199 People Who’re Having A Bad Day At Work

We’ve all had that very worst day combo. From little things, like keys falling into the road gutter hole to a car engine that goes on vacation and doesn’t start, to pouring salt instead of sugar in your coffee, call them first world problems, but they’re real. And blood-boiling. In fact, we previously rolled up this compilation of pics with people having a day they’d be better off without.

This time, we are taking it a step further with a brand new list of employees having worse days than you. The cases are just vile. Think of a guy dropping a $40,000 pallet worth of glass on his first day or think of how it feels when you’re working from home and hit video instead of audio.

While you feel the hair standing up on your arms, I leave the stage to all the workers who need a big hug, mint tea and a warm blanket as soon as they get home. And if you still think that your workday is not going according to plan, well, think again.

#1 When I Worked At A Dog Daycare (I'd Bring My Dog With Me, Duh) I Once Got Off From Work And Was So Hungry I Left Without Him

My manager sent me this picture about 10 minutes later saying "You forgot something". His expression is perfect.

Image credits: powergirlpanties

#2 Started Work This Morning, Put My Headset On, Felt Something Furry In My Ear, Looked And There Is A Bat In My Headset

Image credits: soulhacler

#3 When You’re Working From Home And You Hit Video Instead Of Audio

Image credits: bonitasaph

#4 My Girlfriend Got Nailed At Work

Image credits: chrystal-mighties

#5 My Friend Works As An Extra In Movies And Does Stock Photography.... Just Saw Him Pictured As A Sex Offender On A Bus In Florida

Image credits: devandangers

#6 So I Started Working As A Beekeeper Last Week

Image credits: reddit.com

#7 Guy Dropped A $40,000 Pallet Of Glass On His First Day

Image credits: MrTenenbaum7

#8 Poor Megan

Image credits: needmorexanax

#9 Bought 60 Doughnuts For The Office Today To Celebrate My 20th Birthday, Only To Be Told I Need To Self Isolate And Work From Home For The Next Week

Image credits: Peencub

#10 The One Time The Toner Exploded At Work While Switching It Out. You Can See Where I Was At That Exact Moment

Image credits: paochow

#11 My Friend Got A Surprise Haircut At Work Today. And It Was Free

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 They Couldn’t Do It

Image credits: NinjaCatPurr

#13 This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

Image credits: VreniCZek

#14 After The Meeting Coworker Let Me Know That I Looked Naked And Frustrated The Whole Time

Image credits: lindseyyisrad420

#15 It's Always A Pleasure To Realize That Your Coworkers Don't Know How To Close A Box Properly... Right When You're Ready To Go Home

Image credits: Thunder_SdSh

#16 I Work With An Office Full Of Sadists

Image credits: NoTick

#17 Buckets Of Paint Fell Off A Pallet Being Lifted By A Forklift

Image credits: the-d-man

#18 The Windows Where I Work Like To Explode Every Month Or So

Image credits: Morg1603

#19 This Was My Dad's Only Christmas Bonus From The Company He's Worked At For Over 20 Years: A $20 Off Coupon For A Frozen Turkey. My Mom Got A Christmas Ornament

Image credits: AdiosTinyToast

#20 I Work At A Movie Theatre And This Is A Regular Occurrence

Image credits: Key-Disaster-3682

#21 My Sister Tried Making Popcorn At Work Today... Didn't Go Very Well

Image credits: flooptyscoops

#22 My Compensation For Working Through A Pandemic For The Past 3 Months

Image credits: grvffxti

#23 Fell On A Gusset Plate At Work

Image credits: mithrilbong

#24 What McDonald's Got Us (At Least My Branch Of McDonald's) For Our Work During The Pandemic

Image credits: furry-d*ckwithhair

#25 So I Found Out That My Shoes Have A Hole In Them... At The Urinal At Work

Image credits: AFallingWall

#26 I Work At A Small Coffee Shop. My Boss Just Absent-Mindedly Poured Unroasted Beans Into A Batch Of Roasted Ones. Here's Us Separating 10,000 Beans... By Hand

Image credits: CensoryDeprivation

#27 Actually Had To Put This Sign Up In The Bathroom At My Work

Image credits: surbauer

#28 My Friend Works As A Cleaner Here

Image credits: soulkeyy

#29 I Cleaned The Cat’s Litter Box And Brought The Bag With Me To Throw Away In My Outdoor Trash Can On The Way To Work. I Also Brought My Lunch

Guess which one got thrown away and which one came to work with me.

