Winter Olympic Activities for Kids

Celebrate and learn about the Winter Olympics with your child with these fun and easy Winter Olympic Activities for Kids. It’s the perfect time to learn about the world as you cheer on your favorite top athletes from around the world.

Which Winter Olympic Sport is your Favorite?

30+ Winter Olympic Activities for Kids

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The Winter Olympics have arrived!  If your kids are anything like mine I keep finding them drawn into the competitions and wanted to watch more and more.  Here’s our teachable moment as parents to encourage them to learn from the best athletes in the world!

We’ve shared several ideas the past few weeks as we were each preparing for this event.  Here they are in one spot for easy reference.  Plus we’ve been collecting some of our favorites from Kid Bloggers.  We’re sharing them with you today.  

We hope that you are following our Olympic Pinterest Board, there will be many more ideas added as the Olympics go on this month!

Olympic Activities for kids

Want to learn how to create art with chalk pastels for the olympics? Here’s how to sign up for this Winter Games Art Course with You Are An Artist.

Winter Games Video Art Lessons on computer with Olympic Torch
Olympic rings with water beads
Featured toys about the world for kids with globes, puzzles, games and more.
Quote about what the Olympic Ring Colors Represent by Pierre de Coubertin


Icons of Winter Games for Writing Prompts for Kids


Winter Olympic Activities for Kids

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Learning about the world through sports can be so much fun with your child. There are so many valuable life lessons you will discover as we hear the stories from individual athletes too.

We’ll continue to share all the resources we find onto our Olympic Pinterest Board and World Geography Pinterest Board .

Which Winter Olympic Sport is your Family’s Favorite?   

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