five acres of woodland and rough fields mostly wild. This dog loved to be up there chasing rabbits but loved her home too so would never be gone for very long. One day she went missing. We took our other dogs up there and searched thoroughly but nothing. We had another friend bring his dogs, nothing. We advertised, put up posters, we did little but search high and low for six days but nothing. On the sixth day we had pretty much given up hope but I decided to go up one last time because I had a hunch, a tickle in my belly, about one particular area which had already been thoroughly searched. I took a sickle and a pair of gardening gloves and hacked my way towards the centre of a huge bramble patch. It was summer and all I could hear was birdsong and insects, but suddenly I heard a muffled yip. I called her name and then heard her again getting excited. She was deep underground in a rabbit warren. I stayed calling to her until help arrived, the local fire brigade were kind enough to come and help and advise and we got her out eventually. She ran around like a demented muddy pup and amazingly the vet said she was basically ok, had probably been getting enough moisture from eating mud to keep her alive. I am not generally a fanciful person, but I just knew in my ‘knower’ she was there. No explanation for it.


Not creepy as such, more just unexplained. As a kid I was round a friend's house after school. It was a sunny day so we went to the park near his house, then through the woods there. (His younger brother was with us as well).

In the woods, beside the path, there were red berries on the ground. The berries had been arranged into three stick figures, which was weird as there were three of us. We got back to the house, and my friend and I decided to go back to take another look (his brother stayed at the house). When we got back there were only two stick figures. My friend snapped a photo on his phone then kicked the berries and we ran back to the house. I have no idea what was going on; was it just some kind of prank being pulled on us?


When I was 17 I had just gotten off my shift at Wendy’s and was sitting in the parlor for my ride and a middle aged man approached me about a job offer, he asked me questions about my job and Wendy’s then he told me about the job he was offering. He said there were other girls and they all lived in like a dorm and the job came with benefits, it was in a office setting and other things I don’t remember but the entire time every danger bell in my body was going off full blast it felt like my body became a vibrator. I don’t remember if after the multiple rejections from me he left or if my ride had come and I zoomed outta there. The only thing I can think to this day is “Did I almost get sex trafficked?”


We used to have a night out every Christmas with the lads from high school. We went back to one of the lads houses and were all drunk having a good time when one of the lads pointed into the kitchen and said ‘who’s that’ - the kitchen was like a box room you could see the whole room from the doorway!

I had my back to the wall where it was and turned to look in, the lights were off and there was no one there. We all looked and said what are you looking at. He was adamant and just stayed sat pointing and just said ‘no who are those two there’

The lad who’s house it was was looking in and turned on the light and again there was no one there, and we all said are you ok, what are you on about?

He said ‘look that fella is leaning on the worktop and the other is leaning and pointing and laughing at me’ - we all kept saying there was no one there. After a back and forth for about 10 minutes, he was describing what they were wearing etc and then the lad who could see these people realised we couldn’t and started freaking out, tearing up and shaking uncontrollably saying he had to get out of the house. He was shaking that much we had to put his shoes on.

Once he had gone and being drunk (no drugs, that we knew of!) we just laughed it off as him being off on one but the lad who’s house it was said he described his uncle and grandad who had long since died EXACTLY how they used of stand and what clothes they were wearing.

I wouldn’t of believed it if I wasent there, and honestly I still think he just had a mad episode. We have all met his grandad and uncle before they died so it could of been some mental moment he had. To this day anytime we mention it he refuses to talk about it, and doesn’t even entertain any notion of it. Like I said, it sounds far fetched but that is 100% true, I don’t believe in ghosts etc and still think he had a ‘moment’ but it was genuinely weird and unsettling!


My boyfriend and I were traveling in Serbia. While waiting for our food at lunch I took a photo and video from our table of the wall of dozens of wine bottles we were seated next to. Two years pass. One winter evening we were watching my favorite childhood movie, the Parent Trap with Lindsey Lohan. The opening scene of the wedding on the yacht stirred something inside me that I cannot describe. The camera takes a long time on this bottle of wine being served.

I inexplicably go back in my photos to this restaurant in Serbia, not sure what I’m looking for. And then I see it: the photo I took is of the exact same wine bottle featured in Parent Trap.

That was crazy but then I played the video I took. The music playing in the restaurant in Serbia? It’s the same exact song playing in the wine bottle scene in the Parent Trap.


Not so much supernatural but there is these 2 pitch black dogs that occasionally run full speed around my yard and I think they might be wild as they just randomly howl from the direction of the swamp that’s near my house at night. As for what they look like they look stocky and muscular like a pit bull or boxer and they have the short hair of a pit bull/boxer but they are long legged and they have no fear of humans.