Image credits: Eric264

#30 Really Bad Day

Image credits: TheMagnificentBoner

#31 Flew In A Helicopter For The First Time At Work, The Pilot’s Helmet Wasn’t Calming

Image credits: drdoom

#32 Transfer Slab Collapsed As They Were Pouring Concrete In A Highrise Building Near Gallery Square. No Workers Injured As Far As I Know. May 7th 2021

Image credits: dramatic_tempo

#33 My Zipper Broke At Work, Right Before A Few Important Meetings

Image credits: illigal

#34 Keeps Pecking The Window And Shouting At Me While I'm Trying To Work

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 My Wife Just Got This Huge Banner For Work. Perfect

Image credits: heymanitsdan

#36 I Have To Untangle This At Work

Image credits: Xmaximus10

#37 I Do Calligraphy. I Misplaced The Circled In Character, Which Is Part Of A 300 Word Scroll That I Almost Finished After 5 Days Of Work, 200 Characters In

Image credits: SomeFoolishHooman

#38 My Boss Is Going To Kill Me

Image credits: captainhendrix

#39 -41°С And No One To Let Me In To Work

Image credits: Dazd95

#40 Ordered A Stamp, Guess The Photo Didn’t Work

Image credits: DelisionalMeatball

#41 A Fly Managed To Slip Into My Coffee At Work. Fortunately, I Spit Him Out All Over My Keyboard

Image credits: MyAniumYourAnium

#42 Train Taking A Bath

Image credits: austrialian

#43 I'm A Skilled Tradesman Who Is Supposed To Get A $3000 Bonus At The End Of The Year For Making The Company $150,000 In Profit, Per My Contract. This Is What I Received

100% done with this industry.

Image credits: itstinyrick86

#44 Worked With Concrete Without Gloves. Didn't Know It's Corrosive

Image credits: lost-in-leipzig

#45 I Picked Something Up At Work, All Of A Sudden My Leg Started To Hurt, I Reached Into The Pocket At My Leg And Realised That My Spare Blade Made It Out Of The Case Somehow

Image credits: NixonXIV

#46 Need To Keep The Light On When I Get Ready For Work

Image credits: hat7e

#47 Accidently Dropped My Work Keys Into The Toilet. When I Got Up To Fish Them Out, It Automatically Flushed Itself

Image credits: MovieReviewForNew

#48 FedEx Truck Hanging Off The Indiana Toll Road After Hitting Ice In Frigid Conditions. Driver Not Hurt

Image credits: DarkBlue222

#49 Manager Decided To Buy McDonald's Burgers For Black Friday. The Burgers Were Locked Away From The Employees And Nobody Got Any Food For The Entire Day

Here’s the end result. Over 60 burgers and pies wasted.

Image credits: reddit.com

#50 Just Slipped On Ice And Tore My Favourite Jeans. Now I Gotta Go A Whole Shift At Work With My Bright Orange Boxers On Show

Image credits: TheAnonymousDoom

#51 My Buddy Got This After Working At His Job For 42 Years. The Sticker Isn't Even On Straight

Image credits: Everbeard807

#52 Happy Oil Day

Image credits: tinoalexsander

#53 I Work At An Ice Skating Rink And Instead Of Properly Turning In Skates People Started Just Throwing Them Over The Counter

Image credits: Nervous-Clock8361

#54 I Work As A Financial Auditor. When Reviewing Cash Deposits, I Found That One Of Our Employees Accepted This $100 Bill

Image credits: daughterofozai

#55 Been Waiting 6 Weeks For A Rather Expensive Toilet So We Can Fit It At A Client's House, It Has Finally Arrived

Image credits: tommygun1234567890

#56 Someone Drove Into My Work Today

Image credits: TheTrevorMonreal

#57 I Work In An Office And They Told People To Dress Up. I'm The Only One Dressed Up

Image credits: 0lidag

#58 Walked To Work In A Thunderstorm, But My Boss Forgot To Tell Me We All Have Today Off

Image credits: Radiskull97

#59 Got Home From Work Today. Realized I’ve Been Walking Around Meeting Clients With A Giant 6-7in Rip In My Pants That No One Said Anything About

So I figured the internet should also know.

