Where did you fly first in Flight Simulator?

Where did you fly first in Flight Simulator? I'm intrigued by the question because I think it reveals so much. Did you fly home? What does home mean to you? Did you relive a trip? Why? And what happened when you did?

I didn't go where I thought I would. Eventually I did - I flew over Brighton Pier, over my hometown, a flight I've been lucky enough to do in real-life, albeit in the back of a tiny plane while my brother flew it. It was a present for his birthday (we're twins so I got to go along). He didn't get the whole plane by the way! Just a lesson.

And I tell you what: those small planes get buffeted around by the wind a lot, don't they? Oh, and don't do what we did and get an instructor who thinks it's hilarious to let go of the controls so those young lads on board get a thrill. It's not hilarious. I practically shat my pants.

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