I don’t believe in the supernatural, but I sure did remember this pair of events from over twenty years ago.

I was driving down the freeway in a big city after work and my car stalled in the left lane. Some guy immediately came up and offered to tow me to the next off-ramp with a tow strap. He dropped me off, and I tried giving him some money.

He declined, telling me to instead do something nice for something else.

A week later, there was a rare downpour as I got in my car (same one, fixed) after work. Two scruffy-looking guys came running up to me and one said, “Hey brother, we missed our bus.” He wanted to know if I could give the two of them a ride. This was not the best part of town, and I wouldn’t have been inclined to let them in, but I remembered what that Good Samaritan had told me. Pay it forward. OK, I said, hop in.

We drove onto the freeway and I made all my usual turns heading home. It was the same way my two passengers wanted to go. After a while we got to an exit where they asked to be let off.

It was the same exact spot, in a city of millions of people, where that other guy had unhitched my car from his truck and told me to do something nice for someone else.


My cat used to visit me after he passed away. I could see him move in the corner of my eye, just at the edge if my vision. Or I could feel his head pressing against my chin, like he used to. This went on for years, and basically stopped when we moved. I miss him.


I’m prefacing this with; I am a spiritual atheist…

One day, I went to work as normal. I had a full day worth of stuff I needed to get done. I had to work alone in this old building that almost everyone in my work never goes in…it’s like 5-6 stories but almost entirely unused, and the top 4 floors are condemned

So all day I just keep sensing someone is behind me trying to jump scare me but every time I turn around, there is no one there. It kept getting worse as the day went on and I kept thinking about saying screw it and going home early.

Towards 2-3pm my minds eye kept seeing dead babies crawling around up in the rafters of the condemned area, but I’d look up there and nothing was there. I kept pushing thru to get my stuff done but I wanted to get outta that building so bad

I finally finish and rush over to the buildings our offices are in and I sit with my boss and talk to him for like 15 mins cuz I honestly just felt like I needed to be around living humanity after feeling that shit all day.

I thank my boss and pack up my stuff to go home. I get to the door to leave work and my phone goes off…it’s my fiancé’s family freaking out about how I need to get home ASAP.

I drive like 80 the 20 mile or so drive to find about 6 cop cars, three ambulances and 2 fire trucks. My fiancé had drown In our pool swimming with her two kids (the kids tried to save her but weren’t strong enough).

To this day, I’m convinced there are either beings we can’t see that enjoy watching our pain, or there was something trying to scare the shit outta me to get me to leave work early and save her life. I wish I had trusted those instincts


Christmas night I was sitting in my room, scrolling reddit while listening to a podcast. From the corner of my left eye I saw something fly up to the ceiling, hit it hard, then fall back to the floor. At the moment the thing launched itself, I also heard a very loud 'pop'. The thing was the screw on cap of my battery powered LED flashlight/lantern. The batteries seemed fine--no weird smells, not oozing chemicals, not warm. I screwed the cap back on, turned the light on and off a few times. Nothing has happened since that night.


I took a nap after coming home from work and I woke up 2 days later at my parents home. Having no clue how I got there. My parents said I drove to their house, eat lunch and went to sleep. I have no memory of it. Can't explain it...


I was probably about 16-17 and had just gotten home from high school. My brother was in the kitchen making a ruckus so I started that way. As I passed by his bedroom I saw my mom in there, sitting on his bed with the lights off, facing away from me and towards the wall. I stopped and stood in the door way and asked if she was okay, and what she was doing. She said really slowly, “Just sitting. Come here, I need to talk to you.” I took about a half step into the room when I heard my mom yelling for me in the kitchen and then saw her setting the table. I looked back to the bedroom and there was nothing there.

I don’t think I ever went back into that room by myself again, even 10 years later.


my sis and I were staying at my grandparents house one night when I saw a person out side my grandparents house windows one night walking up and down the area . it looked like my grandparents neighbour.

the next day I jokingly told my grandparents that the neighbour was taking a midnight walk last night. my grandparents exchanged a weird look then told me that my neighbour had died a week ago. my sister look scared, later she told me that had spoked to that neighbour last night because she was asking for directions to the nearest gas station.

my grandparents and that neighbour were friends but all of a sudden my grandparents stood talking to her. the neighbour had told my grandparents that she lived alone and grew up in an orphanage and she was into a lot of witchcraft.

the neighbour died of a heart attack.

I asked my grandparents if they had seen the body and they told my they had at the funeral.