Image credits: Krumpus8

#60 Just Lost Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Product At Work. Most Likely Getting Fired

Image credits: Taclysis

#61 Was Given A Heat Sensitive Mug For A Work Meeting

Image credits: Camplaysgames

#62 Working An Outdoor Vaccine Clinic. Didn't Think About Sunscreen. Now I Have A Mask-Shaped Sunburn, But Only On Half My Face

Image credits: thatwillnotsuffice

#63 After Years In Retail, This Is The Worst Case Scenario

Image credits: AndySlot

#64 My Friend Went To Work With A Pair Of Underwear Hanging Out Of Her Pants All Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 My Spanish Teacher

Image credits: Ryanfunroe

#66 The Poor Soul

Image credits: willly_b

#67 I Work As A Valet. Told Him He Had To Park It Himself

Image credits: MADMAV89

#68 The Ink From My Date Stamp At Work Exploded On My Shirt And The Material Formed The Droplets Into Little Stars

Image credits: knider

#69 So I Bring A Pecan Pie To Work. By Noon It Was Missing. Found It A Few Hours Later In My Boss's Office

Image credits: Ciclismo4185

#70 Get All The Way To Work, Look Down And This Is What I See. I Work 1.5 Hours From Home, So I Can't Go Home And Change

Image credits: Kimbuchaaaaa

#71 The Coolers Were Down For A Few Minutes At The Store I Work At

Image credits: ingrown_urethra

#72 Do Not Get Ready For Work In Total Darkness. I Thought I Brought AirPods

Image credits: bru9es

#73 Printer Explosion

Image credits: Gking19

#74 Good Morning Night Shifters

Hope the start of your shift is going better than mine for those wondering, this is dish soap. First post that went viral. Thanks for making me trusted. And thanks to my colleague who dropped this. Couldn’t have done it without you. If you want to send me stuff or even chat, I am fairly new and would love to make friends to pass the lonely night shift

Image credits: Myotherusernameisacat

#75 It Seems I’m The Only One Who Commuted Into The Office Today. Maybe There’s A Memo Out There I Didn’t Receive

Image credits: RC123TheyCallMe

#76 Happened At A Law Firm FYI. At Least It's Friday

Image credits: EronHope

#77 Literally My First Day On The Job, And I Shattered A Customer's Window

Image credits: Zombiehacker595

#78 So Glad I’m Working Alone Today

Image credits: andwhenwefall

#79 Poor Jake Misjudged The Oil Trajectory When Draining An Engine Yesterday

Image credits: greenovalgarage

#80 I've Had A Great Day Today. And It's Not Even 11 AM

Image credits: jbutler1987

#81 When The Employee Doesn't Put The Lid On The Paint Can Properly

Image credits: Morder

#82 You Walk Into Work And See This Mess, What Would You Do?

Image credits: RighthookRodney

#83 The Prisoner Threw His Lunch On The Guard

Image credits: Mrskillmonger1

#84 Roughly 600 Plates Broken

Image credits: PHON3-BOi

#85 When You Work At A Toilet Paper Factory But They Expect You To Wipe With This

Image credits: lindie87

#86 Someone Forgot To Lower The Dump On The Truck

Image credits: danaaamw

#87 My Work Had An Employee Appreciation Lunch For Us

Image credits: palkarimm

#88 Coworker Announced That She's Finally Pregnant After Years Of Trying, I Got Her A Box Of Pastries To Celebrate. I Open The Fridge At Work And See This

Image credits: Weyland223

#89 When Your April Fools Prank Is To Replace All The Mugs In The Office, But Everyone Works From Home Now

Image credits: DammitJames

#90 Another Day Of Road Work

Image credits: 13inhiding

#91 The Small Business I Worked At Since High School Didn’t Survive The Pandemic

Image credits: SUCCsess-story

#92 I Just Found A Photo From When I Worked At McDonald's During High School. My Manager Dropped A 3 Gallon Bag Of Coffee Creamer

Image credits: Zachman97

#93 Put Both On This Morning To Get Wife’s Opinion. Forgot To Change Before I Left And Was At Work All Day Like This

She liked the light brown, FYI. 

