Winter Maternity Tips To Make Sure You are Comfortable and Still Look Sexy

Are you a mom-to-be? Congratulations welcome to the phase where you have to deal with aches, pains, cravings, random acne, hormones, and mood swings for the next nine months, let alone your winter wardrobe. I cannot help you in the emotional quotient but can surely help you solve the winter closet riddle with my expert winter maternity tips!

In this article, Ill tell you what I wore during my pregnancies and Ive had all 5 of my babies between April and July, so Im always pregnant in the winter!

Pro Tip: During pregnancy, a womans body temperature is usually 2 degrees higher than usual, making it difficult to manage what to wear. Just be comfortable! If you feel warm indoors, wear cotton tees and support leggings.If you feel hot even in December, don't bother with a coat. Layering is especially important during pregnancy so you can remove layer by layer as you overheat.
  • Layering As mentioned above, the body temperature of pregnant ladies is usually 2 degrees higher than average; you might not feel that cold. The perfect hack is to dress up in layers to manage your outfit (during the day) as per your comfort. Instead of buying useless stuff, invest in dresses, cardigans, stretchable t-shirts, open jackets, and the like. You can also choose to buy a maternity coat if you really wish to button it up; otherwise, a regular coat will do.(I never bother with maternity coats, I just leave my normal coats unzipped)
  • Ponchos Ponchos are a pregnant womans best friend, giving your pregnant body a cute look. Theyre more like a blanket acceptable in public, completely covering your body and baby bump. When your baby bump grows, your poncho will still be as comfortable as it was earlier and great for nursing. I love my Ingrid & Isabel Nursing Poncho because its stylish, has a magnetic closure, and its so comfortable.
  • Stylish Pants There are times when you need that chic look to look stylish. Dont let your pregnancy stop you from looking fab and sexy invest in a pair or two of cute maternity jeans. It seems like expandable denim was made for the pregnant body shop for jeans that adjust with your waist (as it grows) or look for something that fits below your baby bump. Also, you can buy Ingrid & Isabel ponte pants with 5 pockets and a crossover panel as they offer excellent stretchability and style.
  • Blazers There are times when you need to look polished and classy ( I know you dont feel like that, but sometimes you have to maintain that look), especially corporate employees. To get a structured and classy look, wear a blazer. You can use it as the topmost layer (unbuttoned if youre in your second or third trimester).
Pro Tip: A blazer is also perfect for work and evenings out - giving you that evergreen classy yet sexy look.
  • Oversized Cardigans Just like a blazer, oversized cardigans can also be on top of your layering game (like literally) buttoned or unbuttoned. They are an evergreen piece of clothing during pregnancy perfect for binge-watching Netflix or going out for a date.
  • Warm Leggings What else can you ask for comfortable leggings that keep you warm. If you prefer wearing dresses or skirts, you can comfortably wear them with a pair of leggings. As you have gained weight, shop for darker shades like black or blue (will make you look slimmer). Trust me, belly support leggings will be your first preference when youre in your final trimester and need more comfort and warmth.

So, youve found a way to keep yourself comfortable with my expert winter maternity tips, consider gifting your better half a pair of comfortable 5.11 Stryke Pants for Christmas. Hell love them and hell look great in them too.

Pro Tip: You may not feel the need to drink water as its freezing outside, but the fact is that winter air is very dry. Keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water (more than usual) to keep yourself healthy and hydrated.


Handling your pregnancy wardrobe is all about being practical and buying what youre comfortable in. These tips will help you get the best of both worlds style and comfort. I am a mother of five and have always developed these winter maternity tips from my own pregnancies!

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