Once I was hired to load firewood into my aunts basement. She lives alone and left the basement door open for me while she went out. I usually swing the interior basement door as wide as I can when I walk in and the door almost never closes completely but once I heard it close and when I was about to grab another load I saw that the deadbolt locked. When I walk in my arms are filled with firewood so I wouldn’t be able to lock it myself. Looked out the window and checked the garage to see if she came home but she wasn’t there. The door itself was enclosed so no wind to shut it. I tried various ways of slamming the door so it would lock by itself but nothing worked. It’s an isolated house so I would have heard someone drive up and it’s highly unlikely someone walked over just to lock the door and leave and time it while I was piling up firewood and there’s wooden steps so I would have heard someone walking down them. It’s the only time I’ve seen a deadbolt lock itself in my life


We lived in an old house in New England. There were times we would hear voices whispering, outside furniture would be moved around, etc. The craziest thing was we would be woken from a dead sleep by the sound of something/someone falling down the basement steps. Legit all the way down 12 wooden steps. Obviously there was no one there. But the sound was unmistakable. Happened when my in laws were visiting and my mother in law ran into the hallway to see if we were ok. She though one of us fell.


My move to another country. I lived in Belarus (roughly speaking between Russia and Poland). August 2021 was very unexpected for me - I never could have thought that I would participate in something like this. First election in my life, first rigged election in my life, ahah. The first serious fear for your life and trembling in your knees when you stand in a square full of disgruntled people defending their rights. Internet disconnections, riot police escapes, screams. Then the first arrests, the first days in the police isolation ward, and then in prison. I studied at a university in the Vitebsk region, and in my region I set a "record" for days spent in prison among girls (until the punishment for rallies was tougher). I was expelled from the university, for absolutely political reasons. They began to initiate criminal cases against people like me, and they tried against me, so I had to move to Ukraine, completely alone, with vague ideas of what would happen next. I never thought that I would have to rebuild my life anew, in a foreign country, simply because some old man wants power too much.


I was on my way to work quite early one morning and i hadn't slept well the night before so as I came to cross the road I didn't stop or look with being in a half asleep state still , next thing I know, just as I was about cross the road I felt like I'd walked into a tall wall, I literally felt it stop me instantly (it didn't hurt, it was a soft but firm feeling) a split second later a car raced passed me around 50mph and the wheels were only a few inches from running over my feet, I felt like I was definitely saved that day but I have no explanation for this barrier that stopped me


Me and my cousins were walking one time and my cousin found a cute little dog. She took a picture of it and tried to chase it. But the dog literally disappeared passing the corner, and when she looked at her picture the dog wasn’t there.


I've shared this before, but I still think it's an interesting story.

I was exploring the area behind my house shortly after we moved in. The area back there had once been a small quarry that had since filled with water. It was a pit of pond that supposedly went straight down sixty feet if you stepped into it. I was walking along the edge and I came across a backpack filled with old video game cartridges and a set of clothing just laying on the ground. They were for the N64 and we found this around 2004 so they were outdated. Next to it was a set of clothing. The clothes were laying on the ground, spread out, pants and shirt, so it looked like someone laying down. They looked like they'd been there a long time. Same with the backpack. I told my parents and they called the cops. There had been no reports of missing children or anything in the area. We never got an explanation but it was weird.


I've told this story before on Reddit but here we go again.

Growing up, my uncle had a Jack Russell named Crew who one day escaped from their fenced yard and went missing for a month or two. One day, he gets a call from a humane society in another town, around an hour away. It's Crew! We are all astounded that this small dog survived around two months on his own and made it so far in good shape.

Except that when I mentioned the dog and story to my parents and brothers, around 20 years after the fact, they insist there was no such dog. But I remember this dog. I remember this happening and my parents are sure it didn't. Our entire extended family has passed and there's no one left to confirm the existence of this lil dog.


Right after quarantine started I got a package in the mail. It was addressed to my name and my address and contained 1 pink starburst and nothing else. To this day, I have no idea who sent it or why. The return address was a vacant office space across the country.


Back in ~2008, I lived near my college in an apartment. My apartment was set back from the main road quite a bit and was in a wooded and hilly area.

One night, I was out running near sundown. I'm at the bottom of a hill that's behind my apartment so it was near the end of my run. I look up ahead at the top of the hill and notice three guys on bikes just sitting there. Being a 20 year old female, my spidey senses start tingling. I tell myself I'm psyching myself out and it'll be fine so I keep running.

I'm about halfway up the hill. The three guys are still just sitting there, facing my direction. I don't have a phone or anything and nowhere else to go so I tell myself I'll just run as hard as I can and scream if I need to.