Image credits: feltonpbeaver

#94 Boss Told Me I Have To Come Into Work Because They Need Me

Image credits: Duckduck-Bro

#95 So A Car Crashed Into My Work Today

Image credits: paperboy41

#96 Someone Is Having A Bad Day At Work

Image credits: Paballo_Thabete

#97 My Husbands Buddy At Work Was Having A Bad Day

Image credits: starshine913

#98 Do Not Wear Shirts Custom Made For You 30 Lbs Ago

Image credits: ajdzee

#99 A Causality Of The Snowstorm

Image credits: alltheshotsvt

#100 In The Warehouse, Right Now

Image credits: reddit.com

#101 Bad Day At Work

Image credits: semendrianer

#102 A Nearly-Perfect Scalped Truck

Image credits: Briefskindaguy

#103 My Boss's Secretary Quit This Morning After Delivering Breakfast

Image credits: whothefuqisdan

#104 The Store I Work At Lost Power For 20 Minutes And We Had To Throw Out 1000$+ Of Meat And Cheese Because It Was 3 Degrees Above What We Can Keep

Image credits: JesseLynx

#105 Backed Up A Little Too Far

Image credits: losimagic

#106 After 16 Consecutive Hours Of Work I Come Home To Find This

Image credits: pjffty3000

#107 This Grown Man Throwing His Candy Wrappers For Me To Sweep Up During Work

Image credits: turtlesurvivalclub

#108 Meals (1 Per Person) We Get At My Job For Shifts Up To 12 Hours

Image credits: revo_kid

#109 I Work At A College Dorm. This Week Is Freshman Move In And I’m Working A 12-Hour Shift. I Was Told Not To Pack A Lunch Because A Free One Is Provided. This Is My Free “Meal”

Image credits: AngryRaccoon44

#110 Whoever Keeps Doing This To The Doors At My Work, These Things Are Really Super Hard To Remove

Image credits: Ionsife

#111 My Shorts Ripped While Cycling To Work. I Live 15km/10miles Away

Image credits: SolidJuho

#112 I’m A Solar Roofer, And We Are Required To Wear Gloves While We Work... This Is Only May

Image credits: ItsJustGrandpa

#113 I Work Overnight Receiving Trucks For A Grocery Store. This Is How My Truck Showed Up After Being 7 Hours Late

Image credits: katiekittycat

#114 I Just Spent Over An Hour In Traffic On My Way To Work. Only Then I Looked Down

Image credits: ghmatos

#115 Happened At 6:15 This Morning. My Shift Was Scheduled To End At 7. I'm A Night Shift Dairy Clerk

The skid caught on the doorway floor drain and abruptly stopped. I did not finish work at 7

Image credits: __don1978__

#116 My Pants Ripped Today While I Was At Work. Almost Threw Up When I Realized How Bad It Was

Image credits: Yagirlhs

#117 Spilled Coffee At Work The Other Day

Image credits: lukegraham309

#118 This Is How I Was Greeted Coming Into Work

Image credits: Stormin208

#119 Either Expired Or Water Damage. Truly A Sad, Sad Sight

Image credits: topchun

#120 This Uber Driver Contemplating His Existence After A Passenger Threw Up All Over Himself And In The Car

Image credits: Best_Toby_Oce

#121 I'm A Music Teacher. Not Only Did I Trip Over My Laptop Charger And Close Zoom Mid-Lesson, But I Found Some More Collateral Damage. Anyone Got Glue?

Image credits: ihatetomatoes95

#122 I Set A Large Document To Print And Then Went To Teach. Came Back To 99 Pages Of Wingdings

Image credits: RedPenVandal

#123 5 Minutes Into My 10-Hour Shift At Work

Image credits: gangsta2234

#124 The Storm Flooded The School Hallways And The Staff Parking Lot

Image credits: Glowstick77

#125 Someone Burglarized A School In My Area. Did This To Several Classrooms And Broke Some Computers As Well

Image credits: andronicus_14

#126 Sprained My Pinky Finger At Work. Made A Split Out Of Tape And Straw For The Time Being

Image credits: ScrantonPaper

#127 My Availability Has Always Been Strictly Mon-Fri. I Spoke To A Manager When I Saw This Sign And Was Told I Will Be Working That Day, Regardless Of My Availability

The schedule is now up and I have been assigned a full shift that Saturday.

