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things feel a bit crazy in the world right now so i’m taking comfort in the small grounding rituals of life. my morning matcha latte (recipe coming soon!), watching Jeopardy at night (recently obsessed!), reading lots of good books (just finished The Dutch House and The Giver of Stars, and loved them both),  buying flowers every time i go to trader joe’s, evening walks in the cool california winter weather and looking forward to a trip to Big Sur this weekend. we’re staying at Deetjans which is the coziest spot and dinner at Big Sur Bakery, i can’t wait. what are you up to? (p.s. how fun are all these bright outerwear photos?! all of the credits are linked in the photo if you click!) – joanie

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i’ve been cooking really simple meals these days. my aunt introduced me to rancho gordo beans and i’m hooked. she sent me this sampler pack and i’ve been having fun making my way through it and eating lots of beans and rice combos (always topped with cilantro and hot sauce!). i made this one pot chicken and rice dish which is super easy and yummy. i love peanut sauce on basically anything! try as i may, i can’t get away from incorporating thai flavors into everything i cook. adding a splash of fish sauce to soups, using ginger and lemongrass along with my onions and garlic and topping everything with fresh herbs. i made a variation of this tom kha gai soup last week. i used green curry paste instead of red and it really complimented the flavors of ginger and lemongrass that are in the base. it’s a simple and nourishing weeknight dinner.

and a couple finds from around the web. i love these Chanel look alike woven flats for summer. i got this louise roe jewel vase for christmas from my mom and it’s gorgeous. if you’re looking for a timeless vase to leave out all the time, this is it. i’m a big fan of levi’s as everyday jeans, and i tried on these rib cage denim yesterday and the fit is 100. i didn’t buy them yet but they are on my wish list! i think they run one size small, so size up! forever an H&M fan, i love this $20 green dress for summer. the silhouette is very romantic. and this $10 puff sleeve top which looks great with a pair of statement earrings. we’re going to be seeing a return to the 80’s sleeves, lots of puff happening! oh, and these pants which remind me of the ulla johnson ones from last season.

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