Suddenly, I hear something coming up beside me. I look to my right and see a German Shepherd. He's running alongside me. I've never seen this dog before in my life. I can't explain it, but I just KNEW I'd be okay now. I continued running up the hill with this random dog beside me. When we're approaching the guys, this dog gets slightly ahead of me and runs directly in front of me instead of to my right. He gets to the guys and stops dead in his tracks. I continue running and pass the guys without even making eye contact.

Once I'm past the guys, the dog catches back up to me and continues running alongside me. He stays with me until I take the turn into my apartment's [very well lit] parking lot. He disappears into the trees as quickly as he appeared.

I took that route at the same exact time every single day after that for WEEKS and would drive down that road often, hoping to come across him again. No luck. I never saw him again.

My friends are all convinced he was a guardian angel making sure I stayed safe. I'm not really a believer so IDK but it's the most creepy, bizarre, and awesome thing to ever happen to me.


I woke up for some reason and I heard the hammer of a gun being pulled back in front of my face. I could hear the metal on metal and the creaking and the clicks. I opened my eyes thinking I was about to die and nothing was there. The previous owner of the house had overdosed in the living room and used to deal guns, we found some in the attic.


When I was in second grade I was getting the mail and when I picked out a letter for me I got a flash of this lady who I had never seen before and I was like okay whatever, turned out it was an image of my second grade teacher before I even met her on the first day of school, wearing the exact clothes I pictured. The letter was a welcome to class letter from her.


I am a skeptic about ghosts and other worldly beings. This event that happened causes me some consternation because it doesn’t make any sense and I can not explain what was happening: When I was in middle school, my family went camping in New Mexico. We were at a camp site near a lovely stream. My parents had one tent and my brother and I had another. As I was settling down to sleep for the night, I was listening to my headphones. I decided it was time to go to sleep so I took my head phones off and was dozing off when I became hyper aware of a sound. It was a slight swishing/scratching sound on the side of the tent. I had just assumed there was a breeze and a stalk of grass was brushing on the side of the tent. With a sudden jolt, I realized there was no wind whatsoever. I asked my brother, “J, what is that?” He asked what I was referring to. I pointed out the scratching noise. He took his hand and hit the side of the tent. In response, whatever it was, hit the side of the tent from outside of the tent. We both immediately began screaming hysterically. My parents came running and all the while the scratching continued. My parents said it was surely just a bug, a tent string or some vegetation and got a flash light to look at the exterior of the tent. There was nothing. They brushed down the exterior, shook the tent, took everything out of the tent and shook it. The noise continued. I was completely in pieces so I went and slept in my parents tent and my father slept in the “kid tent”. My brother and father reported that the scratching continued all night long.
Still puzzled and freaked out by this experience.


When I was in 3rd grade I moved to a new town and into a new house. We lived in a camper in the back yard of the house while we renovated it. It was a pretty old house. Anyway during renovation we found all sorts of stuff in the walls, old bottles, old pair of glasses, letters, old newspapers, old pictures of children in school clothes.

It was a two story house and the stairs were kind of a focal point for all sorts of creepy stuff. So once you got to the top of the stairs there was a little landing before it went into two bedrooms. At night we would always leave the light on in the landing in case we had to get up to use the bathroom. Me and one brother shared a room and the other room was for our older brother. I refused to sleep upstairs due to how creeped out I was, so I always slept downstairs on the couch.

One weekend my sister, who is older than both my brothers, came to visit and was in my oldest brothers bedroom alone, as we were all at school and my mum was at work. As she was sitting up there watching tv she heard foot steps coming up the stairs and called out as she had thought my mum was home early from work. No response other than the footsteps turning around and heading back down the stairs. When she got up the look there was no one home and all doors locked.

It doesn't stop there. My oldest brother was left home alone for a week while me and my other brother and mom and dad went on a week long vacation. Naturally he had his girlfriend over for a couple nights to keep him company. One night she got up to pee around 3am and went downstairs to the bathroom where she said she heard children whispering. A couple nights later around 3-4am the gf woke my brother saying someone was in the house. They heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Since the light was on in the landing, they could see a shadow underneath the door like someone was standing there. And the door knob began to shake, luckily it was locked. They both started to freak out, and my brother jumped up out of bed. We had some of those dumb display samarai type swords that aren't even sharp and he grabbed one of those and went towards the door. They heard more footsteps running down the stairs and he bravely or stupidly followed down the stairs where he was met with an empty house. All windows and doors closed and locked. He called the police but nothing came of it.