Image credits: Clumsy_Cheeseburger

#128 2 Weeks Of Telling My Boss The Produce In The Warehouse Is Going Bad - Him: Don't Worry About It

Image credits: Kaxton15

#129 Load Didn't Show Up Yesterday, This Is What I Walked Into Today

Image credits: FireWolf9123

#130 I Work At Walmart And Came Into This Nice Gift, I Guess A Kid Really Had To Go, And Well The Tacos Shells Looked Like A Good Place For That

Image credits: jewel_lay

#131 At Work I Had These Bottles Of Paint Pretty Well Sorted By Color, Then Bumped The Cart Into Something Moving It

Image credits: hungrylikethewolffe

#132 I Got Transferred To A New Location At Work. This Is My New Break "Room"

Image credits: cornernope

#133 Anybody Else Have To Poop In Open Stalls At Work? No? Okay

Image credits: sleeprsandcnderellas

#134 Chief Nursing Officer Brought In This Half Eaten Cake From Her House Party As A “Thanks” To The Nurses Working At The Children’s Hospital

Image credits: creesep33

#135 So I Work In A Movie Theater. Family Of The Year Award Goes To These Guys

Image credits: InvalidTEA114

#136 Dropped 10 Pounds Of Beads On The Floor Today At Work. Boss Was Not Happy

Image credits: Lazy_James

#137 Boss Called Me In Early For Work Today... They Only Took 6 Refurbished Tools

Image credits: AreYouDaveDavidson

#138 Someone Broke Into My Car While I Was At Work

Image credits: flyingwilderbeast

#139 When No One Notices The Cooler Stopped Working

Image credits: CandleSt1ck

#140 Having To Throw Out 50k Worth Of Frozen Items At Work

Image credits: Iamnamer

#141 You Know You're Having A Bad Morning

Image credits: juanbenitez6721

#142 Labor Day Fiasco At Home Depot. Someone Is Clearly Not Having A Good Day

Image credits: jasonsamuelsrealtor1

#143 Now I Need To Figure Out Which Pipe Services Which Suite

In a perfect world there would normally be a marking system in place to assist technicians to identify different systems and with fault diagnosis. NOT TODAY

Image credits: essentialaircorservices

#144 And You Thought You Were Having A Bad Day

Image credits: snappysar

#145 My Bamboo Mug Split, Spilling Coffee Over My Work Desk

Image credits: Tazooka

#146 Here's A Pic From Last Year. Not My Best Day At Work

Image credits: rob_greenacre

#147 Someone Had A Bad Day At Work

Image credits: Handicapreader

#148 Elderly Lady Tipped Over The Wine Display, Employee Knocked A Few More Over Trying To Save It

Image credits: Amoreanonymousacct

#149 Was Doing Work At A University And Had To Use The Restroom. I Always Open Stall Doors From The Top When Exiting As To Not Touch The Lock

Now my hand is bleeding and I probably need a tetanus shot

Image credits: McKeeFTW

#150 One Of The Coffee Tubes, With 7,7 Pound Coffee, Bursted While My District Manager Was There

Image credits: DerWahreSpiderman

#151 This Burrito At My Job Is $5.54 And We’re Not Allowed To Leave To Get Food

Image credits: Kami_Ouija

#152 Love Coming In Monday Morning, Already Stressed, Only To See This Vandalism On My Shop's Window

Image credits: palmouse

#153 Sole Of My Shoe Came Off With No Warning When I Got To Work

Image credits: hadou-ken89

#154 Everyone At Work Got Amazing Heart Felt Gifts For Secret Santa And I Got A Bottle Of Car Detailer As A Joke

Image credits: PennyLaneTheBeagle

#155 Retail Problems

Image credits: RebecccaKuhn

#156 Wednesdays Can Be Harder Than Mondays

Image credits: wvja_koniv

#157 It Was Going To Be A Good Day At Work Today

Image credits: JohnSterlingSanchez

#158 Houston, We Have A Problem

Image credits: tirewarrior

#159 Do You Take Your Dog With You To Work? Looks Like Mud Daddy's Team Member - Roxy Will Be Off From Tomorrow. Happy Monday Everybody

Image credits: hellomuddaddy

#160 When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse. End Of The Day. Mango Is Everywhere

Image credits: mam_wyzwanie

#161 No Matter How Positive Of A Person You Are, Or How Much You Love Your Job, Bad Days Happen To The Best Of Us. This Is How I Started My Day Today - A Big PC Disaster

Image credits: triada1521

#162 Absolute Blinder Today, Devastating, Beautiful Venison Stock. All Over The Floor

Image credits: struanauld

#163 Things Happen

Image credits: beersherpa_lcbc

#164 How Could This Happen?

Image credits: tbendell

#165 I’m Working As A Cop Over The Summer And I’m Outside All Day. It’s So Hot Outside That As Soon As I Put My Pen In My Pocket It Exploded

Image credits: overactivemango

#166 Employee Managed To Melt The Top Of A Monitor

Image credits: PumpkinKing90

#167 This Is What Happened When Employee Spilled Water On His Mac Laptop Then Attempted To Dry Using A Space Heater

Image credits: Nervous_Cannibal

#168 WCGW When You Put The Biggest Paint Containers On The Highest Shelf?

Image credits: keiara2000

#169 So You're Not Open Today?

Image credits: imwaiter

#170 Ordered Sushi For Delivery. I Got Garagehub Instead. They Said "Sorry For The Inconvenience, Here Is A 20% Discount For Your Next Order. Must Be Used Within 30 Days"

Image credits: save_the_redditor

#171 Somebody Hit The Brakes A Little Too Hard

Image credits: crapwiesel

#172 Great Start To My Work Week

Image credits: wilbursmith22

#173 My Boss Announced I Had A TV To Mount In The Conference Room. Looks Like We Got Peak 2021 Shipping & Handling Service. Do You Think They'll Notice The Dead Pixels?

Image credits: Flatline2962

#174 Anyone Else Having A Great Night At Work?

Image credits: Trowj

#175 There Is 40°C Inside The Tiny Room Where I Work At. No Ventilation Or Air Conditioner. I Just Love Summer

Image credits: Accomplished-Eye1825

#176 Our Toilet Paper At Work You Can Read Through

Image credits: Apple_jax7

#177 To Someone Who Stole My Work Backpack With Dirty Clothes In It, Hope It’s Worth It

Image credits: DAL4688

#178 The Boss Backed Into The Garage Door At Work Today

Image credits: JojoGold_

#179 Running Late This Morning And Ordered An Egg McMuffin. Got To Work And Opened This Monstrosity

Image credits: blainesc

#180 I Dropped My Peeled Banana On The Floor At Work

Image credits: thepain73

#181 This Is How My Day Started At Work

Image credits: bill_bayarea

#182 Anyone Else Having A Really Bad Day?

I’m not sure what was the initial cause but it seems like the tool changer changed tool ok and then 1 of 2 things happened, either the bolt for the guide roller sheared or the head came down and caused the bolt to shear smashing the changer off! But in theory I would of thought the limit switches would of stopped the head moving as it wasn’t homed

Image credits: kinzy_fabrications

#183 This Is How My Work Day Went. And I Didn’t Even Drop Them! Just Crumbled And Split Right In My Hands

Image credits: mrssharongoo

#184 Went To Work With Different Shoes At 8 AM, Have To Stay Like This Till 3 PM

Image credits: Cheese_Lover_4ever

#185 Not That Bad

Image credits: kipperknickers

#186 My Stupid Self Decided To Slam An Industrial Cooler Door Onto My Hand

Image credits: dainoshoujonoyami

#187 When ET Comes Over And Decides To Make A Mess In Your Office

Image credits: lordlimmy

#188 When I'm At Work Like "Oh Hi, Let Me Just Move Your Desk A Litte... Well"

Image credits: towerman88

#189 No Need To Cry Over Spilled Milk

Image credits: bigjustatx1

#190 Noticing The Little Things. Like Sue In Our Office Accidently Wearing Two Different Shoes To Work

Image credits: marketsquaregeelong

#191 This Is What You Call A Bad Day At Work

Image credits: bee_happy81

#192 Started Work And Someone Spilled 10 Liters Of Milkshake Mix In The Fridge And Didn't Say Anything

Image credits: its_sean_again

#193 Had Over 60 Pallets Collapse At Work Today

Image credits: Hulknuts777

#194 Water Leaked Into The Work Freezer Overnight And Encased My Chimichangas

Image credits: BlackGoose_13

#195 Popped The Cap Off My Chapstick And The Balm Fell Out Onto The Floor At Work

Image credits: Sassafras_socks

#196 My Belt Decided To Break 10 Minutes Into My Work Shift

Image credits: selector96

#197 Bad Days. I Did This Twice. Third Time Was A Charm

Image credits: hanah_oh

#198 Gave Myself 2nd-Degree Burns On My Fingers With A Steam Cooker At My Job. Hurts Like Hell

Image credits: OceanMan20

#199 Right In The Middle Of A Job

Image credits: farthegn

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