A few years ago, I was at my lowest point in life. Several people close to me had passed away unexpectedly, I was being bullied every day at my job, my life was falling apart. I was past being depressed - I just couldn't imagine waking up another day. So I'd planned my suicide - bought a one-way plane ticket, got sleeping pills, and wrote a series of suicide notes.

On the day I was to fly out to fulfill my 'plan', there was a terrible accident on the freeway to the airport. It was shut down both ways. So I drove into a nearby pub to have a beer and wait out the traffic. The second I sat on the patio with my drink, a gentleman asked if he could sit with me. Whatever, I thought, sure, who cares. He told me that whatever I was doing next was a terrible idea and I would regret it. I thought, who is this random fucker? But I listened.

He said that he sensed I was in pain, but that I had an incredible life ahead of me, and that this was not the way my story was supposed to end. Again, I'd never met this guy in my life, and hadn't mentioned a word to him about my 'plan'. He asked me to hand him my keys and my wallet, and he'd give them back to me after I talked and he listened.

I poured my heart out to this random guy. Told him all my traumas and pains in life and why I was heading to the airport on a one-way ticket to kill myself in a cemetery across the country where my family was buried. He just listened. And then he pulled out a lighter, asked me to pull out my suicide letters and helped me burn them. He told me I was worth so much to the world and that after I finished my drink, I needed to head home and get some sleep. He told me I was going to be okay tomorrow, and I believed him. He then gave me my keys and wallet back.

I left that afternoon and went home, hugged my family. Got some sleep - and the next day, I started working on myself - finding a therapist, a new job. Years later, I'm in a fantastic place in life, so, so far from where I was that day. To this day, no one in my life knows how close I came to killing myself. But this random stranger just somehow understood me. And saved my life.

I never saw him again, I don't even know his name. It's the most unexplained thing that has ever happened to me. And I think about that guy every day - so, thank you, kind stranger, for saving my life that random September day on a pub patio.


My grandma and I both saw a "dead person" in our laundry room once.

So, the laundry connected to the kitchen by a doorway. The doorway connected to the living room, too. One afternoon, grandma needed a hamper, so I followed her to the laundry. We saw the "dead person" as soon as we stepped foot in that doorway.

It looked to be about my height (I was six or sevenish) and totally black. Not as in a black person but a literal black coating on its skin. It was slumped near the washing machine. We only saw it for a split second, enough time to register that it was there, and then it was gone.

I remember my grandma saying "did you see that?" and laughing it off. She got the hamper and did her thing, and I just avoided the kitchen for a while.

And on a semi-related note, I used to have the FREAKIEST nightmares in that house. I had nightmares so graphic, so often, that my pediatrician wanted me to see a therapist.

Ninja edit:: I'm not a wholehearted believer in ghosts, but I do still wonder what it was! My grandma always describes it as "the garbage bag" because it was about that big, and slouched in the corner like trash.


One day I fell asleep on my sofa at noon suddenly I heard one of my friend calling through the window so I tried to get up but for some reason I couldn't move even a bit. I couldn't even call my mom who was in the kitchen. I was trying to move desperately but it felt like someone was just pulling me down. Suddenly I fell down from the sofa. I woke up realising it was a dream. But even though I didn't actually fall by body was aching and my head was swollen


When I was about eight years old, my kitten Peterkris (named after the Kiss band member because she was a grey tabby) got hit and killed by a car. I was devastated. I had rescued her with my older sister from a box in the rain. It was a miracle our parents let us keep her and her brother, Nigel.

One day after school, my mother tells me that there had been a freak accident and that my kitten had died. I found out a few years later that she had been hit. Anyway. Later that night, I was laying in bed and I felt her kneading (or making biscuits as some may call it) on my legs. I looked back behind me, as I was laying on my stomach, only to see not a thing there. I laid back down and the feeling came back again. Every time I would look behind me, it stopped.

To this day, I still believe it was her.

TL;DR - Kitten got killed by car, felt her ghost making biscuits on my legs.


A friend and I from high school used to go out to this old county road and smoke a joint on a big hill facing a large, old brick house across the street that sat in a large field. The face of the house had 2 rows of 6 windows each, facing the road. One night we were chilling on said hill and looking out at the house as the sun was going down and all of a sudden a light turned on in one of the windows and then shut off. Then another random window lit up, then shut off. It kept going. Faster, faster.. a window would light up and shut off and then go to another. It did it for about a minute and eventually was doing it so quickly it couldn't have possibly been a person going room to room or even a person with access to multiple switches at one time. After about a minute after speeding up to random flashes it stopped.

It simply didn't make sense. We both saw it. We talked about it many times afterward. The only thing we can figure is if the homeowner had some kind of automated lighting system hooked up to all the rooms and was messing with us. Other than that, I have no idea.

Sketchy AF though.


I once woke up in a tent in the middle of the night while camping in the Upper Peninsula with my friends. I heard this dude shouting and screaming about a bear, telling it to f*ck off and stuff. Naturally I woke my buddy up and told him what was up and he said he could hear it too. We got out of our tent and searched for almost an hour around the campsite and found nothing, then proceeded to find a redwings hat that was neither of ours. We took watch turns the rest of the night. And I’m pretty sure he still has the hat to this day.

Note: UP is a term used by people familiar with Michigan as the Upper Peninsula (the arrow lookin thing above the mitten)


i was walking my dog once around the pond in my grandmother’s condominium gated community. it was suppose to storm that night so it was windy all day. like tree branches violently flailing around and small items being blown away.

i got to the front of my grandmother building, there wasn’t a soul in sight and suddenly it got really quiet. which was weird because it was literally windy ALL DAY but the wind suddenly stopped. i sort of looked around and felt off, it was the kind of quiet you could hear.

suddenly a big gust of wind comes in and my dog starts freaking out. i tug him to come towards the building so i could put the code in to get us inside when suddenly i hear a voice go “hey” right behind me. it felt like it was right next to my ear. i turned around and there still wasn’t anyone there. and my dog was still freaking out. so i dragged him inside, ran up the flight of stairs to my grandma’s condo and locked the door.

i still have no idea what happened to this day


Saw a small statue on my TV jump off and land perfectly upright in the middle of the room floor. One other person saw it and we just put it back and ignored it ever happened.


Had a few time jumps I can’t explain. Literally hours passed in seconds. With witnesses who experienced it with me.

Ghost shit (noises, apparitions, slamming doors, weird coincidences, moving things) but I think ghosts explain it even though others don’t agree.

But the most unexplainable was probably swimming in my friends pond as kids. I got sucked under the water and grabbed her hair on the way down. She was so mad. I fought and kicked and still think her hair saved me. My family thinks it was an irrigation pipe sucking me under but we weren’t close enough and I know it (we’d been fully educated on the dangers of that section of that pond and steered VERY clear of it and it was marked) and in a group of six I was the only one sucked down and I was RELEASED from whatever was pulling me. I wouldn’t be able to release myself from a drainage pipe. It would’ve kept sucking, not stopped. Whatever had me STOPPED. It stopped pulling me down. But there was a fight first and I had chunks of my friends hair in my hands to prove it.


A couple of things happened to me and my housemate when we moved into the top apartment in an old building in Europe, right next to a forest known for witchcraft. The locals even have a witches' parade every year. It's a harmless bit of fun.

The apartment was huge – three bathrooms, two bedrooms, a study, two living rooms, a living space, a kitchen, two balconies. The bigger one was upstairs, across from a door to the attic, that ran across the entire house. It was dark and full of a lot of old stuff (like from a century ago, we found porcelain, really old wooden furniture, and a doll neither of us wanted to touch). There were also some children’s slippers and black and white pictures of a child from when the town still had carts pulled by oxen.

It was a wonderful place to live, and the cheap rent made it wonderfuller, but both of us were mildly creeped out in the beginning. We used to hear stuff while in our rooms, like banging or footsteps, or like something had fallen on the carpets. My housemate would text me “did you hear that too?”, but she soon stopped. She never wanted to talk about it either. I guess she didn’t want to give it any power by acknowledging it.

I clearly remember the first time she was out. It was winter, so it got dark by 4pm. I needed to grab groceries, so I left all the lights on to make myself feel better. I tried to look for my earphones for some music along the way, but I couldn’t find them and I left without them. When I returned every single light in the house was switched off, except the one in my room, and I went to my room, my earphones were lying neatly rolled on the top of my bed.

A few other incidents took place while we lived there too, like the bulbs in the corridor (and only the corridor) dying with loud pops one by one; my housemate hearing something like a dog scratching at her door and texting me to let her sleep one evening while I was over at a friend’s place; me hearing a door loudly banging somewhere in the house while I was on the toilet, and the banging stopping immediately as soon as I flushed – it was like it didn’t realise there was someone home. The house was weirdly cold too, but we lived there for a year without anything major happening.


When I was 13 I moved into my brother's bedroom, as it is an extension to the original house with an en suite and is far larger than my old room. Originally it was a tiny boxroom with the entrance to the attic but was extended outwards. The attic entrance is always open, with a permanent set of metal ladders angled up into it. There's a picture of it here, the grey arch is where the original room ended.

Within a few weeks of moving in I'd wake up in the middle of the night to see a figure staring down me, with a white head like a skull and formless black body. It would slowly move down to the foot of my bed and stare me until I moved, at which point it would sink into the floor.

Just sleep paralysis, right? And I'd begged to move into the room and had just got it set up so I wasn't going to leave. I didn't really talk about it to anyone, it gradually became less frequent over time.

Eight years after this my brother mentioned at a get together that he used to have a sleep paralysis demon when he lived in that room a half joking, half freaked out way to other people when the topic of them came up.

He described the exact same fucking thing.

Neither of us mentioned it to anybody else at the time it was happening so we have no explanation for us both experiencing the same thing.


Told this one a couple times, but it’s a pretty good one and I’ve never gotten a satisfying answer: the crab.

So, a few years back, I woke up in the morning, went to take my meds, and I noticed something odd: there was a crab scuttling around my balcony. It was a decent size, the body was probably about the size of my hand, kind of brownish-green with whitish legs and underbelly. Now, I live in a condo in downtown Toronto, and I’m quite high up. My balcony is not attached to anyone else’s balcony and my unit is on a side of the building that only has one row of balconies. There’s also netting up that completely covers the open part to keep pigeons out, which was not damaged or torn. Toronto is also nowhere near an ocean. We have a lake, but it’s quite polluted and there are no crabs living in it, and I live several kilometres away from it.

So how the hell did it get there? Where did it come from? A person couldn’t have put it there, I live alone and the only other person who has a key is my mother, who lives outside of Toronto, and my building’s super. No one could’ve gotten on to my balcony unless they were Spider Man, and even then, the netting would’ve been ripped or moved. A bird couldn’t have dropped it there because of the netting, and besides, where would a bird have gotten a crab around here? I mean, unless it managed to sneak into a seafood restaurant or a supermarket and swipe a live crab, but that seems very unlikely. The crab couldn’t have climbed up there on its own, and again, where would it have come from?

So this crab just kinda materialized on my balcony and I have no idea how.


I was somewhere around 17 yrs old & a guy started jerking off next to me on the highway and just kept following me and slowing down next to me and continuing to do it. I was just thinking about it the other day for some reason. It was by definition creepy.


In high school, AOL was new and chat rooms were super popular. I was 16 when we finally got the first PC and AOL and the whole works. Creepy old men would lurk in generally teenaged-run chat rooms because...creepy old men.

Some guy started messaging me, he was in his late 30's (but it was the internet, who knows if he really was. He could have been 78 for all anyone knew). I was a teenage girl, why would I be interested? So I told him to not talk to me.

He then made a fake account claiming he was a teenage boy but then he started talking like he did before and I caught on. Why so much effort to talk to a plain 16 year old?

I filed complaints but only so much can happen when he hasn't really done anything illegal. Whatever. So one day, my parents are out and my brother is gone. The home phone rings and it's him. He tells me he knows I'm alone, my parents are out, he knows what my house looks like (he describes it over the phone). He tells me he could easily come to me if I asked him.

I told him I'm not amused and to just stop. He disappeared after. No idea. It was just....WEIRD. Still no clue.


It was around 3am and I was on my computer in my moms basement when I was 17. There was a fruit cellar door next to my desk. All of a sudden I hear 3 knocks coming from inside of the fruit cellar door. There was no other entrance to the fruit cellar. I freaked out and ran up the stairs and ran outside, thinking maybe some of my friends were playing a joke on my but it was the middle of winter and snow was falling and there were no footprints around my house and my mother was fast asleep. I got in my car and drove to my friends house and moved to my own place shortly thereafter. 20 years later and I still won’t go in that basement at night.


I was about 7 or 8 and I was at a housewarming party at my aunt and uncle's new house. It wasn't extravagant, it was a lower- to middle-class mobile home in South Carolina. Wasn't really a big party, just the family, some barbeque out back, red solo cups, all boxes in the garage and not even distributed to their proper rooms. The only things that were "unpacked" and where they should be was the furniture. So anyway, two of my cousins were there and one of them had a friend over and we were all playing together, some made-up fantasy game where we were pretending to be princesses or something. All of the adults were out back drinking, and I emphasize, there were only four people inside the house: me, my two cousins, and the friend. The house was set up in such a way that the kitchen was the first room you walked into from the front door, then there was the living room, then past that was the hallway with the bathroom and bedrooms. I was in the living room on the couch because that was the "princesses' bedroom" and I was kinda just sitting there idle while the others got snacks. With no warnings or no other sounds, every single one of us hears a female voice let out an ear-piercing, gut-wrenching, overall horrifying scream in the bathroom. It was clear as day and it was so loud and sudden that it made me jump, as the living room was right next to the hallway. My cousins and their friend run out from the kitchen and look at me sitting there, and then we all run from the living room into the bathroom. Not a single person is in there, and nothing is displaced because there wasn't anything unpacked anyway except the toilet paper. We turned back around to see about 3 adults coming in from the back door because they had heard it too, coming from inside, so it wasn't any of them.

What gets me about it is this: we have all since entertained the idea that it was a prank no one has fessed up to yet, but in order for it to have been a corporeal being, they would have had to somehow get into the bathroom without me seeing them from the couch, screamed, ran out of the bathroom to either the backdoor (without any of the four kids in the living room seeing) or out a window in one of the bedrooms. All of the bedroom windows were locked from the inside, so if they escaped that way, someone would have had to lock it and go out the back door, which again, we would have seen. One of the creepiest things that's happened to me. And before you cry "speaker hidden somewhere," that was one of the first things that my uncle checked for when he ran inside and was told by us that none of us had done it. Me and my cousins think it's either something supernatural or something that the adults did, and all of the adults that were there think that one of us screamed and lied about it because we were all in the bathroom when they came in. Either way, the mood at the party was killed really fast after that. Everyone was confused and a little on edge and there wasn't any of that self-satisfied undertone that someone who just played a really good practical joke would have been showing. It was a pretty blood-curdling sound.


I don’t think I have ever talked about this to anyone coz it still hurts to think about it, but yeah I really wanted to share this here. Also, this is quite a long one.

I had this neighbour who was around 30 and he was such a sweet guy (lets say his name was Adam). I felt like he was the kind of older brother i’ve always wished for. He was an all rounder; gym freak, good at singing and playing every possible instrument, dance, sports, cooking etc. He used to take me and my younger brother to the beach wherever possible. So this incident took place a 3 days before my 14th birthday. I was on my way to school in the morning when this absurd scene of flashed in front of my eyes; it was him getting into an accident and dying. it felt soo real i almost wanted to cry but then i told myself maybe its because i had watched a movie with a character dying the previous night. I continued with the day and it was almost 8pm when my parents got a call from someone. I could see their face change expressions. Once the call ended, they said they needed to go somewhere and would be back in a while. I wasn’t sure what was happening but i felt that something wasn’t right. Next morning i woke up to the worst news of my life; Adam was no more. Apparently he met with a major accident the previous night and died on the spot. I didn’t know how to react because a few hours before he died, i did have a bad feeling. For days I couldn’t even sleep and I blamed myself because i felt like maybe i could have warned him about it and maybe he would still gonna be alive. It’s been almost 7 years since this incident took place but every time i think about it, my heart aches and i still wished he was alive. :( I still can’t figure out why i had that sort of a feeling hours before it actually happened and it scares me.


When I was a kid, I lived in this tiny 2 bedroom apartment with my mom and sister. For whatever reason, I used to sleep on the couch in the living room, wake up at 3 am and watch anime while I get ready for school and then sleep for a few more hours. I honestly don't remember why I used to do this. Anyways, one night I'm awake (it was probably around 2 or 3 am) and all of a sudden someone starts BANGING on the window and screaming. I mean like, HYSTERICALLY. It scared the absolute shit out of me. This went on for a good couple of minutes before it just stopped. The weirdest part was it didn't wake up my mom, my sister or even the neighbors. And when I asked if they heard anything they told me no. Honestly maybe it was just my imagination or some crazy old person but I'll never know.

Another incident that happened to me was when I was in middle school living in a house in the middle of nowhere with my family. It was a weekend and of course I was sleeping in. My parents always hated that and would wake me up all the time. So when I heard this voice in my ear say "Wake up." naturally, I wake up thinking it's my mom or something. But when I opened my eyes, no one was there or in my room. So i thought, "Maybe they came in a few minutes ago and I'm just now waking up." Curious, I asked them if they tried to wake me up this morning. They both said no. To this day, I'm not sure if I was just hearing things or what but still freaks me out.


Not really note worthy but being at my apartment and doing work for school. Only to recieve a text to be told that my online assignment had 4 wrong answers. Just out of the blue, no contact id or anything. I began to slightly panic and do virus checks and other safety measures. I saved my files to my cloud qnd reset my computer for safety. To this day I run a VPN and anti virus. For someone to look at what your doing and to just say something in a text makes second guess how safe you are on the internet.

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